Robbie Williams reveals the result of a failed hair transplant

Robbie Williams fights to keep the hair on his head but is losing the battle so far. The singer confessed to being desperately balding while recording Clark Carlisle's podcast. He complained that the hair transplant procedure he underwent in 2013 did not bring the expected results.

Robbie Williams reveals the result of a failed hair transplant

After the performer was unable to restore thick hair with the help of surgery, he began to think about alternative methods of dealing with hair loss. Robbie, 46, bought a special powder with which he will mask areas where he has no vegetation left. According to Williams, he has not yet learned how to use it correctly and does not even know if the purchased shade will suit him.

To hide that his curls have noticeably thinned, the British artist made the shortest possible haircut. The father of four children and the musician showed how his head looks now by twisting it in front of the camera. In some places, bald spots were visible. Given that this is a sensitive question for Robbie, one can only envy his courage to demonstrate his shortcomings to a huge audience.

Another British star, as they say, may soon find himself with a completely bald head: we are talking about David Beckham. They say that the former football player also suffers from early alopecia and is very worried about this. Changes in the athlete's appearance became especially noticeable after the end of the spring quarantine. It is said that Victoria Beckham's husband regularly goes to beauty salons for scalp procedures, but in the spring they were all closed and David lost control of the situation.

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