Russia has decided to increase the number of cities in which will be handing out passports to residents of Donbass

Россия решила увеличить число городов, в которых будут раздавать паспорта жителям Донбасса

Ignoring the international outrage, Russia is going to open additional centers issuing passports of the Russian Federation to inhabitants of the occupied Donbass. Four new passport item should appear in the Rostov region. While in the region the main are two centres — the town and village Pokrovsk Neklinovsky area. There “flocking” documents from the residents of Donbass, adopted in other cities.

As reported by Telegram-channel bbbreaking, new passport registration officer of Russia is going to allocate 144 million rubles ($2.2 million).

citizenship of the Russian Federation has issued more than 170 thousand inhabitants occupied the region.

Holders of Russian paper do not automatically have the right to social benefits from Russia because most of the “new Russians” in Russia is not delayed. In the Rostov region say that after the distribution of passports have not noticed any pressure on the labour market, no growth in the number of children in schools and kindergartens, that is, newly minted Russian citizens from ORDO, getting a passport, returned home to the Donbass.

To save the Ukrainian passport of the region’s residents prefer because when traveling to Europe from the new Russian document, problems can arise. In Europe amounted to instructions on how to proceed with the passports of residents ORDO applying for a Schengen visa.

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