Robert Lewandowski has reasons to celebrate. It's a special day. What is it about


Many wonder if Lewy will keep his number 9 on his jersey after the transfer.

 Robert Lewandowski has reasons to celebrate. It's a special day. What's going on

The Polish striker ended his move to Catalan this week after spending most of the summer leaving Bayern Munich, where they won everything in their eight years after leaving Borussia Dortmund in 2014.

Did Robert Lewandowski change his jersey number after his transfer to Barcelona?

The presentation of Lewandowski as a Barcelona player will start at 18: 00 CEST, which means it will start at 5:00 PM BST. People joining us from the US can follow our activity from 12:00 ET/09:00 PT.

Lewandowski is goal hungry and is poised to play against Real Madrid in the next US friendly. No wonder Lewandowski donned the Barcelona first team jersey. Was it his identification mark in the form of the number 9? Many supporters of Robert Lewandowski have certainly asked themselves this question.

As you can see in the official presentation materials, Lewy's “nine” was present on the new player's jersey. Anyone used to this can breathe a sigh of relief.

source: YouTube/MARCA

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