Russia lost 50% of spying opportunities in Europe – MI6


Russia has lost 50% of its espionage opportunities in Europe, — MI6

According to the head of the British Foreign Intelligence Service, Richard Moore, the EU countries expelled more than 400 Russian intelligence officers to the north, who acted under diplomatic cover. Many disguised themselves as ordinary citizens.

At the Aspen Institute's annual security forum, which was held in the city of the same name in the state of Colorado, the head of the British foreign intelligence service, MI6, Richard Moore, said that Russia had lost half its capabilities for espionage in Europe. This is reported by CNN.

This is explained by the expulsion of more than 400 Russian intelligence officers from cities across Europe and the arrest of spies who were under deep cover as civilians.

According to Richard Moore, European countries expelled 400 Russian intelligence officers to the north who were operating under diplomatic cover.

“And we in the UK estimate that in this way Russia has lost half of its former ability to spy in Europe,” said Moore .

A number of “illegals,” or Russian spies masquerading as ordinary citizens, have also been discovered and deported in the past few months, he said.

Moore hopes Russian intelligence officials and diplomatic services will see what is happening in Ukraine and decide to act against the system, which many did during the Prague Spring of 1968. “Our doors are always open,” he answered a question about the possible recruitment of agents in the Russian Federation.

Officers earned from $2,000 to $15,000 for the task they performed; documents.


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