“Roads lead to hell”: in Berlin, environmental activists in the form of repairmen wanted to damage the canvas

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The incident occurred near the building of the Ministry of Transport of Germany. Members of the Last Generation gang were stopped while attempting to connect jackhammers to a power source.

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In Berlin, climate activists wearing repair crew uniforms tried to damage the pavement on Invalidenstraße with jackhammers. The German edition Bild writes about this.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, January 4, in the city center near the building of the German Ministry of Transport.

Members of the group “The Last Generation” (Letzte Generation) took to the road in uniform, fenced off a section of the street and wanted to break it with jackhammers. However, law enforcement officials, who drew attention to the strangely behaving “workers”, prevented them from completing what they had begun. Radical environmental activists were stopped when they tried to connect jackhammers to a power source.

Journalists specify that the roadway was not damaged.

The activists later wrote on Twitter that the daily routine leads humanity “straight to climate hell” on freshly paved and hard roads.

“We can't let that happen!” members of the Letzte Generation said.

Members of the group are confident that the current political course of the country is leading Germany “to suffering, chaos and death.”

Actions of radical environmental activists in 2022

On October 14, activists from the organization Just Stop Oil, 20-year-old Anna Holland and 21-year-old Phoebe Plummer, poured tomato soup on the painting “Sunflowers” by the Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh at the National Gallery in London $39.7 million.

On October 23, environmental activists at the Barberini Museum in the German city of Potsdam threw mashed potatoes on Claude Monet's $110 million painting “Haystacks” in protest against fossil fuel mining. After that, they glued their hands to the floor.

On October 27, three eco-activists tried to ruin the painting “Girl with a Pearl Earring” by the Dutch painter Jan Vermeer in the Mauritshuis Museum.

November 5 climate radicals glued themselves to two paintings by Spanish artist Francisco José de Goya in Madrid.

November 9, climate activists from the Stop Fossil Fuel Subsidies movement glued themselves to Andy Warhol's “Campbell Soup Cans” painting at the National Gallery of Art Australia in Canberra.