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Roborock's most powerful model, the S8 is at a price that exceeds hairstyle on Black Friday

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Roborock has been establishing itself on the robot vacuum cleaner market for several years with devices capable of vacuuming and mopping the floor. Among its premium range, the Roborock S8 is positioned as one of the brand's most recent models. However, this does not prevent it from appearing at low prices at Amazon thanks to this flash sale unveiled especially for Black Friday.

At Amazon, . By choosing this robot vacuum cleaner right away, you make an immediate saving of -31%. This is the best price posted by the online retailer since this model was released just a few months ago. You can still benefit from this nugget, but it won't last as stock shortages are close.

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What makes its robot vacuum cleaners successful is their technical sheet. And for good reason, the brand is doing well by capitalizing on powerful models with multiple applications (vacuum cleaner and mop). This is the case of the Roborock S8, where all the others do the same. Depending on the version, the characteristics may vary a little, but all are premium devices with multiple advantages when it comes to cleaning the floor.

Black Friday, the best special operation of the 8217;year

The reputation of Black Friday is well established in France. Amazon has democratized the special operation over time, so much so that it is part of the annual meetings. To keep the event going, the online merchant does not hesitate to reveal exceptional flash sales, these discounts therefore target premium or recent references – and sometimes both at the same time, like this discount on the Roborock S8.

With Amazon, you benefit from the classic advantages when you order the Roborock S8. First, the online merchant can boast of maintaining fast delivery times, so that the robot vacuum cleaner is shipped to you (or elsewhere) within a few days. The two-year manufacturer's warranty accompanies the device when ordering on the ecommerce site.

If you were a little quick to order the Roborock S8, you have until January 31, 2024 to return the robot vacuum cleaner to Amazon. This procedure is free of charge or proof, it has the effect of triggering a full refund of the product subsequently, so that you have a safety net when ordering online. It's also perfect if you had planned to start your Christmas gifts to save money during this event, because it saves you from having unnecessary devices on your hands if the presents did not convince their recipients. In addition, you avoid having to rush to stores at the last minute to find completely standard prices.

All these offers on robot vacuum cleaners, including the Roborock S8, will go away extremely quickly. What is certain is that you will not have such an advantageous opportunity by the end of the year once all these offers are sold out at Amazon. Afterwards, you will probably have to wait several months before finding such a generous reduction. If the annual operation extends from November 17 to 27 at the online merchant, no flash sale is intended to remain available until this time, because all stocks are restricted.

What do you need to know about the Roborock S8?

The Roborock S8 has been available since spring 2023, it succeeds a robot vacuum cleaner which was already positioned among the bestsellers at Amazon and other online merchants. This model offers a nice update which allows it to be accompanied by an even more premium technical sheet at all levels. It is the standard version of its generation, it has everything to become a must-have on the market and it is already taking the path in many respects.

On the one hand, the Roborock S8 is able to vacuum, this is its first mission. It has a sturdy brush to get rid of all the dust, pet hair and hair while its suction power is 6,000 Pa. Otherwise, it has the Carpet Boost+ device which gives it all its effectiveness on specific floors such as carpets or rugs.

On the other hand, the Roborock S8 mop the floor efficiently with a system that scrubs the floor up to 3,000 times per minute. This relies on the numerous sensors of the robot vacuum cleaner and the ultrasonic device to detect rugs or carpets in order to get up when they approach. It is equipped with a 300 mL water tank to clean an area of ​​more than 200 m2 in one go, while it is intended to be 30% more efficient than the previous robot vacuum cleaner.

The Roborock S8 is very easy to use on a daily basis. You must start by connecting it via WiFi in order to control it from the mobile application (iOS and Android), where the robot vacuum cleaner takes care of creating a map of your home during its first visits . Then you can launch the device from home or from outside, but also create personalized programs. The battery life is around 3 hours, this should be enough to clean all your floors in peace.

To see the offer, it's here:

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