Riding on her husband's shoulders: Salma Hayek shared a funny family photo

Riding on her husband's shoulders: Salma Hayek shared a funny family photo

Salma Hayek rarely posts family photos to Instagram. But on the men's holiday, which was celebrated on November 19, the star made an exception.

Riding on the shoulders of her husband: Salma Hayek shared a funny family photo

Salma shared a frame with subscribers in which she poses in the pool with her son and husband François-Henri Pinault.

“Even in my wildest dreams, I could not imagine that I would share my life with such a wonderful and extraordinary person. You are our strength, our inspiration, you are our home, ”she dedicated a message to her husband.

Pino is a billionaire whose fortune is estimated at seven billion dollars. He runs the Kering luxury goods corporation. Gucci, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent are subsidiaries of Kering. This spring, he and Salma celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary.

When Hayek married François-Henri, some were skeptical about their marriage. On this occasion, Salma spoke recently: “Many were shocked when they found out who I married. Some even began to fear me. This is another manifestation of racism. They can't believe that I, a Mexican, live this life. They are now uncomfortable with me. “

Therefore, Salma prefers not to tell her love story with Pino and does not share the details of family life. “He is the best husband in the world. With it, I become who I am, and I do not feel that someone is trying to limit me. I'm not going to tell you how we met. It's an amazing romantic story, but it's mine. I do not want to flaunt it to make myself more interesting, ”- explained in an interview with the actress.

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