Ring adds the Spotlight Cam Pro to its offer

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Ring adds Spotlight Cam Pro to its offer

Ring recently announced a new outdoor security camera: the Spotlight Cam Pro, which is set up as an upgraded version of the existing Spotlight. It offers advanced motion detection and a new design.

Safe space

To create a “ring of security” for the home, Ring devices can be associated with a single account with the dedicated app to monitor what's going on inside and outside the home. By configuring Motion Zones and Privacy Zones for cameras, you can control where they are. In areas you want devices to detect motion or an area within the field of view, which may be considered “off limits.”

Spotlight Features Cam Pro

This camera offers motion settings so the user knows what to do. area of ​​your property visitors are coming. With 3D motion detection and panoramic view, it allows you to identify when and where a motion event starts with an overhead map view. With 1080p video with HDR and Audio+ for crystal-clear audio, you'll be able to enjoy anything you want. You'll see and hear what's going on, day or night.


The Spotlight Cam Pro Battery is available for $100. available for €229.99.


It is an advanced camera with lights and battery includes 3D motion detection, Audio + and HDR video for security in outdoor spaces.

It is easy to install and just adjust You can adjust the viewing angle and set the area covered by the device.

Thanks to its features, such as 3D motion detection and color night vision, it allows you to see what's outside the home in HDR video.

< p>Provides motion detection at a distance of up to 9m, so you know when and where someone has entered the property.

Thanks to the aerial view it offers, you see the events of movement from a new perspective and can see the context in which they happen.

See and record movement with a clear image, even in low light or total darkness. Illuminate even the most remote entrances and corners with its motion-activated LED lights.

Other features

Control with the Ring app.

Real-time notifications as soon as motion is detected.

Live video with panoramic view (and aerial view).

Two-way communication with Audio+ lets you communicate with whoever is around. You're there.

Privacy and security control.

Feature overview

Features like HDR video, advanced 3D motion detection, panoramic view and dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4 or 5.0 GHz).

Features 1080p HDR video capability, 140° and color night vision, to check live what is happening at home.

It has adjustable lighting for any angle.

The application of Ring enables two-way communication with Audio+ and motion notifications for home surveillance.

Rechargeable battery.

Security siren can be activated if activity is detected suspicious.