Ruiz — Joshua: online broadcast of the championship fight-revenge

Руис — Джошуа: онлайн-трансляция чемпионского боя-реванша

On Saturday, December 7, Riyadh on a brand new Arena designed for 15 thousand seats, built recently specifically for the big Boxing night, will be one of the most anticipated fights of the year — the world champion of WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO heavyweight champion, Mexican Andy Ruiz (33 wins, 22 of them by Ko, 1 defeat) will meet former world champion Briton Anthony Joshua (22 victories, 21 of them by Ko, 1 defeat).


Words before battle

Andy Ruiz: I’m still the same Andy Ruiz. I’m still the same chubby little fat guy with a big dream. I’m still the same person. But in the ring I’m the world champion. There I’m Mr. Hulk and I need to work as it should. June 1, I realized his dream, and on December 7 I have a lot to prove. Fans will see the same thing on 1 June. The guy with the big dreams is going to dominate and defend the title in heavy weight. Of course, he will try to make adjustments to your box. I don’t know if he chopped me, but I would like it to be. I have more skills.

I am forced to finish his career Anthony Joshua, because if I don’t do this, he will try to complete my. In the ring, or I, or he. With God’s help I will be able to win“.

Anthony Joshua: Klitschko tells a lot about me. He is more disciplined than I am, more diplomatic. Vladimir gave me advice about diet and exercise. Perhaps this is what people are saying who can see the transformation of my body. I used the lessons Klitschko, and now my weight may fluctuate. I still want to become world champion. I have always said that the belt should not determine the status of the person. I was champion even before he won the belt

This is not the last time I will meet with Andy Ruiz in the ring. I think we be great fights. I believe that Saturday will end in a knockout. That’s what people want: blood and knockouts. We’ll have a third fight. My goal is to win“.

Tyson fury, British boxer-heavyweight champion: Ruiz is a small fat pig-destroying donuts in California. After this he went to fight with a boxer who took the 12-week training camp with the participation of the best scientists in the UK. Joshua used the modern heart monitors, all the crossfit machine, better nutrition and diet. But the little fat guy came and beat him in seven rounds. It’s a fight one on one, where anything can happen.

When my nutritionist said, “We want you to eat something or someone”, I answer: “No, I’ll be the Mars bars, chocolate biscuits and a Cup of coffee with ten sugars”. Because I speak in heavy weight. If you have any objections, look at the Ruiz fight and Joshua“.

Joshua was shown training for his fight with Ruiz

After a sensational defeat, which cost Anthony for all his championship belts, the British eager to return titles. Joshua focused in the gym and is willing to share the photos from training with your followers on Instagram.

Руис — Джошуа: онлайн-трансляция чемпионского боя-реванша

Руис — Джошуа: онлайн-трансляция чемпионского боя-реванша

Knockout in sparring

While preparing for battle in the rematch with Ruiz Joshua befallen trouble. In one of the sparring Anthony received a strong blow, which was sent to the knockout. However, in opposition to whom it happened, not reported. We only know that in training camp the British were such boxers as Andrew Tabiti, Derek Chisora, Tom little, Mirel Albon Parvizi and Timothy Moten.

Руис — Джошуа: онлайн-трансляция чемпионского боя-реванша

Bookmakers believe in Joshua

Despite the result of the first fight between the boxers, bookmakers still believe in the victory of the British. Rates on its victory are accepted with factors 1,44−1,45 (early victory is estimated 1.73−1,95, points — 3,80−5,00), while for the repeated success of the Mexican — 2,75−2,85 (an early victory — 3,50−3,75, points — 11,00−15,00). Draw in the upcoming match is the least likely — 27,00−29,00.

Ukrainian Usyk is among the guests of the battle

Ukrainian heavyweight Alexander Usik will arrive at Riyadh, where he not only personally will be watching the Ruiz fight against Joshua (at one time our compatriot named the main applicant for a meeting with the winner of this rematch), but scheduled his first meeting with her future rival, Briton Derek Cooroy. The ironic twist of our boxer Eddie Hearn has even named the date of this fight on the 8th of February. However, official confirmation of the signing of the contract has not yet been…

The first duel views — three months before the fight

The first duel of looks before the fight-the rematch was held in early September in Riyadh. The event was the first official after a sensational defeat Joshua Ruiz from June 1, the ring famous arena Madison Square Garden in new York. The Mexican acted confident, sometimes even too much, and bestowed Britain’s only derisive glances.


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