Rules that will help you forget general cleaning in the toilet, like a bad dream


    May 8, 2022, 12:01 | Science and technology

    So that cleaning does not become a chore, it should be done regularly.

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    Cleanliness in the toilet is a prerequisite for comfort in the house and the health of its residents. In order for it not to become a heavy duty to take care of it, it is necessary to maintain cleanliness regularly, informs Ukr.Media.

    After all, even if everything shines, it does not mean that there are no germs on the toilet. In this article, we have collected some small tricks that will allow you to keep the toilet in perfect condition without much effort.

    Germs under the rim

    < p>The flushing chute under the rim of the toilet was invented to ensure uniform and efficient use of the water accumulated in the drain tank. But it turned out that it became the most inaccessible place where germs hide from us.

    Someone will say: "and let them hide themselves, who are they bothering there?" The fact is that with each flush of water, a so-called “toilet plume” is formed. This is a cloud of microscopic splashes that carry with them a full set of pathogenic bacteria.

    Later, these microscopic drops settle on furniture, walls, and towels. And in the case of a combined bathroom — and on the surface of toothbrushes. Meanwhile, it is not so difficult to neutralize this plume.

    It is enough to spend a minute several times a week to pour a disinfectant under the rim of the toilet. If you do this before leaving for work, the chemical composition will have more time to remove limescale and bacteria.

    Why hide toothpaste in the drain tank?

    What do unwitting citizens hide in a drain tank… and money and valuables, but have you ever drowned toothpaste in it?

    Manipulation with toothpaste will help to some extent to automate the fight against bacteria under the rim of the toilet and get rid of unpleasant odors in the room.

    Choose a cheap toothpaste with the most "nuclear" smell Make as many holes as possible in the tube and put it in the drain tank. Now each plum will refresh and even disinfect the toilet a little.

    The same procedure can be repeated with liquid soap – make a small incision crosswise 3 cm above the bottom of the flask and immerse it in the tank.

    The outer surface of the toilet bowl

    The easiest way to care for the outer surface of the toilet (even if there are no special tools) is to use a container with a sprayer. You can add an alcohol solution or an antiseptic to it.

    It is enough to sprinkle the base and rim of the earthenware friend every morning, and then wipe everything with dry napkins or toilet paper. Another object of increased attention is the drain button. As statistics show, the number of bacteria on it is inferior only to the similar one under the rim of the toilet.

    We do not advise using old sponges for this purpose. Their surface will quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria. And it will not work to keep a sponge in a chlorine-containing liquid like a sponge

    Some housewives use wet alcohol-containing wipes for this purpose. But here it is important to remember that in order to avoid clogging of the sewer, it is undesirable to flush them down the toilet. In a word, you should not wait until an unpleasant smell and plaque appear. To avoid unpleasant problems, devote at least a couple of minutes to cleaning the toilet every day.


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