Rocket strike on Vinnytsia: Roxolana presented the song Do not fight


Missile attack on Vinnitsa: Roxolana presented the song Don't fight

In the video you can see the names of all those who died as a result of a rocket attack on Vinnitsa on July 14, 2022.

After the missile attack on Vinnytsia, Ukrainian singer Roxolana released a song called Don't fight. The corresponding video was published on the singer's Youtube channel.

It is noted that the composition was written in the early days of a full-scale war, but then the artist did not dare to release it. According to the singer, it seemed to her that in such difficult times people need more invigorating and cheerful songs. But the terrorist attack on July 14 changed her attitude.

“On July 14, life was again divided into before and after. After the terrorist attack in Vinnitsa, where our Zhenya died, I did not understand how to sing further. Each member of our team did not I understood how to continue our work. Every day we lose relatives, friends and brothers. At such moments, the heart breaks, I want to give up and stop,” wrote Roxolana.

She noted that this is exactly what Russia wants when it launches its missiles.

“At times like this, we must remember that we are not alone. There is no need to be afraid. We all rise together, side by side, and go forward, where our victory will be , peace and life,” the singer summed up.

Earlier it was reported that Roxolana told the details of the death of 25-year-old sound engineer Zhenya.


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