Ruslana Pysanka's husband announced where the funeral will be held and the cause of the actress' death


July 23, 2022, 14:39 | Culture

Ihor Isakov told what disease caused the death of 56-year-old Ruslana Pysanka.

Ruslana Pysanka's husband announced where the funeral will take place and named the cause of the actress' death

Farewell to Ruslana Pysanka will be held in two countries, informs Ukr.Media.

The husband of Ukrainian host and actress Ruslana Pysanka, Ihor Isaakov, for the first time commented on the death of his star wife at the age of 57. On his Facebook page, he admitted what disease Pysanka died of.

According to Igor, Ruslana had cancer in an aggressive form. The actress's husband added that in Germany, where she was being treated, her body was cremated.

"There was cancer in motion, unfortunately an aggressive form and a little advanced… but she fought, I wouldn't could even half… unfortunately, the immunity did not last… So, unfortunately. Death and cremation,' Isakov wrote.

Ihor also announced how the two farewell ceremonies for Pysanka will take place. The first will take place in the German city of Kaiserlautern, the second in Kyiv. However, the dates are not yet known, because everything depends on the speed of processing the documents.

Information on commemoration. The first farewell will take place at the place of last stay, namely the city of Kaiserlautern, Germany. I will know the time and exact place on Monday and will inform you further. Then, after processing all the papers, I will take my Rusya home. Kyiv. How soon, it will depend only on the speed of registration. So I will write the place and time of the funeral in Kyiv additionally.

In addition, Isakov thanked his friends and all network users who wrote him words of support.

"I couldn't bring myself to open Facebook for a long time, I tried several times, but so much sympathy… I was just afraid that I wouldn't have enough tears to read everything. Sorry to whom I did not reply. I will be a little bit. Thank you. I can't find the words how grateful I am to all our friends with my Rusichka… infinitely grateful to everyone. My state now, I will describe it with synonyms: crushed, broken, destroyed… I know that my wife would never like it, so I am trying to start letting go little by little. I will try to understand the meaning of her favorite saying “Life is beautiful”. Love you. Thank you for sharing this pain with me. I pray for you, for Ukraine. And I know for sure that God will take her to himself, because I know for sure that she is definitely worthy of it,” Isakov shared his emotions.


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