Russia orders the withdrawal of its troops from Kherson

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Russia orders withdrawal of his troops from Kherson

Russia's military commanders announced this Wednesday the total withdrawalof its military troops from Kherson, on the western bank of the Dniepr River, given the impossibility of defending the city. “Proceed with the withdrawal of troops and take all measures for a safe transfer of military personnel, weapons and material to the (eastern) bank of the Dnieper”, ordered the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Sergei Shoigu, during A televised meeting with General Sergei Surovikin, the officer in command of the military operations in Ukraine The kyiv authorities, chastened by the threats and the constant story changesof Moscow during the contest, they have reacted with caution, and through the mouth of the presidential adviser Mijailo Podolyak, they have stated that it was still too early to confirm said withdrawal.

“This is a very difficult decision, but it will save the lives of our soldiersand in general, the combat capacity of our ground troops,” Surovikin admitted. It was imposed by the Russian occupation authorities, officially in a traffic accident, a death that has generated all kinds of speculation, and gained credibility when the civilians of the region confirmed that the bridge of Darivka, the main communication channel that linked the town with the eastern bank of the river, had been destroyed by an explosion.

During the previous days, the Ukrainian government had reacted with disbelief to the signs from within the occupied city itself that Russian troops were preparing to leave, such as the lowering of the Russian tricolor flag from the regional administrative headquarters, or the evacuation of some checkpoints, predicting instead an imminent and bitter battlefor control of the town. On this occasion, it was not left behind either. carried away by euphoria and asked calm until withdrawal can be confirmed. “It is necessary to separate the words from the deeds,” he replied. Podolyak. “We do not take these words into consideration and our armed forces work according to their plan; reconnaissance, risk assessment and counterattack“, advanced the main advisor to the head of the Ukrainian State. Yaroslav Yanusevich, the Ukrainian governor, expressed himself in similar terms, inviting citizens to trust only “in the official sources” and not what the Russians “are saying”.

The secretary general of NATO, the Norwegian Jans Stoltenber, was less restrained. strong>g, who described the news as “hopeful“The announcement of the Russian withdrawal. “The brave Ukrainian forces are liberating more and more territory,” he said, during a meeting in London with the new British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak< /strong>.

Blow to Russian credibility

If the withdrawal is finally confirmed, the credibility of the Russian Army would have suffered a new and devastating blow< /strong>, a few weeks after losing a significant part of the territory conquered during the first phase of the conflict in the province of Kharkov. Equipped with precision weapons such as HIMARS projectiles provided by the US, capable of hitting a target tens of kilometersaway, the Ukrainian forces have been conscientiously destroying all the viaducts that linked both banks of the mighty Dniépr River, making it impossible to supply the Russian troops deployed in the region. west bank and forcing them to dig into defensible positions during the coming winter. President Vladimir Putin himself had declared that Kherson would be a Russian city “forever”.

The announcement of the withdrawal was digested with great dismay by leading Russian military blogs, which highlighted the impossible defense of the military position. “The city cannot be maintained with bare hands (referring to the supply problems caused by the destruction of the bridges); it is ablack page in the history of the Russian Army, of the Russian State, a tragic page“, could be read on the Telegram channel War Gonzo, with more than one million subscribers.