Rocky: Sylvester Stallone is very angry with producer Irwin Winkler


Sylvester Stallone called on Irwin Winkler, his producer on all Rocky License films, to return the franchise rights to him.

While we recently learned a release date for Creed 3, nothing has yet denied the absence of Sylvester Stallone who shared the movie poster so far with Michael B. Jordan. The interpreter of the legendary Rocky Balboa finally disappears from the saga of which he was the godfather and producer, allowing the character of Adonis Creed to completely emancipate himself. Now, as Stallone wanted, the boxer's dynasty will be able to continue even longer thanks to the new saga initiated by Creed.

But the filmmaker and actor has embarked on another no less ardent battle. Indeed, the rights of the saga Rocky (and therefore of Creed) do not belong to Sylvester Stallone although he was the screenwriter, director (out of four of them) and the star. Frustrated with this state of affairs, he recently called out producer Irwin Winkler on Instagram, who is the current owner of the license rights. And the comedian doesn't seem in a diplomatic mood.

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No one knows what happened between him and the producer, but the actor decided not to hold back. It was by posting a caricature, described as “very flattering”, of Irwin Winkler depicted as a serpent's body and a blade coming out of his mouth (visible above) that Stallone politely introduced his request. He then demanded the rights that would be rightfully his:

“While Irwin has had control over Rocky for 47 years, and now over Creed, I would like to at least reclaim some of what is rightfully mine, and this before everything was bequeathed exclusively to his children — I believe that would be an honest gesture from a 93-year-old gentleman, wouldn't it? »

Sylvester Stallone had already expressed, in an interview for Variety, his regret and his fury about this question. He would thus have already confronted the studios after the filming of Rocky IV to recover part of the rights. A meeting that did not end favorably:

“When I finally confronted them [in 1985], I said, 'I wrote every word of the script, I choreographed the movies, I was loyal to you, I promoted your company and I made the films and despite all that, you don't mind not leaving me 1% of this inheritance to bequeath to my children?” To which I was told “You got paid.” And that was the end of the discussion. »

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The comedian explained that, for him, Rocky is his legacy and that from now on, he won't leave him anymore spin as easily as before. After all the time that has passed, he intends to fight it out once and for all with this battle which is particularly close to his heart.

“This is a sore subject. Really, it's eating me up because I want to leave Rocky to my kids. »

While Adonis Creed will return at the end of the year to step into the ring, Sylvester Stallone will therefore be him also busy for one of his last boxing matches.


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