Russia intends to use Iranian satellite for reconnaissance in Ukraine – media


Russia intends to use Iranian satellite for reconnaissance in Ukraine - media

Moscow will launch a surveillance device for Tehran, but will use it herself for some time, writes The Washington Post.

Russia is preparing to launch a new satellite for Iran, which it initially intends to use to monitor Ukraine. This was reported by The Washington Post on August 4, citing Western security sources.

Roscosmos announced the launch of a satellite called Khayyam on August 9 request of the Islamic Republic of Iran”. It will be launched into orbit by a Russian carrier rocket Soyuz that will launch from the Baikonur space station in Kazakhstan.

According to WP, it will provide Tehran with unprecedented capabilities, including almost continuous monitoring of important sites in Israel and the Persian Gulf.

“But Iran may not immediately take control of the satellite. Russia, which struggled to achieve its military goals during the five-month attack on Ukraine, told Tehran that it plans to use the satellite for several months or longer to increase surveillance of military targets in this conflict,” two sources said on condition of anonymity.


The upcoming launch is an indicator of the expansion of military and political cooperation between Moscow and Tehran, WP emphasizes.

Recall that last month, US officials reported that Iran intends to provide Russia with several hundred drones, including combat .

In Tehran, they said that they were not helping either side of the war in Ukraine. However, according to Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the head of the President's Office, Russian troops are already using Iranian UAVs in Ukraine.

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