Riots in China against strict zero covid policy

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Riots in China against strict zero covid policy

The residents of Guangzhou, in the south from China, clashed with police after a lockdown was extended, a sign of growing exasperation with zero politics covid, as reflected in a video verified by AFP. Since last month, some of the 18 million residents of this vast metropolis are under travel restrictions due to an outbreak. The District of Haizhu, where some 1.8 million people live, is where most of the positive cases are concentrated. Internet access was blocked in the area when the protests began.

On Monday, the authorities decided to extend until Wednesday night the lockdown that was in effect in most of the district. Videos posted on social media Monday night and verified by AFP show hundreds of residents protesting in the streets. Some of them, in small groups, are tearing down the large plastic barriers used to confine buildings or neighborhoods. In other footage taken in the Haizhu district, protesters attack officers in white full-protection suits.

“We don't want any more evidence.” !”, the protesters chant, while somethey throw objects at the police.

Another video shows a man swimming across the river that separates Haizhu from the neighboring district. Passers-by suggest that the man is in trouble. trying to escape the lock.

Thedemonstrationsin China they are less frequent than in the West and, above all, less publicized. However, in recent months, social networks have regularly denounced scenes of exasperation with the inflexible zero-covid policy. The latter consists, in particular, of lockdowns as soon as some cases appear, travel restrictions and PCR tests, sometimes almost daily.

Many Chinese complain about these unannounced restrictions, which in some cases are causing food shortages and making it difficult for inmates to seek medical attention.

Earlier this month, Chinese authorities apologized for the death of a child. or three years for carbon monoxide poisoning. In a message posted on the Internet and later deleted, his father accused him of being a victim of the crime. This prevented the containment forces from obstructing their access to the hospital.

In April, during the containment of Shanghai, residents clashed with the police who had came to force them to leave their apartments to isolate people who tested positive for the coronavirus.