Ricky Rubio, after reappearing from his serious injury: “I am grateful to play again”

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Ricky Rubio, after reappearing from his serious injury: "I am grateful to play again new

Ricky Rubio came back to work. This Thursday he will compete more than a year after tearing the cruciate ligament in his left knee and he did so with 9 points in ten minutes in the vibrant triumph of the Cleveland Cavaliers strong> in the field of the Portland Trail Blazers (119-113) .

“I felt good. I felt weird at first. Especially the first time, but after that I felt normal again,” he said. Ricky in statements collected by the ESPN network. “Of course the pace and all that will come, but there were a lot of emotions today. I've worked hard all this year just to stay healthy and I'm grateful to be playing basketball again.”

Rubio contributed 9 points, with 2 of 4 on triples, 3 rebounds and 1 assist in 10:27 minutes on the court at the Moda Center in Portland, leaving details of class and confidence in his first game since the serious injury suffered on December 28, 2021 against the New Orleans Pelicans.

After a 380-day wait and a long rehabilitation process, his return was cause for celebration by the entire Cleveland franchise, from his teammates, the coaching staff and the fans. His classmates dedicated a T-shirt to him with a very symbolic phrase: “Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.”

“Come back stronger”

After the hard blow for suffering a new cruciate knee injury in one of the best moments of his career , Ricky he promised himself to itself “I didn't work my way back today. It's not just about today. I'm looking forward to a strong season.”

“I couldn't stop smiling and smiled at myself.” &r" Donovan Mitchell, arrived in Cleveland this summer and has already formed the team. a great partnership with Ricky in the Utah Jazz.“It felt like my rookie year. It's a full circle moment for me. It's great to see him there after a crossover injury. And also hitting two big 3-pointers , leading the attack”.

Manager JB Bickerstaff,that he had reported that the return of the point guard from El Masnou would be gradual, he gave way to him in sections of the first, second and third periods, while he left him with the first, second and third periods. on the bench in the fourth segment, to avoid forcing. And it is that the Cavaliers sealed a great victory in the fourth of their five games away from Cleveland, but to do so they needed a tremendous physical and mental effort against the 50 points of Damian Lillard.

The leader of the Blazers connected with the ball. He made five 3-pointers and was a constant threat to the Cavs, but a great group performance by the Cavs, with four players over 17 points, rewarded the team with 17 points. To visitors. Donovan Mitchell scored the second round. 26, Jarrett Allen signed the agreement. With a double-double of 24 points and 10 rebounds, Darius Garland contributed the ball. another of 20 points and 10 assists, and Evan Mobleyhe put in 17.

No Fear

There were 3.38 minutes remaining in the first quarter when JB Bickerstaff called the call. Rubio and gave way to the dance floor. The Spaniard entered the room. with 20-25 in the light and contributed to the game. electricity from the start. Only some tremendous blocks suffered by Evan Mobley and Lamar Stevens prevented him from connecting his first assist after a few seconds. His first point came from from the free throw line in the first quarter and, already in the second period and with the Blazers ahead 46-33, supported the ball. two points to the board with a good entry. His minutes were managed very carefully, but Rubio competed & oacute;

“I think it was impressive,” said

Bickerstaff. “The time, the work he's put in to come back…And then he'll help us get a set. He hits two great triples that settle us down. That's how he is and his teammates love it.”

< h3>Lillard, 50 points

The Cavaliers managed to return to the locker room seven points behind (58-51), almost a victory considered the amazing first half of Lillard,with 25 points and plays of pure class. The '0' of the Blazers, who is averaging 27 points per game this season, has already touched the mark. The thirty with 9.16 left to play in the third period, when he hit a ball. He made the fourth triple of his night to make it 68-61.

The Cavaliers did not lose their lucidity and had the merit of staying mentally in the game. And it was Rubio, with two consecutive triples from the corners, who made the score rise to 70-74 and 77-82. The Blazers' attack was a monologue by Lillard, with another 10 points in the third quarter, but Mitchell,with two consecutive three-point baskets, he approached the goal. to the Cavs until 85-87.

The Cavs were growing and doing damage from triple. It was Okoro, from the line of 3, who reestablished the game. the tie at 97-97 and Mitchell, with another triple, gave the visitors the first lead of the night (105-104). The Cavs did not stop stepping on the accelerator, who with an aggressive defense and six points in a row, forced the timeout of Chauncey Billups at 119-115 with less than ninety seconds for playing. The Blazers could not get up, who succumbed to some Cavs who boasted of character and who added to their engine the talent of a Rubio who gave away a lot of money. class details and confidence injections.