Russia sees Erdogan as mediator in talks with Ukraine – Bloomberg


Russia sees Erdogan as a mediator in negotiations with Ukraine – Bloomberg

Sources , close to the Kremlin, said in a commentary to Western media that Moscow is considering the possibility of involving the head of Turkey for a peaceful settlement with Kyiv.

Russia is considering Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as a potential mediator in peace talks with Ukraine. This was reported by the Bloomberg news agency on Friday, August 5, citing its sources.

Note that on the same day, the Turkish leader meets with the head of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin.

Sources close to the Kremlin told the news agency that Turkey has long insisted on the role of a mediator in a peace settlement in Ukraine. However, Russia was still cool about this idea. They suggest that the conclusion of the so-called grain agreement, for which Putin thanked Erdogan on Friday, could change the situation.

Russia has not yet softened its terms on any cessation of hostilities, and stalled peace talks with Ukraine are unlikely to will resume unless there is a major shift in the military balance in Putin's favor, Bloomberg sources add.

Like other NATO members, Turkey opposes the Russian invasion of Ukraine and has provided it with weapons. At the same time, Ankara refrained from joining the US and European sanctions against Russia because of the war.

A Bloomberg source among the Turkish authorities explains this by saying that joining the sanctions against the Russian Federation will harm Ankara's economic and political interests – the damage is estimated at 35 billion dollars.
For Turkey, this is a key factor to take part in the peaceful settlement of the war. In addition, the role of an intermediary will increase Erdogan's international authority – against the backdrop of almost 80% inflation, he is preparing for the presidential elections in 2023.

Recall that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan flew to Sochi for negotiations with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

Earlier it was reported that Erdogan and Putin met in Iran at the end of July. Then the media reported that the Russian leader asked Russia to establish production of Bayraktar drones, which have become one of the symbols of Ukrainian resistance to Moscow's military aggression.

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