Ruslan Timofeev (Ruslan Tymofieiev): Adventures Lab enhances the Ukrainian startups’ positions on the market

Adventures Lab has been a powerful Ukrainian investment foundation with a list of valuable investments since its establishment in December 2019. Accordingly, its reputation has increased in the Ukrainian market and counts more than $15 million in various projects. The founder of Adventures Lab, Ruslan Timofeev (Ruslan Tymofieiev), shares his strategy on how to fulfill a startup from outline to prosperous business profiting millions and his thoughts about the future of the Ukrainian startups’ ecosystem.

Highlights of Adventures Lab

During the first year of its activity, Adventures Lab has invested in several significant projects. Among the most famous are EduDo, Reface, and StreamHERO.

eSports has been gaining a wider audience and engaging more gamers across the world. Accordingly, it has been a profitable platform to invest in. StreamHERO is the livestream advertising service, that attracted $550,000 in the pre-seed round. The main task of the project is to integrate ads into gamers’ streams. So today, gamers over the globe use this service to stream. This year, the project team aims to invest in improving ad algorithms and analytical tools.

Ruslan Timofeev mentiones another productive international project EduDo from Belarus the Ukrainian fund invested in. It is similar to TickTock but uploading 3-minutes videos for education instead of entertainment. So, the investments by Adventures Lab and partners were to enhance the application, add some features, provide more tools for content generation and further monetization.

The Reface application brought great success as Adventures Lab believed in its breakthrough long before it became globally popular. Today, this application is applied all over the world. In 2020, it took the top rank in the list of most popular AppStore applications, like Netflix, Amazon, and TickTock. Even Elon Musk has used it not for the first time.

In addition, Ruslan Timofeev notes that choosing projects to invest in is far away not an easy process. It involves different specialists to analyze the market and be capable to foresee the outcomes of the project, whether it is worth being invested in or not. But despite all efforts and expertise, it is impossible to be sure for 100% that the project will succeed.

Adventures Lab’s investment approaches

When it comes to looking for potential projects, experts provide a thorough investigation on various criteria: credibility, cost-effectiveness, development strategy, the professionalism of employees, target audience, founders’ management skills, and so on.

The Adventures Lab team is mostly focused on two start-ups stages: pre-seed and seed, Ruslan Timofeev adds. When selecting the pre-seed round, it means the ideas or the development of a demo version of a particular application are accounted for to invest in. Basically, the investment is small, about $100,000 – $200,000. Accordingly, this stage includes two components: an idea and a prototype. Then, it turns to a seed round on investment due to which the product is already available on the market but needs to be scaled.

The growth of the Ukrainian startup market has suffered in the last decade. The 2013 year brought great changes, not for good. Many companies moved their assets out of Ukraine and, consequently, many startups relocated to other countries. But Ruslan Timofeev believes the ecosystem of the Ukrainian startup market has started the process of renovation as new opportunities are disclosing to ambitious entrepreneurs. No doubt, we are still far from the US but comparing to Eastern European standards, the position of our startup market has advanced considerably.

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