Russia must agree with US to end war in Ukraine – Orban

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Russia must agree with US to end war in Ukraine - Orban

The head of the Hungarian government claims that Moscow and Washington need to agree on a cessation of hostilities.

Russia's war against Ukraine may be ended by negotiations between Moscow and Washington. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban stated this in an interview with the German publications Berliner Zeitung and Cicero, published on Tuesday, October 11.

He assures that Russia should negotiate a ceasefire in Ukraine with the United States. The head of the Hungarian government said that he is counting on the 45th US President Donald Trump.

“The truce should not be concluded between Russia and Ukraine, but between America and Russia. Anyone who thinks that this war will completed through Russian-Ukrainian negotiations, does not live in this world. The reality of power is different,” the official assures.

In addition, Orban said current US President Joe Biden is not a “suitable negotiator” for the United States.

“The hope for the world is called Donald Trump,” he said.

Viktor Orban is the only leader in the European Union who supported Trump in the 2016 elections. It should be noted that the election campaign is currently underway in the United States on the eve of the midterm elections to Congress, which will be held in November. Trump is the leader of one of the wings of the Republican Party.

In addition, the head of the Hungarian government is considered the closest ally of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin in the EU.

Orban also opposes the imposition of sanctions on Russia. He claims that the West “supports the war” in Ukraine.

Let us remind you that Orban said earlier: the war in Ukraine will drag on due to the provision of military assistance to Kyiv.

Even earlier, Orban said that the war in Ukraine “may continue until 2030”, and the Ukrainian state allegedly could “lose a third or half of its territory.”

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