Russia has tested a hypersonic missile in the Arctic

In the Russian Arctic for the first time tested a hypersonic missile “the Dagger”, said the Agency TASS. According to one source, “rocket speed “Dagger” has reached 10 Mach”, that is, more than 10 million km/h.

Россия провела испытания гиперзвуковой ракеты в Арктике

The Russian military space forces in mid-November conducted the first tests of hypersonic missiles “Dagger” in the Arctic. On 30 November, reports TASS with reference to the source in the military-industrial complex.

The launch was done on ground targets located on the ground Pemba, from the plane-carrier MiG-31K, off of Olenegorsk airfield.

According to one source, “the speed of the rocket reached 10 Mach”, that is, more than 10 million km/h.

In the Russian space forces declined to comment on the phone provided by the sources of information.

“The dagger” – the latest Russian aviation complex, which includes the aircraft carrier MiG-31K and hypersonic missile.

March 1, 2018, during his address to the Federal Assembly, Putin spoke about the creation of cruise missiles with nuclear power and “virtually unlimited range” which is so far untitled, but was checked at the site in late 2017.

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