Roksana Węgiel referred to the end of her cooperation with the TVP dance show. The singer did not mince words

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Roksana Węgiel talks about her separation from “You Can Dance – New Generation”.

Roksana Węgiel referred to the end of her cooperation with the TVP dance show. The singer did not mince words

As the “Jastrząb Post” portal reminds us, Roksana Węgiel could be seen in the first edition of the “You Can Dance – New Generation” program, where she conducted a behind-the-scenes report. Fans of the artist were certainly not happy when the media circulated information that Roksana Węgiel ended her adventure with the program for one season. She herself decided to comment on her parting with the dance show. She told about her reasons for leaving. She did not hide her irritation.

Big changes

Recently, a lot has been said about Roksana Węgiel, mainly due to her private life. The singer, who recently celebrated her 18th birthday, recently confirmed her relationship with Kevin Mglej, who is 8 years older than her. The couple is not only happily in love, but also worked together on the artist's latest album “15+3”.

The young singer did not care about the critical voices that began to appear in the public space after she announced her ;j relationship. Taking advantage of the fact that she is an adult, she went on an exotic vacation with her beloved.

Roksana Węgiel talks about leaving the TVP dance show

The information that Roksana Węgiel will no longer appear in the second edition of “You Can Dance – New Generation” caused quite a stir among fans of the singer. There was no shortage of theories about the reasons for Węgiel's separation from the TVP dance show. In the media it was said that she herself decided to leave the format.

There were also suggestions that the singer's new image did not quite fit the program. The interested person also referred to these reports. In an interview with the journalist of the “Pomponik” portal, Roksana Węgiel admitted that she herself did not feel good in the leading role. What bothered her the most was having to stick to the script.

In an interview with “Gossip”, she emphasized that it was her she made the decision to leave. She called “pathetic” any theories about her dismissal.

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