Russia considering replacing Putin – BI


Russia is considering replacing Putin - BI

Who will take the place of the Russian ruler – one of the security officials, and the head of the Security Council of the Russian Federation is ideally suited for this role, the former head of British intelligence believes.

In Russia, against the backdrop of information about the deteriorating health of the Russian ruler Vladimir Putin, they are discussing candidates for the role of successor, writes the American edition of Business Insider.

Evidence that Kremlin insiders are starting to discuss options for who to become the next president of the Russian Federation , appeared a few weeks ago, writes BI.

This week, the former head of British intelligence, Sir Richard Dearlove, said on his podcast that he is almost convinced that Putin's successor will be the former head of the FSB of the Russian Federation, secretary of the Security Council Russian Federation Nikolay Patrushev.

Previously, Diarlav suggested that Putin would leave the presidency before 2023, perhaps he would even be placed in a hospital for a long time to get rid of the need for a direct coup. The former British intelligence officer believes that one of the security forces will take Putin's place, and Patrushev is ideal for this role.

Earlier, CIA director William Burns commented on the rumors about Putin's illness. According to him, he is very healthy. Recall that in May, the weekly Newsweek, citing a US intelligence report, reported that the President of the Russian Federation had undergone a course of treatment for a progressive form of cancer.


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