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Rugby World Cup 2023: the scenario which qualifies the French XV after ;s New Zealand - Italy

“Rugby World Cup 2023: the scenario which qualifies the French XV after New Zealand – Italy”

If it does not play, the French XV can still qualify for the quarter-finals this Friday, September 29.

The essentials.

  • Antoine Dupont will make his return to the Blues this Sunday, announced Tuesday evening William Servat, who also affirmed that not to have "doubt about one's ability to à play the quarter-final. On the other hand, it was confirmed that the captain of the Blues would be "too fair" to face Italy.
  • On Friday, New Zealand plays its future in the competition and could be eliminated in the event of a defeat against Italy. Italy. Please also note that any result other than a New Zealand victory would ensure the Blues qualify for the quarter-finals.
  • Follow all the news on the Rugby World Cup, match results and group rankings in our livestream.

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4:00 p.m. – Only one change for Fiji

Unlike Scotland as mentioned in just below, Fiji are not going to rotate the squad with a single change against the team. Georgia. The line-up: Droasese – Ravutaumada, Nayacalevu (c), Tuisova, Radradra – Tela, Kuruvoli – Botia, Mata, Tagitagivalu – Cirikidaveta, Nasilasila – Tagi, Matavesi, Mawi. Substitutes: Ikanivere, Ravai, Tawake , Mayanavanua, Tuisue, Lomani, Botitu, Habosi.

15:01 – Big turnover of the Scots

To face Romania and stay in the race for qualification before the clash against Romania; Ireland, Scotland will rotate their team. The line-up: Smith – Graham, Harris, Redpath, Steyn – (o) Healy, (m) Price – Watson, M. Fagerson, Crosbie – Gilchrist (cap), Skinner – Sebastian, Ashman, Bhatti. Subs: Matthews, Sutherland, Nel, Cummings, Darge, Horne, Kinghorn, Jones.

14:15 – Tom Hooper defends Eddie Jones

In bad shape, Australia is close to elimination in this World Cup. If for many Eddie Jones is responsible, he has the support of his players, at least some like Tom Hooper. "I think everyone is very happy that he's our coach right now. We developed very well with him as a young team, he had the big task of growing our sport and I certainly learned a lot from being coached by him. by him".

13:34 – Retallick: "Additional pressure"

The giant second line of the Blacks returned to the capital importance of the match. This is the World Cup. We lost against France (27-13, September 8), we must win to achieve our goal. We talked about it before coming to France. Every World Cup is different. There is extra pressure given the form of both teams."

12:40 – Tommaso Allan: "The Blacks? A myth"

Italy's fly-half Tommaso Allan explained at a press conference that playing the Blacks in the World Cup was simply a myth. "When I was a young player, I followed South Africa's matches against the All Blacks. This team has become a myth for all of us. We had the opportunity to play them three or four times. Having the opportunity to play against each other; With such an experienced team, this generates a lot of pressure on us. We will rely on our experience and concentrate from the first to the next. the last minute of the match."

12:00 – The line-up of the XV of France is taking shape

Even if we are still far from the match against Italy, the composition of the French XV is taking shape, notably with the return of Alldritt and the presence of Chalureau. The composition

  • 1 Wardi
  • 2 Bourgarit
  • 3 Aldegheri
  • 4 Flament
  • 5 Chalureau
  • 6 Macalou
  • 7 Jelonch
  • 8 Aldritt
  • 9 Lucu
  • 10 Jalibert
  • 11 Bielle-Biarrey
  • 12 Moefana
  • 13 Fickou
  • 14 Penaud
  • 15 Jaminet
  • < /ul>

    11:10 – The "samouraï time"

    The Japan captain relished his victory. his team's victory against Samoa this Thursday and spoke of his team's victory against Samoa on Thursday. the delicate end of the match, prepared by the Japanese. "This difficult moment at the end of the match, we were prepared for it. We call it “samoura time”, meaning we are courageous and confident as a team. We succeeded this evening against a tough Samoan team.

    10:30 – The English qualified

    After Japan's victory against Samoa on Thursday September 28, the XV de la Rose is qualified. for the quarter-finals. As the Japanese and Argentines face each other on the final day, the English are sure to qualify, even in the event of a defeat against Samoa in their next outing . They are even certain to finish at the top of their group.

    09:40 – Ollivon returns

    À separated from the group during the last training session due to a "slight contracture at the back" a calf", Charles Ollivon made his return during training open to the public at Aix en Provence.

    09:00 – Dupont returns, only after validation by the surgeon

    "His return will first be conditional on with the green light from the surgeon. Until we have it, we have to wait. Then, its resumption will be conditioned by its HIA3 protocol. It will be done gradually, first by bike, possibly at the start of the week. It will also be conditioned to his feelings, we are not going to put him in a situation of failure. He will necessarily go through a phase of re-athleticization because he has gone through a week to stopping. We are also planning interviews with our psychological part. Everything will be done gradually. There are elements that we cannot control, but he has strong motivation" explained Bruno Boussagol, health manager.

    08:20 – France qualified if..

    Match day in the French XV group this Friday September 29 with New Zealand facing Italy. This match is quite simply crucial for the future of the Blues and the Blacks since a defeat of the latter and New Zealand returns to the table. home. For the Blacks, it would take at least an improved draw; to survive in this World Cup, very likely. On the other hand, any result other than a New Zealand victory would ensure the qualification of the Blues.

    09/28/23 – 11:58 p.m. – Japan wins over Samoa

    END OF LIVE – Thursday September 28, Japan won the match. against Samoa (28-22), Toulouse. The Samoans did not succeed in their victory. come to end the Japanese and thus lose their chances of qualifying for the quarter-finals.

    09/28/23 – 11:14 p.m. – Will Antoine Dupont play with a mask ?

    After the injury the jaw of Antoine Dupont, some have moved forward that he could return to the field wearing a mask. "The question today does not arise, it is not the right timing […] It is not something that we have discussed. I am not necessarily in favor of "that but if he asks us, why not", indicated Bruno Boussagol, health manager; of the XV of France, during a press conference, Thursday September 28, according to comments reported by L'Équipe.

    09/28/23 – 10:32 p.m. – Antoine Dupont present for the match against Italy?

    "I don't think we can see it against Italy (Friday October 6), I'm convinced of it," the health manager of the XV of France, Bruno Boussagol, during a press conference, Thursday September 28, in Paris. about the state of Antoine Dupont. "We are only planning on his return to the group and on how he will react during his resumption of activity," he added, according to comments reported byL' Éteam.

    09/28/23 – 9:48 p.m. – Some "reassuring" by Antoine Dupont

    During a press conference, Thursday September 28, Bruno Boussagol, health manager; of the XV of France, indicated that the news was "reassuring" concerning Antoine Dupont, operated on of a maxillo-zygomatic fracture. The rugby player must meet a surgeon and will be subject to medical treatment. a check so that his condition can be assessed. "His return is conditional on with the green light from the surgeon. As long as he doesn't give it, we'll have to wait,” assured Bruno Boussagol, relayed by Bruno Boussagol. by The team.


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