Russia lost 6,000 pieces of equipment – media

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Russian Federation lost 6,000 vehicles - media

Western sanctions make it extremely difficult production in Russia of high-precision weapons and repair of tanks.

In the seven months of the war, Russia has already lost six thousand pieces of equipment and uses ammunition on such a scale that it cannot compensate due to Western sanctions. This was reported by The New York Times on Friday, October 14, according to a US government report.

It is noted that Russia's ability to create integrated precision weapons has already suffered from export controls that limit Russia's access to advanced technologies. Western sanctions have also led to a shortage in the Russian Federation of less sophisticated technologies, such as bearings, which makes it difficult to manufacture and repair tanks, aircraft, submarines and other military systems.

The United States also recorded that since May, Russia is critically lacking important deliveries of diesel engines, engine parts for helicopters and aircraft, as well as its armored tanks. In addition, Moscow has had problems fulfilling defense orders from foreign countries.

The report notes that Russian intelligence agencies were ordered to “illegally buy Western technology and parts” to circumvent sanctions. Russia is also seeking supplies from countries such as Iran and North Korea, which are also under Western sanctions.

Washington is looking for other bottlenecks in the process, according to a senior US official who spoke on condition of anonymity. , which would complicate the production of military equipment for the Russian Federation – for example, ball bearings and fasteners.

Recall, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the losses of the Russian army exceeded 64,000 people.

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