Russia prohibits public debate on the development of the Ukraine conflict

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  • Previously this 2022 “discrediting” the Russian Armed Forces was prohibited and now freedom of expression has been limited

Russia prohibits public debate on the development of the conflict in Ukraine

This Thursday the Russian authorities have gone a step further than that. and have restricted public debate on the development of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Previously it was forbidden to “discredit the Armed Forces” or distribute false news, which gave them a margin to comment on the development of the offensive. But now it has been decided to prohibit public debate on aspects such as the structure and size of the Army, the type of weapons used, deployment, training, morale and possible crimes committed by members of the Armed Forces. Mobilization and civil defense have also been included in the same prohibition.

The order of the FSB, the Russian secret services details that this information is considered unclassified but that “it can be used by foreign countries, organizations and individuals strong> against the security of Russia”. This order builds on last year's ban on the sharing of data about the country's military and space industry, even if it isn't. It is classified.

Anyone who does not respect these new guidelines could be labeled a “foreign agent“, a label inherited from Soviet times with clear negative connotations. This Thursday also changed the Your personal data such as full name, date of birth or the Russian equivalent of Social Security number will be made public by the law regarding this consideration and the Russian authorities will make public. , among others.