Russia releases handbook for collaborators in Ukraine – intelligence


Russia released a handbook for collaborators in Ukraine - intelligence

The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense reported about a handbook for traitors in Ukraine, which was released by the Russian invaders.

Russia has a special guide for traitors and collaborators in Ukraine. The Russian occupiers urged “sympathizers” to sabotage work in socially significant areas. This was announced by the Main Directorate of Intelligence (GUR) of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine in its Telegram channel on Wednesday, July 27.

The document has 14 pages and is called “A guide for citizens of Ukraine on organizing resistance to the Kyiv puppet government.” The publication gives detailed advice on how to sabotage work in almost all socially significant areas.

“The guide is full of propaganda, hatred for everything Ukrainian (quote: “selyuks who broke into Kyiv form a new reality”) with the appropriate set of terminology: ” Kyiv junta”, “puppet government”, “Nazis” and the like,” the GUR noted.

The “practical” advice of the guide completely copies the classical principles of the Soviet bureaucracy:

  • give confusing and illogical answers when asked for advice;
  • increase the number of documents; enter plans and reports for the day/week/month/quarter;
  • write as many requests as possible to different authorities;
  • use more drugs and dressings than necessary.

Let us remind you that the mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, said that the population of the temporarily occupied city is now 50-60 thousand citizens. Of these, the number of collaborators is about 5%.

In addition, in Ukraine, during the five months of the war against Russia, law enforcement officers opened more than one thousand criminal cases for collaborationism.

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