Riikka Purra: Parliament and ministers to work because of the Uniper mess – “Ministers Marin, Saarikko, Lintilä and Tuppurainen coming forward”


Riikka Purra (ps) demands a meeting of parliament and key ministers to clarify the Uniper situation. Last week, Iltalehti asked the leaders of the parties about the Uniper situation in connection with Suomi-arena in Pori. [email protected] Today at 13:26

Riikka Purra: The Parliament and the ministers are at work because of the Uniper mess – ”Ministers Marin, Saarikko, Lintilä and Tuppurainen coming out”

“>The Parliament's Finance Committee is already meeting because of the Uniper situation. Owner guidance minister Tytti Tuppurainen (sd) will be heard by the committee on Tuesday at 12 o'clock. Purra says in the information he sent that this is not enough for basic Finns.

– Ministers Marin, Saarikko, Lintilä and Tuppurainen must come forward and give a detailed explanation of the situation. As I already presented last week, we want to know with what information the government has authorized Fortum's management for Uniper's support package of at least 8 billion euros already at the beginning of the year before the Russian attack. Were impartial evaluators consulted? Were Uniper's derivative risks known? And were Fortum's small shareholders kept up-to-date, as required by the Limited Liability Companies Act? Purra asks.

Purra and Perusfinomalinek have taken a stand in favor of ensuring that Uniper's losses in the gas market do not fall on the shoulders of Finnish taxpayers.

– Parliament must be convened quickly. The ministers must give the parliament a report on the matter and an estimate of the maximum losses of the Uniper adventures. How much will go to taxpayers if all the risks are triggered, Purra asks.

Riikka Purra: The Parliament and the ministers are here because of the Uniper mess – “Ministers Marin, Saarikko, Lintilä and Tuppurainen will come to the fore”

Riikka Purra photographed in Suomi-arena. Henri Kärkkäinen

“Nothing has happened”

Purra says that he demanded the government to act a week ago, but nothing has happened to him. Tuppurainen went to Germany for negotiations last Thursday, but in Purra's opinion “the time bomb is ticking more and more menacingly”.

– So far, only additional time has been sought with apparent actions. There is also a huge derivatives bomb of tens of billions lurking in the scandal. Germany's indecisiveness and playing for time add to Finns' sweat of pain day by day, but the government doesn't seem to be bothered by this too much. The key ministers are apparently on vacation, Purra says in his press release.

Purra also asks why Finnish taxpayers have to experience “such a sweat of pain because of Germany's failed energy policy”.

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Uniper purchase in 2017

The so-called Uniper mess is about the fact that Uniper, the German subsidiary of the Finnish state-owned company Fortum, has run into difficulties as gas procurement costs rise.

Fortum bought just under 50 percent of Uniper in 2017. Fortum increased its ownership by around 20 percent in 2019. Now the ownership is 78 percent.

In particular, the 2017 board has been criticized for the owner control of the store. At that time, the government had the center, the coalition and a blue future separated from the basic Finns. At the time of the purchase in autumn 2017, the present-day Basic Finns were therefore no longer on the board.

The current board was responsible for ownership control when Fortum bought more Uniper in 2019. So almost all parties have sat on the board when Fortum bought shares in Uniper in recent years.

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