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Rugby World Cup 2023: why the Blacks can take the home gate me with a victory against Uruguay?

“Rugby World Cup 2023: why can the Blacks take the door even with a victory against Uruguay?”

Start of the last day of the group stage this Thursday, October 5 with the Blacks facing Uruguay in a crucial match.

The essentials.

  • Return of the Blacks to the field this Thursday, October 5 with a crucial match against; Uruguay. Even if the scenario is improbable, an unenhanced victory for New Zealand associated with a defeat with double-bonus on the side Blues, coupled with a victory with Italian bonus and the teammates of the Barret brothers will take the door.
  • On Friday, the XV of France will also play their qualification against France. Italy. For this last group match, Fabien Galthié aligned its best possible team with Maxime Lucu at Antoine Dupont's place.
  • Follow all the information on the Rugby World Cup, match results and group rankings in our live stream.

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08:39 – Les Blacks à agrave; the house?

New Zealand can take the gate this evening, even if they win against England. Uruguay. A defeat with double-bonus side Blues, coupled with an Italian bonus victory would push the Kiwis to the trap door if the latter do not take the bonus against the Teros.

04/10/23 – 23:35 – What is the program for the weekend?

END OF LIVE – After France – Italy on Friday, the 2023 Rugby World Cup will continue with six other matches throughout the weekend. Saturday, at 3 p.m., Wales will be opposed to à Georgia. Next will be England – Samoa. 5:45 p.m. and Ireland – Scotland at 21 hours. On Sunday, Japan will open the ball by rubbing against each other. Argentina from 1 p.m. Tonga will next face, at 5:45 p.m., Romania. Finally, Fiji – Portugal will close the weekend at from 9 p.m.

04/10/23 – 22:33 – Why South Africa could have neither anthem nor flag in the quarter-final of the World Cup rugby

Dramatic drama in the middle of the competition. During the quarter-finals of the 2023 Rugby World Cup, South Africa could be deprived of its flag and anthem. And for good reason, the South African government would not have modified, within the time allotted to it, an obsolete law on doping-free sport in order to comply with the latest World Anti-Doping Code entered into force. effective in 2021. South Africa had been formal notice on September 22. She then had 21 days. He therefore has a big week left to remedy the problem. the situation and thus avoid its players potentially having to play under neutral banner in the quarter-finals.

04/10/23 – 9:33 p.m. – What is the next match of this 2023 World Cup ?

No match this Wednesday evening, we will have to wait another 24 hours to follow a new match of the 2023 Rugby World Cup. Thursday, New Zealand will face, at home, New Zealand. from 9 p.m., Uruguay. At the first whistle, the All Blacks will line up: McKenzie – Jordan, Lienert-Brown, J. Barrett, Fainga'anuku – (o) Mo'unga, (m) Roigard – Cane (cap.), Jacobson, Frizell – Vaa'i, S. Whitelock – Lomax, Taylor, Tu'ungafasi, with Taukei'aho, Williams, Newell, S. Barrett, Blackadder, Christie, B. Barrett and Clarke as replacements. On the side from Uruguay, we will find: Silva, Mieres, Inciarte, Vilaseca (cap.), Freitas – Etcheverry, Arata – Bianchi, Diana, Ardao – Leindekar, Dotti – Arbelo, Kessler, Sanguinetti. And on the substitutes' bench: Pujadas, Benitez, Peculo, Rodriguez, Civetta, Ormaechea, Berchesi and Alonso.

04/10/23 – 20:38 – L 'Italy ready to go face the Blues? The players exorcised by fire their defeat against the All Blacks

The information will surprise some and yet, the Italian players have indeed used this technique. a method that comes close to exorcism to turn the page on their bitter defeat in the face of violence. New Zealand (96 – 17). "At the start of the week, each player wrote down what happened in the game. in the match: what we could have done better, what went wrong, without talking about it in person. no other,” explained pillar Pietro Ceccarelli at a press conference. Then these papers were simply removed. thrown into the… fire. The objective? "Put the match behind us. Not to forget it, because there was a lot to do. learn, but to be able to attack the week and open up to new ideas. this new chance that we face; France,” confided the rugby player.

04/10/23 – 7:34 p.m. – The Italians "are not going to show the same face against us"

As the match against Italy comes to an end, At a brisk pace, Charles Ollivon also spoke about the situation. this Wednesday, at a press conference, on the opponent that the Blues will have to face on Friday. "We are convinced that they will not show the same face against us [as against us] New Zealand, editor’s note]. “There will be fewer missed tackles from them, that's for sure,” he said. the captain of the France team, before continuing: "We read what they said in the press. It will be a completely different match. During the first twenty minutes, you should expect a lot of noise. a high level of commitment. Çit's going to hit hard." And to warn: "We will have to be serious for eighty minutes."

04/10/23 – 6:37 p.m. – "Everything was done in a simple way" : Charles Ollivon returns to his role as captain in the absence of Dupont

At a press conference this Wednesday, Charles Ollivon, captain of the Blues in the absence of Antoine Dupont, returned to his new status. "The captaincy has not changed; “a lot in my week,” he immediately blurted out. And Toulon's third line added: "We have a group of leaders (with Fickou, Alldritt, Marchand, Jelonch) and in the absence of Antoine Dupont, the whole group remained. welded to compensate for his absence. Everything was done in a simple way. Everyone is free to express themselves, as they feel."

04/10/23 – 5:30 p.m. – Audience records

During the traditional press conference of the committee of the World Cup, Jacques Rivoal once again congratulated himself on audience records for this World Cup. "The figures that have been achieved are exceptional and the height of our ambitions. 130 million cumulative viewers since the start of the competition, that’s already a huge number. more than anything we saw during the World Cup four years ago in Japan and we are at that point. 32 matches; it's not over.  Today there are more than 1.5 million people who went to the stadiums and there are almost a million fans who attended the stadiums. our Rugby Villages.

04/10/23 – 4:35 p.m. – Antoine Dupont à agrave; training

Present in the group for several days, Antoine Dupont now trains with the ball, among his teammates. Good news even if the surgeon will have to give his approval for the continuation of the competition this Monday.

04/10/23 – 3:50 p.m. – The Italian coach's tribute to Capuozzo

Ange Capuozzo is undoubtedly the star of the Italian team. Born in France, he could have worn the Blues jersey but ultimately never was. called. "He catches the ball and runs (laughing). He gives us opportunities. Ange is an X factor. France has a long foot game so I think he will have opportunities to attack from the back. But obviously the rest of the team will have to get around him because they have a kicking game where they are trying to suffocate you. You defend yourself, and they strike at you. new. And again they try to suffocate you. So we have to have a plan to try to combat this. But Ange is just one of three backs and the rest of the guys will contribute greatly to the game. his performance."

04/10/23 – 3:10 p.m. – When Tony Parker gives an inspiring speech to Blacks

As reported by Le Parisien, New Zealand, established in Lyon since the start of the World Cup, has had the privilege of welcoming Tony Parker who delivered the victory. valuable advice and an inspiring message. "We all feel pressure. What matters is how you handle it, continued the 41-year-old athlete. I always had the impression of playing better under pressure, even if that is not the case for everyone, obviously. But a leader must speak like that. Everyone can believe it"

04/10/23 – 2:30 p.m. – Woki in "history"

Cameron Woki will be the very first 2nd line in the history of XV of France play all matches in the group stage after the announcement of his start for the match against Italy.

04/10/23 – 1:50 p.m. – Alldritt aware of the decisive match

"The whole group is aware that we are getting to the heart of the matter. Everyone is excited! to play these matches. Everyone was overwhelmed. and we feel that we are entering the elimination phase and we love it. We love these matches" explained the one who makes his comeback in the starting 15 against Italy.

04/10/23 – 1:20 p.m. – A future World Cup 24? Danty does not comment

"Today we can think that certain groups are unbalanced, that certain teams do not have the level. But this is their only opportunity to face major nations. Beyond of the World Cup it would be good for them to play more matches against teams at least from tier 2. Teams like Uruguay or Portugal have a lot of potential and are progressing. Do I think the World Cup? 24 is the solution? Ça I don't know. Think already at the first world it's complicated" explained Jonathan Danty at a press conference

04/10/23 – 12:55 – His complicity in with Jalibert, Lucu explains

"When you play every weekend with him, you learn how to play. to know him. À 9 and 10 we are in charge of running the game. automatisms come into account when you play with him, affinities, and outside too. He is very endearing, we get along very well and we spend a lot of time together. As can happen between Antoine (Dupont) and Romain (Ntamack) Toulouse. To start with him on Friday is something strong for us. This is a great opportunity. and a form of tranquility to do it with him."


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