Russia-Ukraine war today: Last minute of Putin's invasion, live

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Between Putin's bombs and European unity

The war between Russia and Ukraine is on its way to reaching the year of armed conflict.

We tell you the last hour of the war in Ukraine live.


Ago < strong>21 minutes

Von der Leyen calls for increased pressure on Russia

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson today pledged on behalf of the European Union (EU) to maintain pressure on Russia and military support, financial and humanitarian aid to Ukraine in a war that is well on its way to completing a year. The Prime Minister of Sweden, for his part, pointed out He stated that “the victory of Ukraine in this war is existential for Europe” because “the fate of Ukraine is also the fate of Europe”, and he guaranteed that “the fate of Ukraine is also the fate of Europe”. “Humanitarian, financial and military” support was given to the attacked country by the community bloc.

37 minutes ago

OSCE employee in Lugansk accused by Russians of espionage

Authorities in Ukraine's Lugansk region, annexed by Russia last September, today charged an OSCE employee with “espionage”. According to the note, the defendant is a British citizen who was in charge of a mission of drone operators in Lugansk. Local investigators believe that “on behalf of a foreign special service” the OSCE worker “collected and transmitted information” about the location of the positions, military equipment and weapons of the Luhansk people's militias. , so as “the coordinates of civil infrastructure facilities”. This information, according to the prosecution, was passed “to the Ukrainian side, which used it for attacks against the Luhansk People's Republic.”

Ago 59 minutes

Russia releases ex-US soldier detained in April

The Russian Foreign Ministry has confirmed this Friday the release of former US military officer Taylor Dudley, who was arrested last April after entering the territory of Kalingrando from Poland, a Russian exclave on the shores of the Baltic Sea. .  A family spokesperson confirmed this. on the eve of his release to CNN. The 35-year-old man had traveled to Poland to attend a music festival, although the reasons why he crossed the border are not clear. He left for Kaliningrad, even though Washington had repeatedly called for his release. 

4 hours ago

< strong>Estonia will move Ukrainian refugees to Finland to reduce migration pressure

The Estonian authorities have informed this Friday that they cannot accept more Ukrainian refugees in the country and have requested the transfer of many of them to Finland to reduce migratory pressure. Estonian Interior Minister Lauri Laanemets, has indicated that “up to now help has been offered to all the Ukrainian military who need it as citizens arrive from the country”, plunged into war for almost a year. “We have “I have asked our neighbors to the north for help. Now many of the refugees will be able to request temporary protection once they arrive,” he said before stressing that it is “an opportunity” for Ukrainians, according to information from the newspaper 'Ohtuleht' .

5 hours ago

Cruz Roja España stresses that the humanitarian situation in Ukraine continues to be a problem. So being “critical”

The head of the Spanish Red Cross Delegation in Ukraine, Jesús Feliciano Cruz Franco, has indicated that the humanitarian situation in that country continues to be “critical”, after almost a year. a year of war that has evolved “very quickly” and that “unfortunately has not ended”. Ukrainians after the Russian invasion in February 2022, which “caught the whole world by surprise”, recalled that between 15 and 20 percent of the population “had to leave their homes in a relatively short time” and to travel to other areas of the country or outside of it. Thus, he has warned that right now the population in a situation of internal displacement in Ukraine or who have crossed its borders is around 15 million people, and has influenced that the situation Humanitarian aid for the conflict “remains critical.”

5 hours ago

Ukraine denies occupation ;n de Soledar

The Ukrainian Army denies that Russia controls the city of Soledar and says fighting continues. Serhiy Cherevaty, spokesman for the Eastern Group of Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, declared the He told RBC-Ukraine that “it is not true” that Russian troops have taken the city and that fighting continues there.

6 hours ago

Created in Poland 14,000 Ukrainian companies from January to September 2022

A recently published report by the Polish Economic Institute reveals that almost 14,000 new Ukrainian companies were born in Poland in the first nine months of last year, accounting for 45% of all foreign businesses launched in the country. ;s. According to the data of this study, based on official data, the majority of these new companies, 10,200, are sole proprietorships and approximately 3,600 are businesses with mixed Polish-Ukrainian capital. Thus, 8.5% of the new companies created in Poland between January and September 2022 are Ukrainian, a nationality that only accounted for 1% of the new businesses that were launched the previous year in this country. s.

6 hours ago

Russia changes the management of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant and makes it subject to Moscow

The Russian State Nuclear Energy Corporation Rosatom has modified this Friday the legal address of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, which is under the control of the Russian forces deployed in Ukraine in the framework of the invasion of the territory, and has subordinated it to Moscow. Thus This was confirmed in a statement by the Ukrainian nuclear company Energoatom, which has warned that Russia “has occupied the largest nuclear power plant in Europe.” “Now they have changed its address so that it is falsely subordinated to Moscow,” the company pointed out. “The occupation forces are once again trying to link the plant to Russian territory, but these actions they will not change their legal status in any way,” Energoatom pointed out, as reported by the Ukrinform news agency.

6 hours ago< /p>

NATO deploys its aerial surveillance radars in Romania in response to Russian aggression in Ukraine

NATO announced this Friday the deployment in Romania of aircraft equipped with airborne warning and control systems (AWACS), high-capacity radars to increase air surveillance over allied territory, in response to the Russian aggression against Ukraine. As reported by the Atlantic alliance in a statement, the deployment will take place in June. It will become effective next week and seeks to reinforce NATO's presence in the region and monitor Russian military activity in the midst of an escalation of the conflict in Ukraine. These high-tech radars are installed on the fuselage of a Boeing E3 and they provide aerial surveillance, command and control, battlespace management, and communications. These are long-range radars and passive sensors capable of detecting air and surface contacts at great distances.

6 hours ago

Russia says it has concluded the conquest of the Ukrainian city of Soledar

The Russian Army claimed this Friday to have completely conquered the city of Soledar, in eastern Ukraine, and claimed responsibility for it. It delivered a first notable victory on the ground after several humiliating setbacks in recent months. “On the evening of January 12, the liberation of the city of Soledar was completed, which is important for the successful continuation of offensive operations” in the Donetsk region, the official said. the Russian Defense Ministry in a statement.

7 hours ago

Global elites meet He will be in Davos to discuss Ukraine, the climate and the future of the Amazon

The world's political and economic elites will meet next week in Davos under the motto “cooperate in a fragmented world”, in an edition where, among other things, the consequences of the Ukrainian war, the climate crisis and the future of the Amazon. This year's meeting, hosted by the World Economic Forum (WEF) between January 16 and 20 at the exclusive ski resort of WEF. The Swiss Alps event “takes place in the most complex geopolitical and geoeconomic context of recent decades,” WEF president Borge Brende of Norway told reporters. The covid-19 pandemic, the trade conflicts between China and the United States and the war in Ukraine have contributed in recent years to multiplying geopolitical fissures and fueling more protectionist policies, according to those in charge of the WEF.

7 hours ago

Orban calls for someone with “strong biceps” to finish off sanctions against Russia

The European Union should end sanctions against Russia to curb inflation, for which a person “with strong biceps” would be needed, the Hungarian prime minister, the ultranationalist, said today. Viktor Orbán. “The time has come when someone who is brave enough and who has strong biceps and a broad back should arrive to say that we have done it wrong,” Orbán said in his Friday statements to the Kossuth public radio. According to the prime minister, considered Moscow's closest ally, In the European Union (EU), without the sanctions against Russia for the invasion of Ukraine, inflation would be cut in half, but he added that there would be more. So at the moment he doesn't see that person with “strong biceps”. Hungary's strength is not enough to change the EU's position, added Hungary. the prime minister who claimed He said “you have to be German or French to do that.”

7 hours ago

The United States calls for Serbia to sanction Russia

The United States believes that Serbia should join the sanctions against Moscow. to punish Russia for its aggression against Ukraine, State Department adviser Derek Chollet said in Belgrade. “Russian activities must not only be condemned but also punished. Russia launched a brutal and illegal war,” the Russian official said. Chollet before the press in Belgrade after a visit to Belgrade on Thursday. He indicated He said that “Serbia has taken some important steps” to condemn the Russian aggression at the UN, although the US will work further. He agreed with Belgrade to support Ukraine more. Serbia, a candidate for membership in the European Union, is a traditional ally of Russia, which defends Serbian interests in international forums in relation to the non-recognition of its former province of Kosovo.

8 hours ago

Russia uses prisoners to produce weapons, says British intelligence

The Russian military is resorting to the use of prisoners to satisfy the demands of production of weapons before the war in Ukraine, according to the latest intelligence report from the British Ministry of Defense. In November 2022, Uralvagonzavod (UVZ), Russia's largest tank manufacturer, told local media it would employ 250 prisoners after meeting with the Federal Criminal Service (FSIN), the British report says. unique. This statement adds that there is a tradition in the Russian prison service of making prisoners work, but since 2017 forced labor has been reintroduced as a specific criminal punishment.

Ago 8 hours

Senior Russian official proposes mobilizing naturalized first

The head of the Committee The Russian Instruction Department (VIR), Alexandr Bastrikin, proposed to study the priority mobilization of naturalized Russians for the military campaign in Ukraine, in an interview published this Friday by the newspaper Rossíiskaya Gazeta. “It is convenient to study the priority sending of naturalized citizens to participate in the fulfillment of the tasks of the special military operation,” said the official. Bastrikin, who stressed that these with citizenship “acquire rights but also obligations.” added He noted that official statistics indicate that foreigners massively obtain Russian citizenship by evading military service, which is one of the duties imposed by the Constitution.

Ago 8 hours

Putin attends the funeral of Murtaza Rajimov, the first president of the Bashkortostan region

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, attended the funeral of Murtaza Rajimov, Prime Minister of the Bashkortostan region, who died on Friday. on Wednesday at the age of 88. After his arrival in the Russian city of Ufa, Putin went to the Bashkortostan State Hall, where a farewell ceremony was held, according to information from the TASS news agency. Putin has placed a bouquet of roses next to one of the pedestals and has approached the coffin, where he has remained silent for several minutes. Finally, it bowed for a few seconds before leaving the room.

8 hours ago

Low in the Russian Army numbered 114,130, according to the Ukrainian General Staff

The number of casualties in the Russian army amounts to 114,130 since February 24, the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, of which 740 correspond to the last 24 hours, reported the Russian Army. today the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The Ukrainian troops managed to destroy, in addition, 3,098 Russian tanks -four in the last day-, 6,167 armored combat vehicles (8), 2,086 artillery systems (4), 437 mu-rocket launchers, and 2,086 artillery systems (4). Multiple MLRS, 218 air defense systems, 286 aircraft (1) and 276 helicopters. They also eliminated 1,865 operational-tactical unmanned aircraft and 723 cruise missiles.

9 hours ago

The British intelligence accuses Russia of using POWs as defense labor

The Intelligence of the United Kingdom has accused the Russian authorities this Friday of using prisoners of war as labor in the defense industry. The British Ministry of Defense has indicated in a brief statement that, according to data Intelligence, Russia would be using these prisoners to “cover its needs in terms of defense industrial production in times of war.” Last November, Uralvagonzavod, the main Russian producer of armored vehicles indicated that he would hire 250 prisoners of war. “There is a long tradition of prison labor in Russia, but since 2017, forced labor has been introduced to a greater extent as a form of punishment,” the ministry warned.

Ago 9 hours

Ukraine claims to resist a “high intensity” Russian offensive in the city of Soledar

Ukraine is currently resisting a “high intensity” Russian offensive in the eastern city of Soledar, where Russia has sent more troops, said Ukraine. Deputy Defense Minister Ganna Malyar said Friday morning. “The hostilities continued. The enemy has thrown almost all of its main forces towards (the) Donetsk (region) and is maintaining a high-intensity offensive,” the official said. Malyar on Telegram. “This is a difficult phase of the war,” he added.

9 hours ago

Ukraine is a de facto member of NATO, says Ukrainian Defense Minister

Ukraine has become a de facto member of NATO because Western countries, which once feared that military assistance to that country could escalate the conflict, have changed their “approach” to the war, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov told the BBC. In an interview with the British network, Reznikov said that he was sure that Ukraine would receive weapons, including tanks and fighter planes. “This concern about the next level of escalation, to me, is a kind of protocol. Ukraine as a country, and the Ukrainian armed forces, became (a) member of NATO. De facto , not de “iure” (legally). Because we have weapons and we understand how to use them,” added Mr. the minister.

10 hours ago

They propose to confiscate the assets of Russians who have gone abroad

The chairman of the Russian State Duma or Chamber of Deputies Vyacheslav Volodin proposed today to confiscate the assets of Russians who have gone abroad and who “denigrate Russia, its inhabitants and its soldiers, and openly support villains, Nazis and murderers”. “The objective of these people is to make merit and try to preserve their well-being abroad,” wrote the author. the legislator in his Telegram account. He stressed He stated that statements against the country and its military can be considered “calls for extremism, rehabilitation of Nazism or discrediting the Armed Forces”, crimes under the Russian Criminal Code.

10 hours ago

A Russian soldier critical of Putin: “They led us to war based on lies and manipulations”

After spending two months at the front in Ukraine, soldier Pavel Filatiev denounced the attack. in a war diary the corruption and improvisation of the Russian army. Read the article by Enric Bonet at this link.

11 hours ago

Russia, the partner with What increased the most? China's foreign trade in 2022

Russia was the trading partner with which China experimented. There will be a greater increase (+34.3%) in yuan-denominated exchanges throughout 2022, according to official data published today by the General Administration of Customs of the Asian country. Specifically, exchanges between China and Russia amounted to 1.28 trillion yuan (189,464 million dollars, 174,879 million euros) in 2022, a figure that represents 3.03% of total Chinese foreign trade during the recent past. n finished exercise. Sales of Chinese goods to Russia increased 17.5% year-on-year, while trade in the opposite direction soared 48.6%.

11 hours ago

Zelensky announces “significant losses” for the Russians at Soledar

The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky, assured Yesterday, Thursday, Ukrainian troops are causing the Russians “significant losses” in Soledar, where heavy fighting is taking place. In his usual televised speech, Zelensky has mentioned these circumstances when referring to the soldiers fighting in the area, “holding their positions and inflicting significant losses on the enemy.” The pro-Russian military authorities in the annexed Donetsk People's Republic assured today that in Soledar there are only “small isolated pockets of resistance.” Lieutenant Colonel Andrei Bayevsky pointed to the target. Controlling Soledar is extremely important, as it would make it possible to attack “Bakhmut's communication hub from the north and completely cut off the supply routes of the Ukrainian armed forces from Siversk”.

Ago 11 hours

  inspectors at all nuclear power plants in Ukraine

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) plans to deploy international inspectors to all nuclear power plants in Ukraine, thus reinforcing the control of nuclear power plants. Its presence in the country after Russia has damaged power lines in a large part of the territory in recent months, reported 'The Wall Street Journal'.  The director of the OEIA, Rafael Grossi, plans to visit Ukraine next week to deploy international inspectors to all the country's nuclear power plants, reinforcing surveillance as he has already done at the Zaporizhia plant, in the southeast of the country. country. Specifically, Grossi will allocate Two or three inspectors were sent to the Rivne and Khmelnitsky power plants, both in the west of the country, according to what Ukrainian officials and Western diplomats have detailed to the aforementioned newspaper.

Ago 11 hours

The head of the German Parliament's defense committee pressures Scholz to deliver tanks to Ukraine

The president of the German Parliament's Defense Committee, Marie-Agnès Strack-Zimmermann, has pressured German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to deliver tanks to Ukraine. Hours after the German Executive Even after announcing that it was not going to stand in the way of Poland's supply of German-made Leopard tanks, Strack-Zimmermann has claimed that Scholz should issue an export permit from Germany, has The Funke media group reported this and was picked up by radio station BR 24.  “The proposal to deliver Leopard 2 main battle tanks to Ukraine within a short time within the framework of a pan-European initiative is, as before, correct. Germany should finally Issuing an export permit for this,” said the chairman of the Bundestag's Defense committee.

20 hours ago

Wounded Ukrainian soldiers will come to E Spain to be treated

The Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, thanked tonight the 225 Ukrainian combatants who have come to Spain for their defense of peace and has announced that Spain will receive This Saturday, soldiers wounded in combat will receive treatment at the military hospital in Madrid. The Minister of Defense like this. He has said it at the Torrejón Military Base where he has welcomed Ukrainians who will receive military training, to whom he has told that with their struggle they are not only defending their freedom and that of their families but also all They believe in peace.

20 hours ago

Brussels wants a meeting with the Ukrainian government strong>

The European Commission (EC) is The EU is planning a meeting between European commissioners and members of the Ukrainian government around the summit that both parties plan to hold next February 3 in kyiv, community sources told EFE today. The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, proposed yesterday, Wednesday, at a College meeting the possibility of holding a meeting with the Government of Ukraine at the beginning of February. The idea would be for ten to fifteen commissioners working on Ukraine-related issues, from Trade to the Digital Agenda, to meet with their counterparts in kyiv on a voluntary basis.

20 hours ago

Ukraine will look for He put together a resolution at the UN to support his peace plan

The Government of Ukraine intends to promote a resolution in the UN General Assembly that supports the Peace Formula defended by its president, Volodimir Zelenski, and which demands, among other things, the withdrawal of troops Russian, although the formula has already been rejected by Moscow. kyiv wants to bring that text to the General Assembly in February, when the deadline will be. It was one year from the start of the Russian invasion.

1 day ago

Ukraine ironizes with the change of the Russian military leadership: “The next thing will be Putin leading the troops”

 The Ukrainian ambassador to the United Kingdom, Vadim Pristaiko, has been ironic about the latest changes in the Russian military leadership and has expressed that if it continues like this, it will be difficult to do so. what will it be It will leave President Vladimir Putin himself to command the troops himself.

 “I think this may have been the last step. The next step will be Putin commanding his own He is paying troops for the 'hits' they are offering him,” Pristaiko satirized in an interview for Sky News.

 For Pristaiko, the replacement of Sergei Surovikin by General Valeri Gerasimov is a “desperate” gesture by President Vladimir Putin, who has had to resort to his “best strategist” to command the Russian forces in Ukraine.

< p class="hour">1 day ago

OSCE warns of risks in other simmering conflicts under Ukraine's shadow

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) warned against Today, just as Europe is once again experiencing an open war over the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there is a risk of escalation in other latent conflicts in the region for a long time, such as Armenia and Azerbaijan, Moldova or Kosovo.

“While Ukraine will remain a top priority, we need to keep other frozen conflicts in the OSCE region on the agenda,” warned Ukraine. today Bujar Osmani, the foreign minister of North Macedonia, a country that this year assumes the rotating presidency of the organization.

Osmani insisted. He called on Russia to stop its “aggressive war” and stressed that this conflict will continue. This remains the priority of the organization.

1 day ago

A Russian frigate with hyper-suspended missiles. Nicos Tsirkon crosses the English Channel

The Russian frigate 'Admiral Gorshkov', armed with Tsirkon hypersonic missiles, concluded its mission. Today its passage through the English Channel, informed the company. the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy.

“Subsequently, the Russian ship will continue its journey in accordance with the navigation plan,” the Russian added. The military entity stated in a statement, which pointed out that the frigate crossed the The day before, the narrowest part of the channel, the Pas de Calais.

The Northern Fleet indicated the He stated that “the crew of the frigate will continue the fulfillment of its mission in the Atlantic Ocean”, where it will participate He participated in a series of exercises with ships of other fleets of the Russian Navy, as well as as with foreign ships.

1 day ago

Russia and Ukraine fail to agree on a new prisoner swap in talks in Turkey

Russia and Ukraine failed to agree on a new prisoner swap during recent talks in Turkey, the Moscow delegate told AFP on Thursday.< /p>

Russian Human Rights Commissioner Tatiana Moskalkova held those talks in Ankara on Wednesday with her Ukrainian counterpart, Dmytro Lubinets.

She was later quoted in Turkish media as saying they had agreed to trade “more than 40 prisoners” on each side. But Moskalkova explained why. He said those comments were about prisoners exchanged in the past.

1 day ago

Ukraine says it will fight for control of the city of Soledar, but the “situation is difficult”

The Ukrainian government has assured that it will not. This Thursday that the army is in force. They are fighting intensely for control of the city of Soledar, in the Donetsk region (east), but that the situation is “difficult”.

“The fiercest and most intense fighting continues today (Thursday) in the Soledar area,” Deputy Defense Minister Ganna Malyar told reporters. The vice minister added He said that “despite the difficult situation, Ukrainian soldiers are fighting relentlessly.”

Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky said Wednesday night that he was “unstoppable.” He said that the fighting continues in Soledar, a small city of 10,000 inhabitants before the war and now destroyed, and that the front in the area “maintains”.

Ago 1 day

Moscow France's decision to send armored vehicles to Ukraine is considered irresponsible

France's plans to send wheeled battle tanks to Ukraine will cause an increase in the escalation of this conflict, for What is an “irrational and irresponsible” step by Paris, he declared. today the spokeswoman of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zajárova.

“We classify them as irrational and irresponsible steps by the French authorities in the context of the Ukrainian crisis,” said Mr. said the representative of Russian diplomacy at a press conference.

According to Zajárova, “the decision to send new supplies to Ukraine is a new step that causes a growing escalation and, consequently, new victims of the conflict, including the civilian population of the new Russian regions, against which French weapons are already used”.

1 ago > day

Russia sanctions more than thirty senior British officials, members of the Army and journalists

The Russian authorities reported this Thursday that they have imposed sanctions against 36 senior British government officials, several members of the Army and journalists in the context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has indicated in a statement that all of them have British nationality and are now included in the country's 'black list'.

The decision has been made After “the anti-Russian measures announced by the British Government, which continues to actively apply the mechanism for imposing sanctions as it carries out its propaganda campaign to discredit the country and isolate it at the international level”, it collects the document.

1 day ago

Moscow Russia and kyiv advocate maintaining contacts between ombudsmen

Russia and Ukraine are interested in maintaining contacts between ombudsmen, Russia said. today the Russian representative, Tatiana Moskalkova, after a meeting with hers, Ukrainian counterpart, Dmytro Lubynets.

“The Ukrainian side has a pragmatic approach and is open to dialogue (…) Everyone is mutually interested in maintaining contacts,” said the Ukrainian side. to the Russian agency TASS.

Moskalkova indicated that she was Both parties have achieved “concrete results both in the search for the disappeared and the mutual return of minors to their families.”

“I am confident that this dialogue will continue. The most important thing is that it not be politicized, that it be based on humanitarian principles and human rights,” he added.

1 agoday

Veterans of the military campaign in Ukraine will be able to run in Russian elections

Veterans of the military campaign in Ukraine They will be able to stand for elections of different levels in Russia, announced the president. The ruling United Russia party will vote this Thursday.

“Some will definitely run (in the 2023 election),” said Alexandr Sidiakin, head of the Russia committee. central executive of the official formation.

Sidiakin, quoted by the TASS agency, assured He said that veterans will have “popular support,” since that “already shows.”

The electoral candidates will be chosen in a vote that will begin this March, he added.

1 day ago

“Over 100 Russian soldiers killed” near Soledar, according to Ukraine< /strong>

Ukraine's defenders killed more than 100 Russian soldiers near the town of Soledar in the Donetsk region in a single attack, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has reported.

“This happened thanks to the coordinated work of the soldiers of the Special Operations Forces, artillerymen and missile forces,” the General Staff has indicated on Facebook, quoted by the Ukrinform agency.

He has specified that the Special Operations Forces “detected an enemy concentration in several places” and that “artillery was directed to defeat the enemy, and a Tochka-U tactical missile system was also used. at one of the locations. As a result, more than 100 Russian soldiers were eliminated and two machine guns and two mortars were destroyed, he said.

According to the General Staff, Russian troops are concentrating their efforts on offensive actions in the direction of Bakhmut and the fight for Soledar continues.

1 day ago

Hungary urges the international community to prevent NATO from entering the war in Ukraine

Hungarian President Katalin Novak urged the international community on Thursday to prevent NATO from entering the war in Ukraine and asked to “think about the survival of Europe ” as the Russian invasion of the territory progresses.

In a meeting attended by foreign ambassadors working on Hungarian soil, he stressed the need to “be pragmatic”, in addition to taking into account “the survival of Europe”.

 “NATO must stay out of the war, we cannot allow it to get carried away by feelings and become involved in the conflict”, he pointed out, at the same time that he asked the diplomats to be involved in the conflict. ticos work in a spirit of “mutual respect” between different cultures.

1 day ago

The Pentagon cannot confirm that the Ukrainian city of Soledar is in danger.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said Wednesday that US authorities have no confirmation that the city of Soledar, a few kilometers from Bakhmut, is completely under the control of Russian forces.

Austin has explained, in response to questions from journalists, that there is “a dynamic struggle in the area”, since it is in the middle of the war. being a “very fluid environment” with “really violent fighting”, so “at this time, the reports cannot be corroborated (…)”.

Likewise, the Secretary of Defense has assured that his Department is ready. “focused on doing everything possible to help ensure Ukrainians have the capabilities they need to succeed in efforts to defend their sovereign territory.”

ago 1 day

International mobilization for Ukraine must be “replicated” in other countries, urges Humans Right Watch

The intense international mobilization to defend human rights in Ukraine since the Russian invasion should be “replicated” in other countries where these rights are violated, the minister advocated. the NGO Human Rights Watch, which published the It will release its annual report on Thursday.

In this more than 700-page report, HRW documents the “litany of abuses” committed in 2022 around the world, from China to Afghanistan, going through Iran, Ethiopia and, of course, Ukraine.

“In the fog of war and the darkness that this war has plunged Ukraine into, there is one light that has been turned on: it is the international response and the commitment to international justice,” the statement said. Tirana Hassan, its acting CEO, in an interview with AFP.

1 day ago

The Fighting with Russian forces rages in the Ukrainian city of Soledar

The Ukrainian city of Soledar (east) continues to be the scene of “heavy fighting” between Russian and Ukrainian forces, at a time when Russia seeks to reverse the course of the conflict and named a new commander to lead the offensive.

“Everything that happens in Bakhmut or Soledar is part of the bloodiest scenes of this war,” Mikhailo Podoliak, adviser to the Ukrainian presidency, told AFP.

The fighters “continue” in Soledar, the front “stands,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in the afternoon. “We are doing our best to reinforce the Ukrainian defense without any pause, not even for a day.”

1 day ago

Russia announces UN Security Council session on Ukraine

The permanent representative of Russia to the United Nations, Dimitri Polianski, announced this Wednesday that the UN Security Council will hold a meeting. A meeting on Ukraine will be held next week at a request from Moscow. “I will not elaborate on what will happen in the Security Council – at our suggestion – on Ukraine early next week: let our opponents live in ignorance for the moment,” Polianski said in a message. on his Telegram profile.

1 day ago

Wagner claims to have taken Soledar< /p>

Russia assured today that the fate of the city of Soledar, in eastern Ukraine, is turning. thrown out, though she admitted it was wrong. Several hundred Ukrainian soldiers still offer resistance in the center of that town, practically reduced to ruins after months of bombing. “Units of the airborne forces have blockaded Soledar from the north and south. The air forces are attacking the enemy fortifications and the assault units are fighting in the city,” the army said. in a press appearance the spokesman of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, Lieutenant General Ígor Konashenkov. The military report came hours after the head of the Wagner private military company, Yevgueni Prigozhin, announced that his men had taken control of “the entire territory of Soledar.” p>

1 day ago

Zelenski says Russia fakes achievements in Soledar to garner citizen support

The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski, has assured this Wednesday that Russia is ready for the war. He feigned war achievements in Soledar, in the Donetsk region, to garner support for the war among his citizens. “But the fight continues. The Donetsk leadership resists. And we do everything, without stopping for a single day, to strengthen the Ukrainian defense,” Zelensky said in the usual televised speech of the. According to the Ukrainian president, Russia “and its propagandists are trying to pretend that a part of our city of Soledar, a city that was almost completely destroyed by the occupiers, is supposedly some kind of achievement.” /p>

1 day ago

Estonia orders Russia to reduce its diplomatic staff

The Estonian Foreign Ministry has assured this Wednesday that it has transferred to the Russian Embassy in Tallinn the need to reduce the number of diplomatic personnel as of February 1, alleging parity issues. Russia will have to reduce to eight diplomats and fifteen administrative, technical and service employees. Likewise, from Tallinn they have stressed that, since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine at the end of February, they have reduced their relations with Moscow “to an absolute minimum”, closing several consulates in recent months. and expelling at least three diplomatic staff for “actively undermining Estonia's security and spreading propaganda justifying Russian military action.”

1 day ago

Putin changes commander of troops in Ukraine

Russia has relieved the commander of the military forces fighting in Ukraine, a position that will be assumed by Valeri Gerasimov, current chief of the General Staff of the Russian Army. Gerasimov, 67, replaces General Sergei Surovikin, who was the one who recommended that he go to town. in November the Russian withdrawal from the northern Ukrainian region of Kherson, considered the worst setback suffered by Russian troops in the conflict.

ago 2 días

Robles announces that Spain will form the group. 200 Ukrainian soldiers from this Thursday

The Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, has announced today that a total of 200 Ukrainian soldiers will be trained in Spain starting this Thursday, within the framework of the European mission to train some 15,000 troops from the former soviet republic. Robles, who has defended that this fact is “a recognition” of the good work of the Army, has explained that the Armed Forces carry out “very important work of deterrence” within NATO and speaks “of Spain's commitment to in favor of peace”. Thus, during a visit to the Special Operations Command (MOE) in Alicante, he maintained that he sees the training of these soldiers as “a recognition by NATO and Ukraine of everything that the Armed Forces are doing. Armed Forces” in recent months.

2 days ago

The number of Ukrainians with protection ;n storm in the EU fell in November

The number of Ukrainians who received temporary protection in November decreased by in 20 European Union (EU) member states compared to the previous month, the company reported. This Wednesday the community statistics office, Eurostat, which cites Spain as the third recipient of this flow in the EU. Poland, despite the fact that it was the country with the highest number of Ukrainian beneficiaries of the temporary protection directive in November, a total of 40,370, registered 40,370 Ukrainian beneficiaries. This was the largest decrease in the EU, with 14,150 fewer beneficiaries, given the cancellation in the registration of the temporary protection status, explained the company. Eurostat. It also decreased in Bulgaria (-4,420), Ireland (-2,005) and Germany (-1,210).

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The Pope denounces the “cruel suffering” of Ukraine

In the general audience this Wednesday, the Pope denounced the “cruel suffering” of Ukraine and prayed for peace by standing before the image of the Virgin Our Lady of the People, a figure very dear to both Ukrainians and for the Belarusians.  Francis has once again asked that “the martyred Ukraine” not be forgotten, which must be “always” remembered. “We express our affection, our closeness and our prayers to this people who are experiencing cruel suffering,” he said. After these words, the Pontiff paused for a few moments in silence before the image of the Virgin venerated in Ukraine and Belarus and asked for prayers “for that beloved country and for peace”.

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Spain, the third EU country with the most Ukrainian refugees, hosted the country. at the end of November

Spain is the third country in the European Union that has granted the most temporary protection status to Ukrainian citizens fleeing the war in their country, with 153,000 beneficiaries up to the month of November, although at a distance from Poland and Germany, both close to a million, according to data from the European statistical office, Eurostat.  40,370 people were fleeing Russian aggression against Ukraine, followed by Germany, with 36,385 status beneficiaries, and Romania, 10,745. In total terms, the Polish authorities record the largest issuance of this protection, with 939,865 in total, followed by Germany, just over 901,930 beneficiaries.

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Russian Defense Ministry says assault units fighting in Soledar

The Russian Defense Ministry said Wednesday that its assault units are fighting in Soledar, a town in eastern Ukraine, whose control has passed to Russia according to the private military company Wagner. “Units of airborne forces have blocked Soledar from the north and south. The air forces attack the enemy fortifications and the assault units fight in the city,” according to the daily report. The head of the Wagner private military company, Yevgeny Prigozhin, assured the hours before the units of the group have taken control of Soledar, where, however, the urban fighting with the Ukrainian forces continues. “Wagner's units have taken control of the entire territory of Soledar,” Prigozhin was quoted as saying by his press service.

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Switzerland no longer accepts Russian visas issued in Ukraine and Georgia

Switzerland announced the today that he will no longer accept travel documents issued by Russia to people from the occupied territories of Ukraine and the separatist areas of Georgia (Abkhazia and South Ossetia), in parallel to provisions made by the European Union in this regard. Being part of the Schengen area, Switzerland has adopted these measures, already implemented in the countries of the European Union since December 8. The EU considered He then argued that Russia's issuance of travel documents in Ukraine and Georgia constituted “a violation of international law and of the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of both countries.” However, exceptions will be considered for the documents of those Ukrainian and Georgian citizens who already had Russian nationality before the date on which the new visas began to be issued, and also for their descendants, as well as for their descendants. as for minors and the legally disabled.

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Ukraine denounces a new Russian attack against a mother and child hospital in Kherson

The Ukrainian authorities have denounced this Wednesday a new Russian attack against a maternal and child hospital in the Kherson region, where damage has been recorded in the neonatal unit. The governor of the region, Yaroslav Yanushevich, has condemned the attack against these civilian infrastructures and has lamented in his Telegram account that “the Russian occupation forces continue to attack the Children's Clinical Hospital in Kherson.” “They have hit the hospital facilities again, where medical care is provided to newborns,” he lamented before explaining that the six-story building has suffered damage.

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Kremlin hails “tactical achievements” by Russian forces in Ukraine

The Kremlin saluted This Wednesday the “tactical achievements” of the Russian forces after the information about the capture of Soledar, in eastern Ukraine, which have not been confirmed by kyiv. “Tactical achievements are very important,” said the spokesman for the Russian Presidency, Dmtri Peskov, at a press conference. to “not rush” and “wait for the official reports”. Peskov stressed He noted the advance of Russian forces in the Ukraine, but emphasized the that the he success will come. The objectives of the “special military operation”, declared on February 24, 2022, were met. hours before the units of the group have taken control of Soledar, where however the urban fighting with the Ukrainian forces continues.

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Ukraine assures that the city of Soledar “is and will always be Ukrainian”

The Ukrainian army secured the This Wednesday that Soledar (Este) “is and will always be Ukrainian,” despite the fact that the Russian paramilitary group Wagner affirms that it took the lead. the control of that city located 15 km from Bakhmut, objective of the Russian troops. “Soledar was, is and always will be Ukrainian!” the Ukrainian military said on Telegram, stating that it was not true that the head of the Wagner group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, could be found in the city's salt mines as he affirmed the Russian state agency RIA Novosti captioned a photograph.

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Russia announces the death of 120 Ukrainian soldiers in a single day of clashes in Donetsk

The Russian authorities have reported this Wednesday that more than 120 Ukrainian soldiers have died in the last day in the context of the fighting in the Donetsk region, in the east of the country. s, where Russian forces continue to advance in an attempt to seize the entire territory. “Enemy weapons and military equipment, such as two battle tanks and two self-propelled artillery transport vehicles, have been destroyed,” local authorities said in a statement collected by the TASS news agency. In addition, a dozen armored vehicles have been destroyed after the shelling by the Ukrainian Army against three areas of Donetsk, where at least one person has died and eleven have been injured.

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The urban fighting in Soledar continues

The head of the Wagner private military company, Yevgeny Prigozhin, insists that the group's units have taken control of the town of Soledar, in eastern Ukraine, where urban fighting continues. with the Ukrainian forces. “Wagner's units have taken control of the entire territory of Soledar,” Prigozhin was quoted as saying by his press service. added He stated that “in the center of the city a pocket has formed in which urban combats are fought.” “The number of prisoners will be reported tomorrow,” said Prigozhin, who stressed the importance of Only combatants from the Wagner group and no other units participated in the assault on Soledar.

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< strong>Russia considers that the US has confirmed its participation in the war in Ukraine

The Russian authorities have considered that the United States has confirmed its participation in the war in Ukraine with the decision of the Pentagon to train Ukrainian soldiers in the use of Patriot air defense systems. The Russian ambassador to the US, Anatoly Antonov, has stated that this “decision by the US military department to organize a training course in Oklahoma is another confirmation of Washington's de facto participation in the Ukrainian conflict.” on the side of the kyiv Nazi criminals”. Antonov has explained that experts in the US media are “openly admitting that the training of military personnel of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the United States means expanding the country's participation in the confrontation.” p>

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The Wagner Group claims to have the Ukrainian city of Soledar under control

The Ukrainian city of Soledar, north of Bakhmut, would have been taken by the Wagner mercenary group after intense battles in recent days, as reported by the Russian businessman and founder of the organization. ;n paramilitary, Yevgeny Prigozhin. “Units of Wagner's CMP have taken control of the entire territory of Soledar. A cauldron has formed in the center of the city, in which urban battles are fought. The number of prisoners will be announced tomorrow “, Prigozhin detailed in a statement.

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Turkey sends bombs Cold War cluster transfer to Ukraine, according to media

Turkey would have started sending cluster bombs to Ukraine at the end of 2022, after several requests from kyiv to the Biden Administration, according to what the magazine 'Foreign Policy' has learned. The weapons, designed to destroy tanks by exploding in submunitions, would have been sent from Ankara since the beginning of November 2022, according to the aforementioned outlet.

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Ukraine withdraws the citizenship of the oligarch Medvedchuk and three other opponents

The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky, announced on Tuesday the withdrawal of Ukrainian nationality from the pro-Russian politician and oligarch Victor Medvedchuk and three other opposition politicians for their support and links with Russia. Medvedchuk has been considered the Kremlin's main agent of influence in Ukrainian politics for 20 years. Zelensky added that “if the people's deputies choose to serve not the people of Ukraine, but the murderers who came to Ukraine, our actions will be appropriate.”

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USA will train 2019. to the Ukrainians in the use of the Patriots

United States will train Starting next week, Ukrainian personnel will be sent to an Oklahoma state base to operate and maintain the Patriot air defense system that Washington will provide for the US military. He went to kyiv, he announced. the Pentagon on Tuesday. Washington promised to It sent a Patriot battery to the Ukraine late last year to help counter air raids on Moscow. That supply is a victory for kyiv, which had repeatedly lobbied the United States for the system. “The training will prepare between 90 and 100 Ukrainian soldiers to operate, maintain and sustain the defensive system through a training course that is expected to last several months,” added Mr. ryder. Manufactured by the Raytheon group, the MIM-104 Patriot is a surface-to-air missile system initially developed to intercept high-flying aircraft.

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The pro-Russian leader in Donetsk assures that Soledar is on the right track. already under Russian control

The leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic, Denis Pushilin, has assured this Tuesday that the city of Soledar, north of Bakhmut, is under attack. already under control of the mercenaries of the Wagner Group, fighters on the Russian side. In statements to the Channel One television network, according to the Russian news agency TASS. He has detailed that some Russian troops have already taken up positions in Soledar, while others are moving around the town “quite effectively” while carrying out “a mopping up operation” in the western part of the city. Soledar is known for its mines and numerous tunnels that allow progress in the territory.

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Ukraine preparing for possible Russian ground offensive from Belarus

< p> The Ukrainian Armed Forces are preparing to defend against a possible new attack by Russian ground troops coming from the territory of Belarus against its capital, kyiv, just as it happened in Ukraine. in the early stages of the war. As detailed by Lieutenant General Oleksei Pavliuk, who is responsible for the capital's defense, the Ukrainian Army is taking over. It is preparing to reinforce defensive positions in northern Ukraine, the route that Russian troops should follow on their way to kyiv, and it has planted large-caliber mines in most of the accesses for tanks, which is expected to facilitate the attack. Ukrainian artillery defensive work.

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Robles reveals that Switzerland is vetoing the shipment of military material from Spain to Ukraine

The Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, has revealed this Tuesday that Switzerland is vetoing the shipment of certain military material to Ukraine from Spain and she has insisted on the need to continue increasing Defense spending in the face of the global “insecurity” situation. Robles has revealed that Switzerland is not interested. giving the go-ahead to certain shipments, which need the endorsement of the manufacturing country in order to be re-exported. “We understand, respect and accept the neutrality thing, but for a material we need some authorization from Switzerland that it is not giving us at this time”, she has revealed, advancing that Defense will request ; help the embassy in the country to get the go-ahead.


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Ukraine insists on ordering tanks from Germany

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has visited Kharkov, in north-eastern Ukraine, where her Ukrainian counterpart reiterated her concern. He upheld his request to hand over Leopard tanks, stating that the longer the decision is delayed “there will be more casualties, more civilian deaths.” This was the first visit by a senior Western official to this war-torn city close to the Russian border. The minister announced a “new package” of aid that includes 20 million euros for demining and a fund to develop access to the Starlink satellite internet network. She also said that they will deliver new generators for the Ukrainian energy infrastructure, which is systematically bombarded by Russia. But Ukraine is asking above all to be given Western combat vehicles and Germany has not yet answered whether it will hand over any. “Leopard 2” tanks.

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Computer attacks on a non-profit organization. for supporting Ukraine

 The Legacy of War charity has suffered nearly 3,500 Russian cyberattacks since it put 50 screen prints of street artist Banksy up for sale on its website, with proceeds going for the victims of the Ukrainian war. Specifically, each Banksy screen print is worth 5,000 pounds sterling (5,660 euros) and represents a white mouse tearing a cardboard box on which the 'Fragile' label can be read, according to The newspaper 'The Guardian' reported on Tuesday. Banksy, who has painted various graffiti in Ukraine, in places such as Borodianka, Irpin or Gostomel, put these serigraphs on sale on December 9. The organization's CEO, Giles Duley, explained He said the money would buy heaters, gas generators, and solar panels for the winter.

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The EU and NATO sign a new declaration to broaden their collaboration

The European Union (EU) and NATO signed a new joint declaration on Tuesday to continue developing their cooperation after those promoted in 2016 and 2018, and which occurs on this occasion in the context of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine. The NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, and the Presidents of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, and of the European Council, Charles Michel, signed the document at the headquarters of the Atlantic Alliance, in Brussels. The two parties have been working on this declaration for some time, which at first they had proposed to have ready before the NATO leaders' summit that was held in September. in Madrid in June of last year.

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The EU is preparing more sanctions against Belarus for its military support for Moscow

The European Union plans to approve new sanctions against Belarus for its military support for Moscow. in the war against Ukraine, the president of the European Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen, said on Tuesday. Brussels is already discussing the tenth package of sanctions against Russia, but at the same time it will extend the sanctions. He will apply the restrictive measures “to those who militarily support Russia's war, such as Belarus and Iran. We will have new sanctions against Belarus responding to its role in this war,” he assured. von der Leyen. Some statements that the President of the European Commission made from NATO headquarters together with the Secretary General of the Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, and the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, after the three signed the third declaration. Joint meeting on cooperation between the EU and the transatlantic organisation.

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Russia uses experience in Syria and Ukraine to increase military potential

Russia is taking advantage of its military experience in Syria and Ukraine to increase its military readiness and improve the supply of its troops, the official said. Today the Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, in a telematic meeting with the high plant of the Russian command. “We must constantly analyze and systematize the experience of our groups in Ukraine and Syria, and based on this, create programs to prepare troops and supply plans for war equipment,” he said. According to Shoigu, “the experience our troops acquire should become the basis for perfecting military training.”

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A Russian leader in Donetsk says that Soledar will be the only one to win. “released soon”

The acting governor of the Donetsk region of Ukraine, annexed by Moscow. last September, Denis Pushilin, assured the Today the town of Soledar, the epicenter of the fighting in eastern Ukraine, will be destroyed. “released soon.” “Events there are developing in such a way that the city will soon be liberated,” Pushilin told Russian public television. Pushilin recognized He said that the advance of the Russian troops is achieved “at a very high price” and added that the fighting is now taking place in the “west” part of the city. British intelligence pointed to this. He said in his report today that Russian troops and units of the Russian private military company Wagner possibly control much of Soledar, located a few kilometers from Bakhmut, another key point in Donetsk that the Russians have been trying to conquer since A few months ago.

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Armenia will not host any event. OTSC Post-Soviet Alliance Military Exercises in 2023

Armenia will not host military exercises of the post-Soviet alliance Organization of the Collective Security Treaty (OTSC), despite Russia's announcement that it advanced the exercise. The holding of the exercises this 2023. “The Armenian Defense Minister has already informed his CSTO colleagues that in this situation we do not consider it convenient to hold exercises in Armenia,” said the Armenian Prime Minister, Nikol Pashinyan, at a press conference. The Russian Ministry of Defense announced the Last January 1, the Russian Army will participate in the war. This year he took part in the post-Soviet CSTO peacekeeping exercises in Armenia, where tensions with neighboring Azerbaijan have not subsided despite the presence of Russian peacekeepers.

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Pentagon sees Belarus as unlikely to enter war despite joint exercises with Russia

The US Department of Defense has ruled out any indication that Belarus plans to enter the war in Ukraine despite joint military exercises with Russia. US area and spokesman for the Pentagon, has indicated in a press conference that “as far as we know, Russia and Belarus are going to carry out joint maneuvers.” “We really don't see any indication that there is an intention to enter the conflict,” he said. “We simply believe that what is taking place is a training of Russian and Belarusian forces. That is all,” he pointed out shortly after the Belarusian Ministry of Defense announced the creation of a regional military group made up of Russian and Belarusian troops to “guarantee the military security of the State of the Union”, according to information from the BelTA agency.

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At least two dead and several wounded as a result of new Russian attacks on Kherson

At least two people have been killed and several have been injured in new attacks carried out over the past day by Russian forces against the Kherson region of south-eastern Ukraine. The governor of the region, Yaroslav Yanushevich, has reported that “the Russian occupation forces have struck the territory of Kherson 46 times with mortar, artillery and tank fire.” Thus, they have explained that the enemy has bombarded infrastructure of vital importance, apartments and private properties”, according to the news agency Ukrinform.

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Tajani acknowledges “technical problems” in anti-aircraft system for Ukraine

The vice president and foreign minister of Italy, Antonio Tajani, assured this Tuesday that his government “has not stopped” the shipment of new weapons to Ukraine, although it acknowledged that it was not. He stated that there are “technical problems” in the Italian-French anti-aircraft system that could delay their delivery. “The shield project is Italian-French, we are working intensively with the French, there are technical problems to solve related to the military aspects,” but “it has not slowed down and we are working to provide it to them,” Tajani said. in an interview with the radio station Radio 1. According to some Italian media, the new shipment of arms from Italy to Ukraine will be delayed until the next month. It lasted until February due to political tensions between the different formations of the right-wing government coalition, as well as other cost considerations and a lack of military equipment.

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British Intelligence rules out that Russia will be able to surround Bakhmut in the near future

The Intelligence of the United Kingdom has ruled out this Tuesday that the forces of the Russian Army manage to surround the city of Bakhmut in the near future despite their advances in the area, especially around the town of Soledar, in eastern Ukraine. . “Despite the complexity of the situation around the Bakhmut area, it is unlikely that Russia will be able to encircle the city in the near future,” the British Ministry of Defense said in a message from Twitter. Thus, he has referred to the latest data collected by British Intelligence and has indicated that during the last four days, Russian troops and members of the Wagner Group have advanced towards Soledar , a city that “is in their hands” practically in its entirety.

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< strong>A Putin ally says the West is on the brink. trying to tear Russia apart

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev, a close ally of President Vladimir Putin, said Tuesday the West was trying to divide Russia and aimed to wipe it off the world's political map. “In the face of emerging military threats, it is important for us to have armed forces and special services so that Russia's adversaries don't even think they can fight us,” Patrushev told the Argumenti i Fakti newspaper.

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Moldova will receive a message. This Tuesday the first batch of German armored vehicles

The Army of Moldova will receive Throughout this Tuesday, the first batch of Piranha model armored vehicles supplied by the German authorities within the framework of an agreement between Berlin and Chisinau signed in October 2021. As reported by the Ministry The Moldovan Defense Department in a statement, this supply of armored vehicles has the objective of “improving the capabilities of the National Army”, even more so at a time when the country is under a state of emergency. The Chisinau authorities decreed a state of emergency on February 24 –coinciding with the outbreak of the war in neighboring Ukraine– and have repeatedly warned of possible Russian plans to attack its national territory.

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Russian plane makes emergency landing in India after bomb warning


A plane from the Russian company Azur Air with 244 people on board landed on Saturday. An emergency response was made at an Indian military airbase over a bomb warning, authorities said Tuesday. The aircraft from Moscow. and bound for Goa (southwestern India) landed on the island. at the army air base in Jamnagar, in the Indian state of Gujarat, indicated security and diplomatic sources. According to local media, the plane, with 236 passengers and eight crew members, diverted from the plane. of his route when the airline Azur Air received a message. a mail warning of a bomb on board the ship. “All people on board are safe. Authorities are conducting a thorough inspection of the plane,” the Russian embassy in India said on Twitter on Tuesday.

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Britain says Russian forces can control most of Soledar

Russian forces and Wagner are likely to control most of the small town of Soledar in eastern Ukraine after tactical advances in the past four days, Britain's Defense Ministry said on Tuesday. Unique in a regular intelligence update. Officials in Kyiv have said that Moscow is going to stop. intensified A powerful attack was launched against Soledar in the Donbas industrial region, forcing the Ukrainian troops to repel waves of attacks led by Wagner-hired militia around the salt mining town and nearby frontlines. Soledar is here. It is just a few miles from Bajhmut, where troops on both sides have suffered heavy losses in some of the most intense trench warfare since Russia invaded. Ukraine nearly 11 months ago.

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Russian and Ukrainian Human Rights Commissioners met will meet this week in Turkey

The Russian Human Rights Commissioner, Tatiana Moskalkova, confirmed on Monday that she plans to meet this week in Turkey with her Ukrainian counterpart, Dimitri Lubinez. Asked about the possibility of meeting her counterpart in Ukraine, Moskalkova has detailed So the meeting will have a lot to do. It will take place between January 12 and 14 in Turkey, a country that has been mediating between Russia and Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion, TASS has reported. “I confirm that I am planning such a meeting “A big forum organized by the Ombudsman of Turkey will be held in Turkey. And we talked about the possibility of a meeting and a rough agenda,” the Russian Human Rights Commissioner said.

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Peskov says Western tanks won't change the course of the war

The Kremlin spokesman, Dimitri Peskov, has guaranteed this Monday that the sending of Western tanks to Ukraine, after the announcements by France, the United States and Germany, “will not change” the course of the war. After being asked if these supplies could have an impact on the situation in Ukraine, Peskov has stated that these measures “are not capable of interrupting the process of achieving the objectives of the Russian special military operation”, a term for which Moscow was born. he calls the invasion.

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Heavy fighting in Soledar, in eastern Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy indicated that he was in trouble. On Monday his troops resisted “new attacks, even more violent” in Soledar, near Bakhmut, a city in eastern Ukraine that Russia has been trying to take over for months. “I thank all our soldiers who protect Bakhmut (…) and the Soledar fighters who resist new, even more violent attacks from the invaders,” Zelensky said in his daily message.

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A US senator compares Putin to Hitler

US Senator Angus King, who traveled to the US over the weekend. traveled to Ukraine to meet with President Volodimir Zelenski, has compared the Russian head of state, Vladimir Putin, to Adolf Hitler and has called for him to be arrested in order to do so. avoid more deaths. In statements to the CBS television network, King recalled that in the event that Hitler had been arrested for his involvement in the Rhineland crises in 1936 and the Sudetenland two years later, he would be they could have saved millions of lives. “They, the Ukrainians, are fighting for us, for our values, and the help we give them is not charity. It is personal interest,” said King, who has warned that the Donbas region presents a scenario reminiscent of World War I.

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Portugal will strengthen its commitment. aid to Ukraine

The Portuguese Prime Minister, António Costa, announced the Today I told the Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelensky, that Portugal will reinforce his position. You will receive humanitarian and military support and participate in the in the formula for peace for the country. “I spoke today with President Zelensky. Portugal will strengthen humanitarian and military support for Ukraine and will also actively participate in the formula for peace proposed by President Zelensky,” the minister wrote. Costa on his Twitter profile. The Portuguese Prime Minister was in kyiv last May, where he met & oacute; He met with Zelensky and announced his Portugal would give Ukraine 250 million euros of financial support, of which 100 million would be delivered in 2022 and 150 million in the next three years.

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Russia accuses Ukraine of launching an attack on a psychological center in Gorlovka, near Donetsk

The Russian authorities have denounced this Monday that the Ukrainian Armed Forces have launched an offensive against a psychological center located in the town of Gorlovka, north of the city of Donetsk. Telegram the pro-Russian mayor of Gorlovka, Ivan Prijodko, the “Ukrainian neo-Nazis” have launched at least three 155-caliber missiles as part of an offensive that has resulted in no deaths or injuries. Later, Prijodko shared some I took pictures of the crater that caused the explosion of the alleged Ukrainian missile in the vicinity of the health center.

4 days ago< /p>

Russia's Secretary of National Security assures that Moscow is the only one. is not there at war with kyiv

The secretary of the Russian Security Council, Nikolai Patrushev, has assured that Russia is not in any position. He is at war with Ukraine and that the conflict in Eastern Europe is more of an attempt by the Western powers to take on Moscow instead. via kyiv.  “The events in Ukraine are not a confrontation between Moscow and kyiv, it is a military confrontation between NATO, and above all the United States and the United Kingdom, against Russia,” Patrushev asserted during an interview with the Russian newspaper. 'AiF'.  In this line, the person in charge of Russian National Security has accused the leaders of the Atlantic Alliance of “fearing direct contact” with Russia and that for this reason they are instrumentalizing the Ukrainians, those who lead “to certain death”.

4 days ago

The number of dead in a Russian attack on a market in Kharkiv

The death toll in a Russian missile attack this morning on a market in a liberated settlement in the Kharkov region rose to 12,000. Two were injured, while four other people were injured, including a minor, the police reported. the regional Prosecutor's Office. “According to the investigation, on January 9 at about 09:10, the occupiers launched a missile attack on the town of Shevchenkove in the Kupyansk district. An enemy missile hit the territory of the local market. Two women died. Three other women and a 10-year-old girl were injured,” the Prosecutor's Office stated in a statement on Telegram, quoted by the Ukinform agency. The head of the regional military administration, Oleh Syniehubov, had reported at first that, according to data from the Regional Center for Emergency Medical Care, the attack left no one alive. seven civilians were injured, including a 13-year-old girl.

4 days ago

Deliveries of Western tanks to kyiv will 'prolong suffering' for Ukraine, warns Russia

Deliveries to Ukraine of armored infantry and other weapons, announced last week by several Western countries, will only “prolong the suffering” of Ukrainians and “will not change” the balance of forces on the ground, he said. this Monday the Kremlin. “Fundamentally, such renditions cannot and will not change anything (…) Such renditions will only prolong the suffering of the Ukrainian people,” the Ukrainian people said. Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov told the press. Last week, the United States and Germany said they want to supply armored infantry, and France announced that they would supply armored infantry. sent light tanks to Ukrainian forces.

ago4 days

One killed in a Russian missile attack on a Kharkiv market

A woman died and several people were injured, including a minor, in a Russian missile attack on a market in a liberated settlement in the Kharkiv region. “In the village of Shevchenkove, Kupiansk district, there was a missile attack (according to preliminary data with S-300) against the local market,” the company reported. The head of the military administration of the Kharkov region, Oleh Syniehubov, was quoted by the Ukrinform agency as saying on Telegram. At first, he informed He said that, according to data from the Regional Center for Emergency Medical Attention, the attack left no one behind. Seven civilians were injured, including a 13-year-old girl.

4 days ago

Putin proposes withdrawing Russia from the European convention against corruption

Russian President Vladimir Putin presented today to the Duma (lower house of the Russian Parliament) a bill for the withdrawal of the country from the convention of the Council of Europe against Corruption (GRECO). The corresponding document, which seeks the withdrawal of Russia from the Convention signed in January 1999, was included in the project database of the Lower House of the Russian Legislature. In the annexes to the bill, the Russian president argued that the proposal of him by the decision of the Comité & eacute; of Ministers of the Council of Europe (EC) to withdraw Russia's membership of the Group of States against Corruption, which monitors compliance with the agreements. “In correspondence with this decision, Russia loses membership in GRECO, with the exception of cases where GRECO monitors the fulfillment of commitments by our country, but Russia loses the right to participate in the debate or approval of the reports, as well as the right to vote”, indicated the president. Putin.

4 days ago

 Russia claims to have taken control of the town of Bakhmutske , in Donetsk

The pro-Russian authorities of the Donetsk region, in eastern Ukraine, have announced on Monday that they have taken control of the town of Bajmutske, south of Soledar, in their advance towards the city of Bakhmut, which is for kyiv a symbol of the “indomitability” of the country. ;rcito in a message on his Telegram account.

4 days ago

An expert on Russia launches this terrifying message

Since he started Since the invasion of Ukraine, much has been written to try to understand Russia's behavior. Why? Why does it have an all-powerful president who the country's elite obeys with little question? Where does your anti-Western rhetoric come from? Are the historical arguments used by Putin true, not only to justify the invasion, but to vindicate Russia as a great power that deserves more respect than it has been given in the last few decades? What Falls? British historian Orlando Figes examines Russian history and the ideas and myths that have been passed down through the centuries. Ideas, Figes told RTVE, that have permeated a large part of the Russian people and that leaders like Vladimir Putin use to justify, for example, the war in Ukraine. Read on at this link.

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Belarus and Russia announce joint air maneuvers

The Belarusian Ministry of Defense has reported that it will hold Joint air maneuvers with Russia over a two-week period. “Between January 16 and February 1, 2023, collective air tactical exercises of the Armed Forces of Belarus and Russia will take place,” the Ministry reported in a message on Telegram.  Several Russian units arrived in Belarus on Sunday for these maneuvers. These exercises will involve all the bases and training areas of the Belarusian Air Force.  The two countries have created a joint task force formally announced last fall to protect their external borders, though the Russian invasion of Ukraine makes kyiv wary.

4 days ago

Four explosions before midnight Saturday

According to the Ukrainian authorities, seven rockets fell on Kramatorsk on Saturday night. Two others fell on the neighboring town of Kostiantynivka. Pavlo Kirilenko, head of Ukraine's Donetsk regional administration, said the missiles hit “an educational institution, an industrial building and a cooperative garage.” In addition, he assured that did not cause casualties on the Ukrainian side. AFP journalists in Kramatorsk heard at least four explosions before midnight.

4 days ago

Russia says it bombed Ukrainian town of Kramatorsk in “retaliation”

Russia claimed Yesterday Sunday that bombed the It seized two military barracks in Kramatorsk, in eastern Ukraine, and inflicted It inflicted heavy losses on its adversary in “retaliation” for the Ukrainian attack on Makéyevka on New Year's, a claim denied by Ukraine. “In response to the criminal bombardment of the kyiv regime in the first minutes of January 2023 (…), the Russian forces carried out a retaliatory operation,” the official said. the Russian Ministry of Defense in its daily report. “More than 600 Ukrainian soldiers were killed,” he added. Sergei Cherevaty, one of the spokesmen for the Ukrainian army, denied this. Why the bombing caused so many losses: “This information is just as true as the fact that the Russians had destroyed all of our HIMARS,” the American missile launcher system used in the bombardment of Makéyevka, in which at least 89 Russian soldiers were killed.

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Russia says goodbye to Christmas truce with attacks across the frontRussia closed this Sunday the Christmas truce with attacks on the entire front, which includes a punitive operation with missiles against Ukrainian army barracks in Donbas, where more than 600 soldiers would have died, according to Russian military sources. Fighting never ceased during the 36-hour Russian ceasefire, but it intensified on Sunday, both sides admitted. Russians and Ukrainians are waiting for the start of the next enemy counteroffensive, although the “general winter” advises against sudden movements with night temperatures of up to 14 degrees below zero in Donbas.

5 days ago

Bosnian Serb nationalist leader Dodik honors Putin for his support for the entity

The president of the Bosnia-Herzegovina Serb entity, the pro-Russian nationalist Milorad Dodik, announced the this Sunday that will decorate the to the Russian president, Vladí mir Putin, for his support for that entity.

Putin will be awarded, in the midst of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, for “his merits in the development and strengthening of cooperation and political and friendly relations between the Republika Srpska and Russia,” declared the Russian president. Dodik, a leader of secessionist tendencies, according to the Bosnian website Oslobodjenje

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Russia announces the death of 600 Ukrainian soldiers

The Russian Ministry of Defense has announced this Sunday the death of more than 600 Ukrainian soldiers in a “retaliatory operation” for the New Year's attack against Russian forces in the city of Makiivka, in eastern Ukraine, which cost the lives of at least 89 soldiers.

The attack on Makiivka, in the disputed Donetsk region, is considered one of the biggest setbacks received by Russian forces since the start of the invasion of Ukraine to the point that Moscow fell to the ground. was forced to confirm, unusually, the deaths of the 89 soldiers.

5 days ago

kyiv denounces that the Russian Army has created “the world's largest minefield” in eastern Ukraine

The Ukrainian Prime Minister, Denis Shmihal, has denounced that Russia is responsible for the creation of the “biggest minefield in the world” after mining 250,000 square kilometers of territory in the east of the country.

“It's the biggest minefield in the world right now. Not only does it make it difficult for people to move around, but it's also made it hard for agriculture, which is one of our most important industries,”  Shmihal said in an interview with the South Korean news agency Yonhap.

These 250,000 square kilometers exceed the extension of the peninsula of Korea, Laos, Romania or the United Kingdom. They are also an indiscriminate weapon that can affect civilians.

5 days ago

Two dead and nine injured in last 24 hours in Ukraine despite Russian truce

Two Ukrainians have died and nine others have been injured despite Russian President Vladimir Putin having ordered a truce unilateral decision on the occasion of Orthodox Christmas, kyiv pointed out this Sunday.

As a result of “Russian armed aggression”, one person was killed. and eight others were injured in the eastern Donetsk region in the last 24 hours, reported Kirilo Timoshenko, a representative of the Ukrainian president's office.

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Russia maintains that the Ukrainian Army has attacked one of the largest thermal power plants in Donetsk

< p>The pro-Russian authorities in the Donetsk region have denounced that a rocket attack launched this past morning by Ukraine has caused damage to the Starobeshevskaya thermal power plant in Novi Svit, where at least two people could have trapped in the rubble.

“Emergency services are working at the bombing site, clearing the rubble. Presumably, at least two people, station employees, may be under the wreckage,” the pro-Russian administration of Russia reported on Sunday. The area was reported to the Russian agency TASS in a statement.

The attack would have been carried out with a multiple launch system of rockets, of which six have reached the plant and its surroundings, according to the report. n an additional statement from the Russian body the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of Matters Related to Ukrainian War Crimes.

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Ukraine denounces a Russian attack during a UN mission visit to the region; n Zaporizhia

The Ukrainian administration of the Zaporizhia region has denounced a Russian attack during the humanitarian visit of the United Nations mission to a town in the area.

The head of the Ukrainian administration, Oleksandr Staruj, denounced the attack. He posted on his Telegram account that the attack had occurred during a UN humanitarian aid delivery in the city of Orijiv, approximately 60 kilometers from the regional front.

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Zelensky accuses Moscow of having for his “false words” about the “supposed ceasefire”

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, has declared the “alleged ceasefire” a failure and has accused Moscow of failing. for his “false words” due to the alleged violation of the truce that had been decreed by Russia during the Orthodox Christmas holidays.

“The world has been able to verify once again today how false Moscow's words are at all levels. There they said something about a supposed ceasefire… But the reality is that the Russian projectiles hit again Bakhmut and other Ukrainian positions,” the Ukrainian leader said in a speech delivered at midnight, the time that marked the end of the truce.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the truce to end. unilaterally declared a 36-hour ceasefire this Thursday on the occasion of the Orthodox Christmas holidays that take place on January 7.

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Russian truce for Orthodox Christmas ends without cessation of fighting in Ukraine

Ukrainians celebrated Orthodox Christmas this Saturday under the onslaught of war, some in shelters, and the 36-hour Russian unilateral truce ended on Saturday. The cease-fire, announced unilaterally by Russia, ended at midnight from Saturday to Sunday (local time) without the fighting ceasing during the day.

at 2100 GMT, in the midst of cross criticism from the Ukrainians to the Russians for not having respected it and from Moscow for not having respected it. kyiv for not letting it apply.

“The world was able to see once again how misleading the statements of the high command in Moscow are,” said Mr. Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky, in a video message posted on social networks. Russia “spoke of an alleged ceasefire, but in reality it bombed Bakhmut (east of the country) and other Ukrainian positions,” he criticized. ; Zelensky.

5 days ago

UK studies investigating war crimes in Ukraine

UK to host A meeting of justice ministers will be held in March to discuss ways to support an investigation at the International Criminal Court into alleged war crimes in Ukraine, reported the government this Saturday. The International Criminal Court (ICC), based in The Hague, investigates possible war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during the war in Ukraine.

5 days ago

Ukraine imposes sanctions on 119 Russian personalities

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky , announced this Saturday the imposition of sanctions on 119 Russian personalities, including several famous people and three people with Ukrainian citizenship.

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When is Orthodox Christmas celebrated and why? Has Ukraine decided to disengage?

Russians do not celebrate Christmas on December 25, but on January 6 and 7. For this reason, Russia has established a “Christmas truce” from 12:00 on January 6 to 0:00 on January 7. Until now, the Orthodox Christians of Ukraine did the same, but now they have agreed to put this calendar aside in order to get out of Russia's sphere of influence. Read here the complete article.

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Ukrainians and Russians celebrate Orthodox Christmas without cessation of fighting

Ukrainians and Russians celebrated Orthodox Christmas this Saturday without ceasing fighting on several fronts, despite the fact that the Russian army assured that it would be safe. that respects the unilateral truce decreed by President Vladimir Putin.

6 days ago

Ukraine figures the aid received in 2022 at more than 30,000 million

The Ukrainian government reported this Saturday the total balance of international contributions in aid and loans in so far this year, totaling more than 32,000 million dollars, some 30,000 million euros.

Approximately 40% of these funds come from the United States, just under 25% come from the European Union and 8% are from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), according to data from the Ukrainian central bank, the National Bank of Ukraine.

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The president of the European Parliament applauds the delivery of German tanks to Ukraine< /strong>

The President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, welcomed this Saturday the German government's decision to supply Ukraine with Marder infantry fighting vehicles.

“It is important that we continue to support the Ukrainian people: politically, humanitarianly, financially and militarily,” he declared this Saturday at the closed-door meeting of the deputies of the Christian Social Union (CSU) in the monastery. from Seeon, in Upper Bavaria. “Reinforcing our security also depends on reinforcing the security of our neighbours. They are not strong and safe if we are not”, she has assured her.

6 days ago

Vatican raises 250,000 euros to send clothes and generators to Ukraine

The Vatican has so far raised more than 250,000 euros through a microfinance platform of small donations to buy thermal clothing for the Ukrainian population, an amount higher than expected, which has It was also allowed to purchase generators for a country “that lives without electricity and water”.

“Your generosity has been incredible: to date we have reached 250,000 euros, and still “It's not over yet,” Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, who heads the Vatican's Dicastery for Charity, assured this Saturday about the success of the campaign launched this Christmas.

6 days ago

Russia says it will respect the hour. the truce, but attacks Ukrainian positions

Russia has assured this Saturday that it will respect the law. He held the Christmas truce until midnight, but has admitted to attacking Ukrainian positions in response to enemy attacks.

The Russian forces “respect the ceasefire along the entire line of separation since 12 noon on January 6,” the Ministry of Defense reported in its daily report, adding that, despite to the attacks of the Ukrainian artillery “against Russian populations and positions”, Moscow was deceived. will follow respecting the truce “until midnight today.”

6 days ago

The German Chancellor; , under pressure to increase military support for Ukraine

Following the German government's decision to send Marder-type armored defense cars to Ukraine, the two junior partners of the coalition insist on the need to also provide attack tanks such as the “Leopard”.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced a new meeting. After the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, he declared a “turning point” in the German policy of not supplying weapons to conflict zones and promised a “turning point”. So Berlin would take more responsibility for the defense of Europe.

Despite this, the reinforcement of military aid to Ukraine has been coming slowly, much to the impatience of the Green and liberal coalition allies of Scholz's Social Democratic Party (SPD).

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Crimean authorities report shooting down Ukrainian drone over Sevastopol Bay< /strong>

The governor of the Crimean city of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhaev, reported this Saturday the shooting down last night of a Ukrainian drone over the bay of the town, the base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. /p>

“The Air Defense Forces have shot down a UAV (unmanned aircraft, for its acronym in English) at the north pier just 15 minutes ago,” he reported on his Telegram account. in a message posted at 03:26 a.m. local time.

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Putin congratulates Christmas to the Russians after declaring a ceasefire in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has congratulated the Russians on Orthodox Christmas, the most important religious holiday in this country, after ordering a 36-hour unilateral ceasefire in Ukraine, which expires tonight at midnight.

Putin has stressed that Christmas promotes values ​​such as “mercy, compassion, kindness and justice,” said a statement issued by the Kremlin.

In addition, he has highlighted the “great contribution” of Christianity and, in particular, of the Russian Orthodox Church, to the unity and concord of Russian society, and praised the Russian society. He expressed his support for soldiers participating in the “special military operation” in Ukraine.

The Russian leader attended the meeting. Last night I attended Midnight Mass at the Annunciation Cathedral in Moscow, one of the three that make up the Kremlin's Cathedral Square.

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London will host International meeting to investigate alleged war crimes in Ukraine

Justice ministers from around the world will meet in London next March to support the International Criminal Court (ICC) in its investigation into alleged war crimes committed in the Ukraine war.

As announced this Saturday by the British Ministry of Justice, the investigation of the alleged crimes will occupy the first place. It will be high on the country's agenda within the next three months.

Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Secretary Dominic Raab will be appointed to the country. the host of the meeting in the capital, which will have He took place at Lancaster House, alongside his Dutch counterpart, Dilan Yesilgöz-Zegerius.

The group will listen to to the International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor, Karim Khan, about the work of the court and the role of the international community in supporting its investigations.

6 ago days

Borrell talks with Ukrainian minister about the latest Russian attacks

The High Representative of the European Union (EU) for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, addressed the issue. This Friday in a telephone call with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, the intensification of the attacks by Russia and stressed the importance of the attacks. It highlighted the EU's determination to continue supporting kyiv.

The talk discussed “the latest developments on the ground following the intensification of Russian missile and drone attacks against critical infrastructure, including residential buildings, in recent weeks,” according to a statement from the European External Action Service.

Borrell condemned the those attacks “that indiscriminately destroy infrastructure, residential and medical facilities, deliberately attacking and killing civilians” and that “constitute war crimes,” the note indicates. “Russia's political and military leaders, and all those responsible for and involved in these and other war crimes committed in Ukraine will be held accountable,” added Mr. Borrell.

6 days ago

US announces $3 billion more in military aid to Ukraine

The White House announced He will give $3 billion in military aid to Ukraine on Friday, which will include Bradley armored vehicles. The Pentagon will give More details will be provided, but assistance will include armored personnel carriers and self-propelled howitzers, White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said. Washington and Berlin announced on Thursday that they would provide kyiv with armored vehicles – Bradley from the United States and Marder from Germany – but gave no details on how many. Typically armed with a 25mm automatic cannon, 7.62mm machine gun and anti-tank missiles, the Bradleys will give Ukraine additional power. “It's not a tank but it's a tank killer,” Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder, a Pentagon spokesman, said Thursday. “We trust it will help you on the battlefield,” he added.

7 days ago

Russia warns Germany about sending tanks to Ukraine

The Russian government has harshly condemned this Friday Germany's decision to supply Ukraine with armored personnel carriers and a Patriot anti-aircraft system, which it described as “unsafe”. of “step towards the escalation of the conflict”. The supply of these heavy weapons once again crosses a “moral line”, according to a statement from the Russian Embassy in Berlin, which referred to the issue. He pointed out Germany's historical responsibility for the crimes committed by the Nazis against the Russians in World War II.


7 days

Borrell considers the ceasefire “unbelievable”

The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, crossed out the question. This Friday, the ceasefire announced by Russia in the war in Ukraine ahead of Orthodox Christmas day was described as “hypocritical” and “unbelievable”. “The Kremlin does not have any credibility and this declaration of a ceasefire is not credible,” he declared. Borrell to the press during a visit to Fez, in Morocco. “The response that comes to mind for all of us is skepticism in the face of such hypocrisy,” he added.

7 days ago

Bombings in Ukraine despite the truce

AFP journalists heard artillery fire from both sides of the front lines in Bakhmut, a city with streets largely destroyed and deserted, after the theoretical ceasefire began at 0900 GMT. The deputy head of the Ukrainian presidential administration, Kirilo Timoshenko, informed of two Russian bombardments in Kramatorsk and another in Kurakhove, in the east. reported also a Russian bombardment in Kherson (south). In the Lugansk region (east), local authorities reported 14 artillery shots, saying civilians stayed “all day in their basements.”

7 days ago

Food prices broke records because of the war

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) warns that the rise in world food prices reached their “highest levels ever recorded” in March due to the invasion of the United Nations. No from Ukraine. In 2022, the food price index, which tracks the change in the international values ​​of a basket of basic products, was set at 2022. It was 143.7 points on average, “that is, 14.3% more than the average value of 2021”, indicated the company. this Friday the international organization.

7 days ago

Russia accuses the US of inciting Ukraine to continue the war

The Russian ambassador to the US, Anatoly Antonov, has accused Washington of inciting Ukraine to continue the war after the Biden Administration announced a new military aid package. “All of their recent actions, including the new military aid package to kyiv, which will include US Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, point directly to Washington's lack of desire for a political settlement in Ukraine,” Antonov has declared, as reported by the Tass news agency.

7 days ago

Zelensky accuses Putin of using the Christmas truce for his military strategy

The President of Ukraine has accused his Russian counterpart of using the truce announced by the Kremlin on the occasion of Orthodox Christmas as a military strategy. “Those who continued the terror against our country and sent all those people of theirs to slaughter certainly do not value life and definitely do not seek peace,” Zelensky said during his evening address to Ukrainians. “Now they want to use Christmas as a cover to stop, at least briefly, the advance of our men in the Donbas and bring equipment, ammunition and mobilized men closer to our positions,” he charged.

7 days ago

US and Germany to supply armored vehicles to Ukraine

The United States and Germany have announced that they will supply armored personnel carriers to Ukraine as part of the war launched by Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 24, 2022. US leader Joe Biden , and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz have agreed in a phone call to send Western-designed vehicles, after the previous day, his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron , promised kyiv the “first battle tanks” of French manufacture.

8 days ago

Ukraine calls Russian ceasefire “hypocrisy”

An adviser to the Ukrainian presidency, Mikhailo Podoliak, called the He denounced the Russian announcement of a cease-fire in Ukraine on the occasion of Orthodox Christmas as “hypocrisy” on Thursday and asked for the Russians to stop it. to the Moscow troops they leave the country. “Russia must leave the occupied territories, only then will there be a 'temporary truce.' on Twitter.

8 days ago

Russia attacks Bakhmut and Ukraine prepares a spring counteroffensive

Russia did not let up. today their attempts to capture Bakhmut, a Ukrainian stronghold in the eastern Donetsk region, while the kyiv authorities agreed with their western allies on new weapons supplies, key to their announced spring counteroffensive .

8 days ago

What did you do? was the Christmas Truce of 1914?

No one knows very well how it happened, what was the first sign, who was the first to raise the flag. He turned his head and looked at her. He led the way, risking his skin, and he came out on top. He came out of the trench, and threw to walk the other way, with open arms. A gesture of peace in the middle of a scene full of death; the scattered bodies, the earth sunk by bombs, a devastated lunar landscape, the portrait of one of the worst barbarities of humanity: the First World War.

Ago 8 days

Ceasefire in Ukraine

According to the note of the Russian Presidency, the decision of the chief of the State is in response to the call of the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, Kiril, to establish a Christmas truce, which Orthodox believers celebrate on January 7.

Ago 8 days

Putin orders a 36-hour ceasefire starting at noon tomorrow

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, ordered the today a 36-hour ceasefire from 12:00 Moscow time. (09:00 GMT) tomorrow, Friday, along the entire front line in Ukraine, reported the military. the Kremlin. According to the note from the Russian Presidency, the decision of the head of state is in response to the call of the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, Kiril, to establish a Christmas truce, which Orthodox believers celebrate on January 7.

8 days ago

Russian strikes kill four civilians in Kherson

At least four Ukrainian civilians have died this Thursday in the province of Kherson (south) due to Russian attacks, as reported by the Ukrainian authorities. The governor of Kherson, Yaroslav Yanushevich wrote the He told Telegram that a man had been killed in the center of the provincial capital, while in the towns of Chronobaivka and Kornyshany Russian artillery had caused four injuries. The deputy chairman of the presidential office of Ukraine Kyrylo Tymoshenko announced the announcement. Later, the death of a family of three in the town of Bersylav, in the south of the province partially occupied by Russian troops. A Russian artillery shell hit the town. He attacked a house, killing the couple who lived there and their twelve-year-old son, according to what the police wrote. on his Telegram account.

8 days ago

Russia insists on Bakhmut

Russia did not give up. today their attempts to capture Bákhmut, a Ukrainian stronghold in the eastern Donetsk region, while the kyiv authorities agreed with their western allies on new weapons supplies, key to their announced spring counteroffensive. However, Russian efforts meet with bitter resistance from Ukrainian forces, as control of the city is key to the defense of Sloviansk and Kramtorsk, the two largest strongholds of kyiv troops in the Donetsk region. .

8 days ago

Russia extends terror alert in Belgorod, on the border with Ukraine


The Russian authorities have announced this Thursday a new two-week extension, until January 20, of the level of terrorist alert in the Belgorod region, located in the west of the country, on the border with Ukraine. . The 'yellow' alert of terrorist danger has now been extended, as indicated by the governor of the region, Viacheslav Gladkov, through a brief message on his Telegram account. This allows The authorities were asked to take additional measures to guarantee the safety of the population in the face of “imminent threats, especially a terrorist attack”, although the measure is part of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

8 days ago

Italy denies supplying mines to Ukraine

The Italian government has not supplied anti-personnel mines to Ukraine for the war against Russia, as the Moscow authorities “completely false” claimed, the Italian government said. The Italian Defense Minister, Guido Crosetto, said today that he considers the statements of the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zajárova, in this regard, “completely false, unfounded and seriously degrading to the honor” of Italy. The Italian government headed by Giorgia Meloni has repeatedly shown its support for Ukraine and has considered Russia to be to blame for an “incomprehensible” and “unacceptable” war.

8 days ago

Benedict XVI condemned the death of the priest. in an unpublished letter the “misdeeds” of the war in Ukraine

Benedict XVI condemned the In an unpublished letter dated March 7, made public this Thursday, January 5, when he was buried in the Vatican grottoes, the “misdeeds” of the war in Ukraine that began in the Vatican. this past February 24 with the invasion by Russian troops. letter sent to the head of the Greek Church Ukrainian Catholic Church, Sviatoslav Shevchuk–In this hour of great difficulties for your people, I am close to you and I would like to assure you that both you and your Church are always present in my prayers “, adds in the document signed 15 days after the start of the conflict. As reported by Ukrainian Church sources, Shevchuk visited the church. to Benedict XVI at the Mater Ecclesiae Monastery in the Vatican on November 9, 2022.

8 days ago

< strong>Erdogan asks Putin for “a unilateral ceasefire” to promote a peace process in Ukraine

The President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has transferred this Thursday to his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, the need for a “unilateral ceasefire” to promote peace negotiations to end the war with Ukraine, It was unleashed on February 24, 2022 by the invasion order given by the Russian president.

The Turkish Presidency has stated in a statement published on its website that Erdogan has informed Putin during a telephone conversation that “calls for peace and negotiations must be supported by a unilateral ceasefire and a vision for a fair solution”.

He has also highlighted the “positive results” of the negotiations for the agreement on the export of grain from Ukrainian ports, the prisoner exchanges and the initiative to create a “safe zone” around the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, the largest in Europe.

8 days ago ;as

Russia threatens to confiscate German property

The president of the Russian Duma, Viacheslav Volodin, has threatened on Thursday to confiscate German property if Berlin freezes Russian assets and accounts in the country to transfer them to Ukraine as part of the Russian invasion of the territory. “As soon as this measure is carried out, we will do exactly the same in response to similar actions by Germany and other States,” he pointed out, before warning that this decision constitutes a violation of the legislation ;n current. In this sense, he recalled that some German companies have made large investments in Russia in the past and blamed Germany and France for “having started the war”.

< strong>8 days

Ukraine threatens more attacks on Russian soil

The head of Ukraine's military intelligence, Kyrylo Budanov, assured He said that more attacks are likely to take place on Russian territory, without specifying whether the Ukrainians would be behind them, and announced that he would be behind them. He said his country is preparing for a “more intense” counteroffensive starting in March. In an interview with the American chain ABC News, in which he spoke to himself & oacute; of some attacks that occurred in Russian territory, which Moscow was responsible for. attributed to Ukraine and for which kyiv has not claimed responsibility.

8 days ago

Putin talks about dialogue if Ukraine accepts “the new territorial realities”

Russia is Ukraine is open to dialogue with Ukraine as long as it accepts the “new territorial realities” arising from the Moscow offensive, said Ukraine. this Thursday President Vladimir Putin to his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The Turkish president had requested in a telephone conversation with the Kremlin leader the application of a “unilateral ceasefire” to start peace negotiations with kyiv. “Putin once again confirmed that Russia was open to a serious dialogue, provided that the kyiv authorities abide by the well-known and repeatedly expressed demands and take into account the new territorial realities,” the minister said. the Kremlin in a statement.

8 days ago

The Russian patriarch calls for a truce in the war with Ukraine

The Patriarch of Moscow and from all Russia, Cyril, has called a truce in the Ukraine on the occasion of Russian Orthodox Christmas which is celebrated on January 7.

8 ago > days

Macron will send a message. “First delivery” of French-made light tanks delivered to Ukraine

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, has confirmed this Wednesday that he will send a letter. light tanks to Ukrainian troops to strengthen military power against Russia. “France will provide light combat tanks and will continue its support in terms of defense,” Macron said, after announcing that this information had been confirmed shortly before by his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodimir Zelensky, in a phone call.

8 days ago

The Ukrainian authorities report that 60% of the Bakhmut are living.

Ukrainian authorities have reported this Wednesday that at least 60% of the city of Bakhmut, in the Donetsk region, has been destroyed after continuous attacks with missiles. The military governor of the Donetsk region, Pavlo Kyrylenko, has indicated that the Ukrainian troops “courantly defend Bakhmut and prevent the enemy from advancing.”

8< ago /strong> days

Criticism of the army in Russia increases after a new assessment of the Ukrainian attack

Russia raised On Wednesday, the balance of the Ukrainian attack on New Year's Eve on the town of Makéyevka, in the annexed Donetsk region, increased to 89 deaths, which accentuated the crisis. the criticisms against the military leadership. The Ukrainian General Staff confirmed this. It was authored and the Army's Department of Strategic Communications claimed responsibility for it. There was a much higher Russian casualty toll of around 400 dead and 300 wounded. These figures, however, were not confirmed by the General Staff. At a time when Moscow was Faced with repercussions from the attack, French President Emmanuel Macron has vowed to take action. This Wednesday in a phone call to his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky to deliver French-made light tanks to help the Ukrainian army in its counteroffensive.

Ago 8 days

Ukraine claims to have destroyed a new Russian base in Zaporizhia causing 80 casualties between dead and wounded

The Ukrainian military authorities have assured this Wednesday that they have destroyed a headquarters of the Russian forces in the city of Tokmak, in Zaporizhia, causing some 80 casualties, between deaths and injuries, a day after Moscow attacked. confirmed the death of 89 of its soldiers in Makivka, Kherson. The General Staff of the Armed Forces has said that as a result of the bombardment launched on January 3 on these facilities, at least 80 casualties have been caused among the Russian ranks, although he has not specified the number of injured and deceased. During that day, fifteen attacks fell on the area.

8 days ago

Macron confirms to Zelensky that France will send light armored vehicles

French President Emmanuel Macron confirmed this. He told his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky, today that his country will send a message. Light armored vehicles were sent to Ukraine, Elysee sources confirmed. Both leaders agreed to this measure in a telephone conversation that took place this Wednesday afternoon. The precise details of the shipment and the type of vehicle, for the moment, have not been officially revealed, although the French Presidency anticipates that they will be released. Post a statement about the conversation later.

8 days ago

Romania will improve the connections between the Danube and the Black Sea

The Romanian Government approved the This Wednesday a plan worth 1,600 million lei (about 325 million euros) to modernize and improve the navigability of the channels that connect the Danube River with the Black Sea, which have gained strategic importance from ;z of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. The works, which will be carried out over the next five years, will benefit the Danube-Black Sea and Puerta Blanca-Midia-Navodari canals, both built during communism and connecting different points of the Sea. Negro with the main river that passes through Romania, reported the the Executive in a statement. Romanian ports on the Black Sea and the Danube have been key in ensuring the export of Ukrainian grain, after Russia has blocked or invaded some of Ukraine's main ports.

9 days ago

kyiv and Moscow were together. land and air combat amid criticism of Russian military command

kyiv and Moscow. They continue to battle on the ground and in the air, with each side testing the enemy's anti-aircraft forces on a daily basis, while criticism of the Russian command grows for failing to prevent Ukraine's lethal attack on a large concentration. of troops in the eastern town of Makiivka. Foreign Minister of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba said Today preparations for the delivery to kyiv of the Patriot air defense systems have already begun. “Preparations for the relocation of these systems have already begun,” said Mr. Kuleba during a press conference and added Ukraine hopes the process will be finished as soon as possible.

9 days ago

The Romanian president calls on Zelensky to revise the law on minorities

The President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, called the He spoke to his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelenski, this Wednesday to reaffirm his support and convey Bucharest's “concern and discomfort” over the new law on minorities approved in December by Ukraine. “President Klaus Iohannis has asked President Zelensky to find quick solutions that respond to and remedy these concerns,” read the statement from the Romanian presidential administration, referring to the negative reception that the law would have. ;had among the Romanian minority in Ukraine. According to the statement, Iohannis and Zelenski have agreed to a meeting between the foreign ministers of both countries to “resolve bilaterally” the disagreement over the issue of the Romanian minority.

9 days ago

Zaporizhia Russians blame kyiv for attack with 5 dead and 15 wounded

Russian-appointed authorities in the Zaporizhia region of southern Ukraine today blamed kyiv for an attack that killed 5 and wounded 15. According to the acting head of the region, Evgeny Balitsky, “5 people died and 15 suffered injuries of varying severity as a result of artillery attacks by Ukrainian armed groups against the peaceful city of Vasylivka.” Among the injured are four emergency services employees, added the police. Balitski in a message on Telegram. “The situation in Vasylivka is tense, the attacks do not stop, all the emergency services are working to help the citizens,” he said. The bombed town is It has been controlled by Russian troops since March 2022.

9 days ago

Putin presides over deployment of ship with hypersonic missiles

Russian President Vladimir Putin witnessed the He announced by videoconference on Wednesday the deployment of a warship equipped with new hypersonic cruise missiles, for a mission in the Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. “I am sure that such powerful weapons will allow Russia to be effectively protected from external threats and will help defend national interests,” Putin said during the ceremony, which was attended by Russia. He joined Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu from an unspecified location, according to Russian news agencies.

9 days ago

Ukraine claims to have destroyed two weapons depots of Russian forces in Bakhmut

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have claimed this Wednesday to have destroyed two arms warehouses of the Russian Army in the city of Bakhmut, in the Donestk region, the main focus of fighting between the parties. “Our “Missile and artillery fire have hit several targets. First, large concentrations of military personnel and equipment, and second, two ammunition depots, in Avdiivka and Liman,” said the spokesman for the Axis Eastern Forces Group. Ukrainian rcito, Serhii Cherevati.

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The former head of the Russian space agency sends Macron the projectile that wounded him in Ukraine

The former head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, announced the On Wednesday, he sent French President Emmanuel Macron the piece of shrapnel that wounded him. in the Ukraine, fired according to him from a French Caesar cannon, supplied to kyiv. Rogozine, who currently leads a group of military advisers assisting Russian separatist forces in the Ukraine, was found to be the target of the attack. He was wounded in the back in December during a Ukrainian attack on a hotel in Donetsk, a city in eastern Ukraine -under Russian control-, which caused 24-year-olds. several dead and wounded.

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Criticism of the military in Russia grows after the new balance of the last Ukrainian attack

Russia raised On Wednesday, the balance of the Ukrainian attack on New Year's Eve on the town of Makéyevka, in the annexed Donetsk region, increased to 89 deaths, which accentuated the crisis. the criticism against the military leadership.

The initial balance of 63 victims was revised accordingly. It rose after the discovery of new corpses among the ruins of the military base, indicated the police. Russian General Sergei Sevriukov said in a video released by the Defense Ministry. According to the general, the “main reason” for the attack was “the use of mobile phones” by the soldiers, which allowed them to carry out the attack. reveal your location. It is the highest death toll in a single attack recognized by Moscow in the world. since the start of their offensive in February and comes after a series of military setbacks on the ground.

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Russian forces repel a Ukrainian Army counterattack in Donetsk

Russian forces have reported this Wednesday that they have managed to repel a counterattack by the Ukrainian Army in the vicinity of Dorozhnianka, in the Donetsk region, where clashes between the parties continue.

The spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Defense, Igor Konashenkov, has indicated that this is the case. He said that although the Ukrainian forces have persisted in their attempt, “they have not been successful” in the framework of their counteroffensive.

“Units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have carried out unsuccessful attempts to seize Russian troop positions in the south,” he said, according to information from the Interfax news agency.

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Russia claims to have shot down two drones near the Sevastopol airport in Crimea< /p>

The Russian authorities have assured this Wednesday that they have shot down two drones in the surroundings of the Belbek airport, in the city of Sevastopol, located on the Crimean peninsula, annexed in 2014.

“The systems “The air defense authorities shot down two drones this morning over the sea in the Belbek area. All services are operating normally,” Sevastopol Governor Mikhail Razvozhaev said in a brief message. posted on his Telegram account.

Sevastopol is home to the main base of Russia's Black Sea Fleet and there have been several attempted drone strikes in recent weeks, including the downing of two more drones around the city on Monday. p>

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“We are not traitors,” say Russian fighters enlisted in the Ukrainian Army strong>

Their number is confidential but the “hundreds” of Russians fighting alongside Ukrainian soldiers in the Donetsk region (east), in a legion called “Freedom of Russia “, they are not considered “traitors”.

When his spokesman, “César”, meets with journalists, he usually takes them to the ruins of an Orthodox monastery in Dolina, in an area retaken by the Ukrainian army a few months ago.

The shattered golden dome, the rubble and the religious icons scattered on the ground are, according to him, the sample of “what are Putin's values”.

“I'm not fighting against the homeland, I'm fighting against the Putin regime, against tyranny,” says “César,” a handsome man with blue eyes. “I'm not a traitor. I'm a true Russian patriot,” he says.

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Russia The number of soldiers killed in a Ukrainian attack in Donetsk is now 89

The Russian Ministry of Defense has updated to 89 the balance of soldiers killed as a result of an attack by Ukrainian troops this Sunday against the town of Makivka, in the Donetsk region, increasing the previous count by more than 20. Lieutenant General Sergei Sevryukov, commander of the Russian forces in Ukraine, explained that the soldiers were found “in the course of clearing rubble from reinforced concrete structures.”

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Zelenski discusses with the Prime Minister of Canada about peace formulas

The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski, has discussed this Tuesday with the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, peace formulas to end the war, which began on February 24, 2022, after the mandate of the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin. . Zelensky has indicated that the conversation has focused on strengthening Ukraine's defense “against threats and risks of escalation on the front.” He has also expressed, through a call with Trudeau, his “gratitude for Canada's strong support for Ukraine.”

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The Biden government, convinced that Republicans will continue to support Ukraine

The Government of the United States said today that it is He is “absolutely” convinced that the Republican Party, which has just assumed control of the House, will continue to do so. He is supporting military aid for Ukraine to face the Russian invasion, according to what he said. State Department spokesman Ned Price at a press conference. Until now the leader of the Republicans in the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, suggested that the During the electoral campaign of the mid-term elections, on November 8, they would block the aid sent to kyiv by the Democratic Administration because Ukraine cannot be given a “blank check”. . However, Price noted that He noted that Republican support in Congress for successive arms and humanitarian aid shipments has been consistent, including the recently approved $44 billion package in the 2023 budget.

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Ruslan Hasbulatov, former Chairman of the Supreme Soviet, dies

Ruslan Hasbulatov, the last president of the Russian Supreme Soviet or Parliament, died in February. this Tuesday at his house in the Moscow region. at the age of 80, he reported his public television. His funeral will be held & aacute; tomorrow in his native Chechnya. The politician held the position. The post of head of the Russian Parliament between October 29, 1991 and October 4, 1993. Thus, the one-time ally of the first Russian president, Boris Yeltsin and later his staunch opponent, was the last president. He was the head of the Russian Legislature when the USSR still existed and the first to head the Supreme Soviet after the disintegration of the Soviet empire.

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Mourning and anger in Russia after the death of dozens of soldiers in Ukraine

With flowers and prayers, several rallies throughout Russia paid tribute on Tuesday to the dozens of soldiers killed in an attack in eastern Ukraine that shocked the country. the country and unleashed the A wave of criticism of the army was launched. Some 200 people participated in a tribute in the city of Samara (center), where some of the dead soldiers were from, an unusual event in Russia where the authorities maintain a hermetic silence about military casualties in Ukraine. Several people deposited roses or flower crowns before a flame in one of the main squares of the city, bowing respectfully or making the sign of the cross, the official said. AFPAn Orthodox priest recited the a prayer, then soldiers firing rifles into the air.

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Sunak tells Zelensky Ukraine can count on Britain in the long run

The British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, told the Ukrainian leader, Volodymyr Zelensky, on Tuesday that the country can count on the help of the United Kingdom “in the long term”, as confirmed by the Ukrainian leader. a spokesman for Downing Street, London's seat of Government. In a phone call with Zelensky today, “the two leaders discussed the horrendous (Russian) drone attacks on Ukraine in recent days and the prime minister said the UK's thoughts are on Stay with the Ukrainians as they continue to live under those bombardments”

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Ukraine is preparing to withstand the long waves of Russian attacks that the US anticipates. in 2023

The fighting in the Ukraine does not give respite and kyiv foresees another. So Russia will continue to do so. Massive drone attacks were used to deplete the population, destroy the energy system, and wear down the country's anti-aircraft defenses. “We have information that Russia is planning prolonged attacks with Shahed drones” on Iran, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said. According to the Ukrainian leader, Moscow I would be betting on the “exhaustion” of Ukraine. “He's probably betting on burnout. Burnout of our people, our air defenses, our energy sector,” he said.

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Germany would seize Russian assets to rebuild Ukraine

Germany is here. It is prepared to use billions of euros in frozen Russian assets to help Ukraine rebuild, provided the legal issues are resolved and the allies follow suit. The government of Foreign Minister Olaf Scholz supports the Ukrainian demand for war reparations, but has not yet taken an official position on the confiscation of Russian state assets. The issue is complex and some sectors of the ruling coalition are more supportive than others, according to people familiar with the talks. The internal tensions reflect the broader struggle of the international community to forge a common position.

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Russia destroys an arsenal of the Ukrainian Army in a new offensive in Donetsk

The Russian Armed Forces have destroyed an arsenal of the Ukrainian Army on Tuesday in a new offensive in the vicinity of Kupiansk, Krasno-Limanski and Yuzhno-Donetsk, where Russian troops continue to advance.

The spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, Igor Konashenkov, has indicated in a statement that the arsenal in question was located at the Druzhkovka train station, also in the Donetsk region, and has reported that He noted that the attack has resulted in the destruction of two US-made HIMARS multiple missile launcher system installations.

“As a result of a complex confrontation with the enemy in areas of Krasnoye, Petrivskoye, Nevelskoye and Pobeda, in Donetsk, 90 Ukrainian soldiers have died and two tanks and five armed vehicles have been destroyed”, he explained before indicating that “more than 30 soldiers have also died in other combats registered further south, as reported by the Interfax agency.

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Russia claims it has shot down more than 2,800 Ukrainian drones since the start of the war

Russian forces have destroyed 2,807 Ukrainian Army drones since the start of the war campaign in that country on February 24, according to a statement by the Russian Army. this Tuesday the Russian Defense Ministry.

“Since the start of the special military operation, a total of 355 planes, 199 helicopters, and 2,807 drones have been destroyed,” the official said. Defense in its daily part.

In the last day, according to the Russian military, 13 unmanned aircraft have been shot down in the regions of Donetsk, Lugansk and Zaporizhia.

“In addition, nine HIMARS projectiles were intercepted near the town of Chervonopopivka in the people's republic of Lugansk and New Kakhovka, in the Kherson region,” they add.

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Mourning and anger in Russia after the death of dozens of soldiers in Ukraine

With flowers and After prayers, several rallies throughout Russia paid tribute on Tuesday to the dozens of soldiers killed in an attack in eastern Ukraine that shocked the nation. the country and unleashed the a wave of criticism of the military.

Some 200 people participated in a tribute in the city of Samara (center), where some of the dead soldiers were from, an unusual event in Russia where the authorities maintain a hermetic silence about military casualties in Ukraine.

Several people laid roses or wreaths before a llama in one of the city's main squares, bowing respectfully or making the sign of the cross, the police said. the AFP. An orthodox priest recited the a prayer, and then soldiers firing rifles into the air.

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Bulgaria signs a contract to import gas through Turkey< /p>

The Bulgarian state-owned company Bulgargaz signed the agreement. This Tuesday, he signed a contract with the Turkish company BOTAS, which will allow him to sell. until 2036 access to the liquefied natural gas (LNG) regasification terminals of the neighboring country, as well as as well as its network of gas pipelines, to import blue fuel from various suppliers.

The document was signed by the presidents of both companies, in the presence of the Bulgarian Minister of Energy, Rosen Hristov, and his Turkish counterpart, Fatih Dönmez, at a ceremony in Sofia televised on direct.

The agreement establishes that Bulgaria will be able to Over the next 13 years, he will have access to liquefied gas from various Western suppliers, with the right to participate in eventual negotiations with them.

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kyiv claims it has killed 750 Russian soldiers in fighting in the last 24 hours

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have affirmed this Tuesday that they have “liquidated” 750 Russian soldiers during the combats registered in the last day and have raised to more than 108,000 the total number of Russian soldiers killed since the start of the invasion of Ukraine. n, unleashed on February 24 by order of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Army has said in a message on its account on the social network Facebook that since the beginning of the During the war, “some 108,190” Russian soldiers have been killed, before adding that 3,036 battle tanks, 2,033 artillery systems and 214 anti-aircraft defense systems have been destroyed.

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 Russia considers a peace treaty with Japan “impossible”

 The Russian government has indicated this Monday that the dialogue on a peace treaty with Japan is impossible due to “the anti-Russian course” of the Japanese authorities.

 The deputy minister Russian Foreign Minister Andrei Rudenko has stated that “it is absolutely obvious that it is impossible to discuss the signing of such a document with a state that adopts openly hostile positions,” according to statements to the Tass agency.

Rudenko added that the Japanese government is directing “direct threats” against Moscow, while finding no sign that “Tokyo is moving away from the anti-Russian course or any attempt to rectify the situation.” /p>

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Opinion | Between Putin's bombs and the unity of the Europeans

The trajectory of Pedro Sánchez's influence in the EU's corridors of power is upward, especially since the Russian invasion has turned the energy market upside down. Read here the article by Carlos Carnicero Urabayen.

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Russia admits the death of sixty of soldiers in a Ukrainian shelling near Donetsk

Russia recognized that at least 63 of its soldiers died in a Ukrainian bombardment against a town controlled by Moscow; in eastern Ukraine, after a bloody weekend for both sides in the conflict.

The Russian military — which rarely divulges its casualties — has never reported so many casualties. losses in a single attack since the start of the invasion of Ukraine on February 24.

The Russian Ministry of Defense specified that the bombardment “with four missiles” took place in the Russian-occupied town of Makiivka in the eastern Donetsk region, and that it hit the Russian-occupied town of Makiivka. It called a “temporary deployment center” for the army.

The ministry did not specify which name it was. He gave the exact date the bombing took place, but said it was a matter of of an attack with HIMARS rocket launchers, a type of weapon delivered by the United States to Ukraine.

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< strong>Russia sees a peace treaty with Japan as “impossible”

The Russian government has indicated this Monday that the dialogue of a peace treaty with Japan is impossible due to “the anti-Russian course” of the Japanese authorities. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Rudenko has stated that “it is absolutely obvious that it is impossible to discuss the signing of such a document with a state that adopts openly hostile positions,” according to statements to the Tass agency.

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Russia reports the downing of two drones over Sevastopol

Russian authorities reported Monday that they have shot down at least two Ukrainian drones in the city of Sevastopol, on the Crimean peninsula, after several days of Russian drone attacks on Ukrainian cities. Sevastopol is home to the main base of Russia's Black Sea Fleet and there have been several attempted drone strikes in recent weeks.

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Dozens of Russian soldiers were killed in a Ukrainian bombardment near Donetsk

Russia acknowledged the attack. on Monday that at least 63 of its soldiers were killed in a Ukrainian bombardment of a Moscow-controlled town. in eastern Ukraine, after a bloody weekend for both sides of the conflict. The Russian military — which rarely discloses its casualties — has never reported so many losses in a single attack since the start of the invasion of Ukraine on February 24. The Russian Ministry of Defense specified that the bombardment “with four missiles” took place in the Russian-occupied town of Makiivka in the eastern Donetsk region, and that it hit the Russian-occupied town of Makiivka. “a temporary deployment center” of the Army.

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Zelensky: “We have information that Russia is planning a protracted drone campaign to tire Ukraine”.

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