Ruslana Pysanka dies: body-positive weather host in Ukraine


    Ruslana Pisanka died : body-positive weather presenter in Ukraine

    A well-known TV presenter, theater and film actress died in Germany, where she left after the start of the war

    A famous Ukrainian TV presenter, film actress and film actress died at the age of 56 theater Ruslan Pysanka. After the outbreak of the war, she left for Germany, where she was diagnosed with a serious illness. But, as reported on the “1 + 1” channel, the actress did not tell anyone about this.

    On her pages in social networks, there are only words of support for Ukrainians and their fellow presenters, who continue to broadcast news in extreme conditions.

    “The war forced her to leave for Germany. There, doctors diagnosed Ruslana Pysanka with a serious illness. Rusya almost no one talked about her war. Followed all the events, helped, laughed into the phone, made plans for the future. But the disease took our Rusya tonight, “her colleagues said.

    In early February, the actress broke her leg on stage theater. But later she reported that the operation was successful.

    Ruslana Pysanka was born on November 17, 1965 in Kyiv, in the family of cameraman Igor Nikolayevich Pisanko, winner of the Shevchenko Prize in 1973 for the documentary film “Soviet Ukraine”. Ruslana's father is a real celebrity. He was a chronicler operator. He filmed the war in Afghanistan, the Chernobyl burning, filmed throughout the USSR, as well as in Vietnam, Laos, Yemen and the USA. Ruslana herself wrote that his archival footage is still used in documentaries.

    Ruslana Pysanka – a career in film and TV

    So the girl decided to connect her life with television and cinema. She tried to enter the Shchukin school, but she was refused there. Moreover, the examination board told her directly that she needed to lose weight. Ruslana did not want to lose weight and returned to Kyiv, in 1995 she graduated from the directing department of the Kyiv State Institute of Theater Arts. Karpenko-Kary, majoring in television director.

    She started acting while still a student. Her first work was a small role in the movie “Cruise, or the Journey of Divorce”.

    But the real breakthrough came when Ruslana appeared in Andrey Benckendorff's film “A Few Love Stories” based on Boccaccio's short stories in 1994. The status of “Ukrainian sex symbol” has been assigned to Pysanka. The actress herself recalled that after this role, offers to act in erotic films rained down on her. But she rejected them all.

    Ruslana Pysanka died: bodypositive presenter weather in Ukraine

    But in 1999 she accepted the offer of the Polish director Jerzy Hoffman to star in his cult film “With Fire and Sword” as the Witch.

    Ruslana Pysanka dies: bodypositive weather host in Ukraine

    This was followed by roles in the films “Vaudeville”, “Black Rose”, “Princess on the Beans”. And in 2002, Ruslana starred in the historical television series Chorna Rada, for which she received the Order of St. Vladimir.

    But the weather forecast, which she led with Alexei Diveev-Tserkovny on the Inter channel, made her a national star. In fact, Ruslana Pysanka became the first body-positive presenter on Ukrainian television, even when this word was not in use. After that, she hosted the program “Weather from Ruslana Pysanka” on the radio station “Retro FM Ukraine” and the show on 1 + 1 “Your Day”.

    For her role in the film “Moskal-charivnik” Ruslana received the State Prize. Dovzhenko.

    Ruslana Pysanka died: body-positive weather presenter in Ukraine

    The actress herself said that although there was a frantic pace of work, she learned a lot. After filming in the video of the “singing rector” Mikhail Poplavsky, Ruslana was offered to play in the theater. So she played the next role in the movie only in 2019, in the STB series “Fortress”.

    In 2004, Ruslana starred in the musicals “Sorochinsky Fair” and “Three Musketeers”, where she played Porthos.


    In 2006, she took part in the first season of the show “Dancing with the Stars” in a pair with dancer Nikolai Kovalenko and took third place.

    Ruslana Pysanka died: bodypositive presenter weather in Ukraine

    And in 2008, the actress became the host of the reality show “Office Romance” on the Inter TV channel, together with the future President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky.

    In 2009 published a cookbook “Culinary temptations from Kievan Rus”.

    Ruslana Pysanka died: bodypositive presenter weather in Ukraine

    And since 2021 she has been working as a presenter on the “1 + 1” channel.

    Ruslana Pysanka – personal life

    Despite the status “sex symbol” and a crowd of fans, Ruslana Pysanka's personal life was not as eventful as her career.

    For some time she met with a Kyiv television operator named Ivan, whom she met during the filming of Artek. But the relationship did not work out, because he envied Ruslana's fame, was constantly jealous of her and demanded to lose weight. As a result, they broke up, and the actress rarely spoke about him in an interview.

    “The more I went up in Dances, the worse things were in the family. Ivan behaved towards me very ugly and unworthy, so one fine day I asked myself:“ Ruslana, why do you need all this? when they suspect me of something. If you love a person, then you trust him, and if there is no trust, then work on yourself, which is what I wished my husband goodbye, “Ruslana told about the breakup in 2007.

    In 2012, Ruslana married businessman Igor Isakov. They met on social media. Igor and his son decided to see which of the celebrities were registered on the site and found Ruslana Pysanka. Igor decided to write to her, but at first Ruslana, tired of the attention of her fans, answered him sharply, but later she gave her phone number.

    Ruslana Pisanka is dead: bodypositive presenter weather in Ukraine

    Ruslana Pysanka died: body-positive weather presenter in Ukraine

    On their first date, Ruslana and Igor were just walking around Kyiv. And when he offered her to marry him, she agreed.

    They did not advertise their romance, and they played the wedding in secret. Ruslana Pysanka's husband is younger than his chosen one, he moved to Kyiv for her, and she accepted his son from his first marriage.

    Ruslana Pysanka died: body-positive weather host in Ukraine

    However, after the wedding, they began to appear together at social events. And in 2017, they even took part together in the show “Star and Happy” about losing weight.


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