Russia and Ukraine will sign an agreement today to unblock grain exports

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Russia and Ukraine will sign an agreement today to unblock grain exports

Russia and Ukraine will sign an agreement this Friday afternoon that will allow export the wheat Ukrainian, until now blocked in the ports of this country. The product may It will be marketed to the world through, first, the Black Sea and then the Bosphorus Strait.

It is precisely in the city bathed in these waters, Istanbul, where the agreement will be signed. the deal this Friday. Turkey and the United Nations have been negotiating and mediating for months between Moscow; and kyiv. Currently, 22 million tons of grain are waiting trapped in Ukrainian silos to be exported.

At the signing, which will be done in a presidential office in Istanbul, he will attend The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the secretary general of the UN, the Portuguese António Guterres, who traveled this Thursday night from New York to the Turkish capital to sign this pact.


According to the agreement — still waiting for the publication of the final text— the Ukrainian ports will resume their activity, and Russia will commit not to use this opportunity to attack them. kyiv, for its part, will promise not to import weapons and ammunition through the ships that return to port.

“We have been working intensely with constant trips and negotiations. This deal could mean potentially saving the lives of hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people. That these people can access food that is not priced above its capabilities”, Guterres's deputy spokesman, Farhan Haq, said Thursday night.

However, doubts persist: Ukraine has been denouncing for months &mdash ;and research has shown it— that Russia has been systematically stealing the wheat stored in the ports occupied by Moscow; during the war within Ukrainian territory. They are above all three cities: Sevastopol —in Crimea– Mariupol and Berdyansk.

Through the Black Sea and the Bosporus, Russia has been selling tons of grain to countries like Turkey, Syria or Egypt. Ukraine also accuses Russia of deliberately bombing the fields and crops of Ukrainian farmers. Despite this incipient agreement, the war and the Russian invasion continue with all its harshness.

Control Center

According to the agreement, Russia and Ukraine will create a command bridge in Istanbul where Turkey and the United Nations will also be represented to control that the pact is fulfilled, that the Ukrainian freighters do not transport weapons and that the Army Russian army do not attack them. 

“Ukraine will only sign an agreement that guarantees the security of the southern regions of the country, the strong position of our Armed Forces in the Black Sea and the safe export of Ukrainian agricultural products to world markets & rdquor ;, said the spokesman for the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Oleh Nikolenko.

“What interests us now is to ensure that Russia implements this agreement. It has been too long since Moscow has lifted this naval blockade & rdquor ;, said this Thursday the spokesman for the Department of State of the United States, Ned Price.


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