Russia on the brink of a major war with Turkey: what is happening in the Syrian province of Idlib

Россия на пороге большой войны с Турцией: что сейчас происходит в сирийской провинции Идлиб

On Friday, February 28, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had a telephone conversation, which was devoted exclusively to a sharp aggravation of the situation in Syria. There in recent days exchanged heavy blows of the Syrian and the Turkish military. Both sides suffered significant losses.

It happened in the province of Idlib, the latest region in Syria, which is almost completely controlled by the armed opposition supported by Turkey. Some time ago the government army of Syria have intensified here. President Bashar al-Assad gave the order to take Idlib under the control of Damascus and completely cleanse the province of “terrorists”. The so-called opposition forces, the Syrian government, Moscow, and Tehran. Iran also supports Assad.

The offensive of the Syrian army, with the support of the Russian aviation did not like Erdogan. The President of Turkey in mid-February demanded that Syrian troops withdrew to their former positions until the end of the month. Otherwise, he has threatened to start large-scale operation in Idlib. The announcement was made after February 20 in the village of Nirab Turkish artillery supporting fire of the rebels, fell under the strikes of Russian aviation. Then killed at least five Turkish soldiers.

The ultimatum Erdogan had no effect. On 27 February, the Syrian air force bombed rebel forces in the area of the settlement Begun. Came under attack and the Turkish military. The Turks suffered heavy losses of 33 killed and about as many wounded.

After Turkey retaliated for Syrian convoy. Assad’s army has lost lost complexes “Beech” and “Armor”, 23 tanks, the same field and self-propelled guns, and five helicopters. The losses of manpower are not yet known. The Minister of defence of Turkey, Hulusi Akar said that the blows were inflicted by artillery and drones.

It seems that after such major clashes Putin and Erdogan are unable to find a way out of the situation. Yes, the two presidents agreed to meet soon to discuss the Syrian issue.

The EU is also in no hurry to intervene, even though it directly threatens the security of European countries. Renewal of military actions in Idlib led to the fact that from December 2019, more than 900 thousand inhabitants of this province of the Syrian refugees. In addition, in Idlib are camps of refugees who came here from other Syrian provinces informed. They have nowhere to go but to run further — to Turkey. Ankara said that the Turkish territory is located approximately 3.5 million Syrian refugees. Turkey is no longer able to accept them. Therefore, the Turkish government warns that it will not hinder these people to migrate further to the EU countries. And that means the inevitable beginning of a new migration crisis in Europe.

. The corresponding statement was made by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

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