Rowenta announces a high-efficiency eco-responsible vacuum cleaner

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Rowenta announces a high-efficiency, eco-responsible vacuum cleaner

The firm Rowenta has announced today the launch of a sustainable vacuum cleaner, the Green Force Effitech equipped with an engine 

Low consumption Effitech but capable of offering an optimal cleaning result. Made from recycled plastic and is up to 82% recyclable. Its 'packaging' is ecological, 100% recyclable and biodegradable, and the minimum amount of ink has been used for its printing. The integrated cleaning technology meets the most advanced standards of the moment, so the results are satisfactory in daily use.

Outstanding features

In In terms of features, it should be noted that it provides a low noise level: 64 dB(A) lower than that of a conversation. Another important feature is that it provides HEPA category filtration(minimum 99.98%), traps dust particles down to 0.3 microns, which is positive for families and the most sensitive people. 

It offers a radius of action of up to 12 meters to cover large surfaces without having to unplug the product. The ergonomics have been improved and allow for easy storage. It has a hygienic bag change system, since the Hygiene+ bag avoids having to come into contact with dirt.

It has been made of robust and resistant materials and a design ;o thought for a good durability, in this scenario to say that it is ready. backed by a 15-year repairability commitment.

Hybrid Broom

At the same launch event Rowenta has also introduced the X-Combo cordless hybrid vacuum cleaner, active suction and scrubbing. It is characterized by a combination of an ultra-light electric mop and cordless vacuum cleaner. Designed to cut cleaning time in half by combining its suction power with an active mop, allowing you to vacuum and mop simultaneously (or separately).

Mopping is optimized by Aerospin technology, which offers up to 5 rotations of the mop per second, which adds force to the mopping motion with up to 3 times more contact with the floor surface. pido is produced by intelligent water control, eliminating it in less time. of 2 minutes. It has a suction capacity of 215 W of power with extra function. Autonomy reaches up to 60 minutes without losing power and there is the possibility of purchasing an additional battery to extend the cleaning session, if necessary, up to 120 minutes. p>

It has the “scrub only” mode, the “vacuum only” mode and the “vacuum and scrub” mode. The mops are machine washable and their clever design requires no emptying of dirty water.


The Green Force Effitech model comes at a price for 230 euros and the X-Combo model for 330 euros.