Riikka Purra on sick leave


Riikka Purra: “The fever knocked the woman to bed.”

Riikka Purra for sick leave

PS chairman Riikka Purra at Pori's Suomi-arena this summer. Henri Kärkkä[email protected] at 10:18

Chairman of the Basic Finns, MP Riikka Purra says he has fallen ill with bronchitis.

– The cough and bronchitis that had been going on for the third week now took a new bad turn, and the fever knocked the woman to bed, Purra says on Twitter.

Purra was supposed to present the basic Finns' new foreign and security policy program at the PS party meeting on Tuesday.

Special text from PS: The EU has started a two-front energy war against Russia on 28.7. 14:43


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