Romania: Influencer Andrew Tate placed under house arrest after three months in prison

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Romania: Influencer Andrew Tate under house arrest after three months in prison

Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate are under house arrest after being taken into police custody.

British-American influencer Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan, arrested in late December in Romania in a pimping case, were released from custody on Friday and will now be under house arrest.

The prosecution's proposal to extend their imprisonment is rejected and this preventive measure is replaced by house arrest with immediate effect, the Bucharest Court of Appeal ordered on Friday.

Andrew Tate, 36, and Tristan, 34, are suspected of having deceived several victims, including minors, for the purpose of sexual exploitation, in particular for the production of pornographic films, according to the prosecution in charge of the fight. Against Organized Crime (DIICOT).

Accompanied by one of their Romanian lawyers, they came out around midnight with full beards from the police premises where they had been detained for three months, in a chaotic atmosphere, noted an AFP journalist.< /p>

The judges made the right decision, said Tristan Tate, his brother remaining silent. We're going home, he added in Romanian.

About twenty curious people and a few supporters of Andrew Tate, one of the most famous masculinist influencers in the world, crowded in front of the building and greeted him with shouts of Top G (for gangster), his nickname, while filming the scene with their phones.

The detention of the two men, who claim their innocence, had been extended several times and for the last time on March 22, despite numerous appeals.

Their defense has regularly denounced a empty file supported by no tangible evidence and refuted any risk of departure abroad, arguing their clients' links with the country. Tristan Tate is the father of a baby born while in custody.

They are banned from contacting anyone involved in the case, their attorney Eugen Vidineac says, saying being on the run is not a life the Tate brothers want to have. They are just tired and want to rest, he said.

With them were released two Romanian women, a former police officer and the girlfriend of ;Andrew Tate. They had been arrested alongside them on December 29 during a vast operation carried out after several months of investigation.

Tate is a former kickboxing world champion. He first rose to prominence when he appeared on the reality show Big Brother, in the UK, in 2016. But he was quickly eliminated after the broadcast from a video showing him punching a woman.

He then took to social media and has millions of followers online .

He promotes masculinist theses, fascinating teenagers in the Anglo-Saxon world and beyond with his bulging muscles, his cigars and his luxury cars. His name is one of the most searched on Google.

He has been suspended from several social networks in the past for misogynistic remarks. His Twitter account, now followed by 5.5 million subscribers, was restored when billionaire Elon Musk bought the social network. He coins his advice to men to help them become rich.

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