Russia-Ukraine war today: Last minute of Putin's invasion, live

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  • Between Putin's bombs and European unity

The war between Russia and Ukraine is going It was on the way to reaching the year of armed conflict.

We tell you the last hour of the war in Ukraine live.


2 hours ago

Robles says Spain will help Spain. to Ukraine, but does not clarify if it will send Leopard

Defense Minister Margarita Robles said this Friday in Toledo that Spain will continue to defend itself. helping and sending material to Ukraine according to what it requests, in coordination with the rest of the allies and according to the “availability” of Spain, although it has not specified if that contribution goes through the shipment. or from tanks “Leopard”. Speaking to journalists at the Toledo Infantry Academy, where she has visited the second contingent of Ukrainian recruits receiving training, the minister referred to the technical meeting this Friday in Ramstein (Germany) to address the urgent request for tanks by the Ukrainian authorities. Robles has affirmed that the meeting “is not to decide anything” but that it is one of the technical meetings that are carried out periodically, every month, to assess the needs of Ukraine and what to do with it. Contributions can be made at any time.

2 hours ago

Putin meets the Security Council while the West debate help Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with him. He will meet with the Russian Security Council today to discuss the situation of the Ukrainian campaign, while NATO and the countries of the Contact Group for Ukraine discuss military aid to kyiv at the Ramstein base (Germany). “During the meeting, an exchange of views on the special military operation took place. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu briefed the participants on his visit to the operation's staff at early in the week,” said Mr. Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov, without offering further details. The representative of the Russian Presidency pointed out So the Russian president informed He told Security Council members of his recent phone conversations with foreign leaders.

3 hours ago

< strong>Russia announces the seizure of two towns in Donetsk and Zaporizhia

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced the This Friday the capture of the Ukrainian town of Klishchiivka, in the vicinity of the city of Bájmut, in the eastern region of Donetsk, and the town of Lobkove, in the province of Zaporizhia, in the southeast. “On the Donetsk front, the volunteers of the assault units, with the fire support of the aviation (…), the missile troops and the artillery of the Southern Military District, liberated the settlement of Klishchiivka”, said the military spokesman, Ígor Konashénkov, in the daily war report. added Also, “the town of Lobkove” was liberated, a small village in Zaporizhia, located less than 40 kilometers from the regional capital, under kyiv control. The Zaporizhia region, which is home to the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, was annexed by Moscow for the first time. in September 2022, but it is only partially controlled by Russia.

3 hours ago

Russia and Pakistan agree to supply Russian crude and oil derivatives

Russia and Pakistan have reached an agreement in principle on the supply of oil and oil derivatives, in the midst of the G7, Australia and the European Union (EU) cap on Russian crude, in addition to the cap. s of the partial community embargo. Russia's Deputy Minister of Energy Sergei Mochalnikov indicated that this was not the case. Today, after meeting in Islamabad in an intergovernmental commission of both countries, that a “conceptual agreement” has been reached on the supply of hydrocarbons to Pakistan, according to the Interfax agency. The Minister of Energy, Nikolai Shulginov, in turn, explained the situation. in Moscow The two countries will address the technical details after completing the government's process to adopt the agreement, which should occur no later than the end of March.

3 hours ago

Robles says that the “political decision” on sending battle tanks to Ukraine will be in February

The Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, has spoken about the meeting that the countries of the Contact Group for Ukraine are holding at the Ramstein military base, in Germany, in full debate on the need for new shipments. He called for tanks to fight against Russia, on which he has insisted that it is a technical appointment.  To questions from the media from Toledo, Robles has abounded in that it is limited to one of the usual appointments that are held on a monthly basis, one month before the next meeting between the defense ministers of the NATO member countries, where it is “political” decisions will be made.

3 hours ago

Zelensky urges the countries gathered in Ramstein to make decisions about sending tanks to Ukraine

The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski, has demanded this Friday that the countries of the Contact Group for Ukraine that meet at the Ramstein military base, in Germany, make decisions on the supply of battle tanks in Ukraine, after noting that it is in his hand helping the Ukrainian victory over Russia. In a videoconference message, Zelenski has addressed the coalition of 40 countries led by the United States to urge them to “make decisions” that may have important consequences for the course of the war in Ukraine. “You can start this policy today, it's in your hands,” he stressed.

3 hours ago

At least one officer killed and four wounded in a Russian attack on a police car in Kherson

At least one policeman has been killed and four others have been injured in an attack by Russian forces against a police vehicle in the Kherson region, in southern Ukraine, due to the increase in shelling by part of the Russian troops. The head of the Police of the Mikolaiv region, Serhi Shaijet, has indicated that the fatal victim is an agent of the police force of the aforementioned region, who was He was in the Berislav district when the attack took place. Thus, he has identified the fatality as Yuri Jiyinski, 29, who “died on the spot.” Four other agents have been injured, one seriously. “The doctors are fighting to save his life,” he pointed out.

3 hours ago

Poland warns of There will be a “crack in NATO” if Germany does not authorize the shipment of tanks

Polish presidential adviser Paweł Soloch, he assured. He said this Friday that if Germany does not accept the shipment of Polish “Leopard” tanks to Ukraine, it will open an agreement. He said “a rift within NATO” and that he does not expect any decision on the matter to be taken at today's meeting in Ramstein (Germany). At a press conference in Warsaw, Soloch said that a German refusal “would be extremely unfavorable for the situation within the Alliance” and added that it would be extremely unfavorable for the situation within the Alliance. He said that “almost everything is in the hands of the determination of countries like Poland, Finland or Denmark”, whose governments have already announced the sending of military aid to Ukraine. In the event that Warsaw decided to hand over the tanks to the Ukrainians without German approval, “the Germans would have the right to sue us for it, but it seems unlikely,” he assessed. the diplomat asked, and concluded waiting “for a compromise to be reached”.

3 agohours

Russia promises to the Committee on Red Cross access to Ukrainian prisoners of war

Russia will do Do everything possible to ensure access to the Committee. International Red Cross (ICRC) to the Ukrainian prisoners of war, declared the today Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. “We actively support your efforts to guarantee access to the military taken prisoner. We will do everything in our power to guarantee access to Ukrainian soldiers,” the statement said. at the beginning of a meeting with the president of the ICRC, Mirjana Spoljaric. For her part, the president of the ICRC highlighted You will learn how important the communication channels between your organization and Moscow are. Please continue to be “open and constructive.” “I would like to assure you that I will abide by the principle of neutrality and independence and respect confidentiality where necessary,” he said.

3 hours ago

The first UN humanitarian convoy arrives in Soledar, Donbas

A humanitarian convoy of three trucks with food, water, hygiene products and medicines arrived at the airport. today around the Ukrainian city of Soledar, as confirmed by the spokesman for the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Jens Laerke. Laerke stressed He said that it is the first international convoy to arrive in the area, and he detailed what happened. What will it provide? Humanitarian aid was given to 800 civilians in need after the intense fighting that has taken place in recent days in this area of ​​the Donbas region, occupied by Russia. The UN agencies participating in this convoy from the city of Dnipro; (Ukraine) are the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the World Food Program (WFP).

4 hours ago

Ukraine claims to have detained seven “Russian agents” near Dnipro

The Ukrainian security services (SBU) said on Friday they had arrested seven “Russian agents” in the Dnipro region, in the east of the country, suspected of spying for Moscow. “The SBU carried out another important special operation to expose and detain enemy agents,” the officer congratulated himself. in a statement Vasil Maliuk, the head of the services. According to the SBU, “the detainees provided coordinates of critical [Ukrainian] infrastructures to the Russians” and “collected information about (…) the movements of (Kievan's) forces in the region.” to hand it over to the Russian army.

4 hours ago

Russia warns of the consequences of sending heavy weapons to Ukraine

The Kremlin assured This Friday that the shipment of heavy weapons to Ukraine will have to be controlled. “negative consequences,” but he called it “negative consequences.” to “not exaggerate” the effect of this military aid on the ground, which is being discussed today in Ramstein (Germany) by the Contact Group for the Defense of Ukraine. At his daily press conference, Russian Presidency spokesman Dmitri Peskov said that Western deliveries of heavy weapons such as tanks to Ukraine by the West will “definitely have negative consequences.” That's right, he suggested. “not to overstate the importance of such supplies in terms of their ability to make a difference” on the ground. added He said that “experts are well aware of all the problems that go along with those supplies.”

4 agohours

The delivery of Western tanks to Ukraine will not change in the future. “nothing” on the battlefield, says the Kremlin

The Kremlin assured He said on Friday that the delivery of Western tanks to Ukraine will not change. He “nothing” on the battlefield, shortly before a key meeting of kyiv's allies in Germany to bolster their military aid. “These (tank) deliveries will not change anything (…) they will create new problems for Ukraine,” Russian presidential spokesman Dmitri Peskov said. With this, the Western countries feed the “illusion” of a possible Ukrainian victory on the ground, added the minister. the spokesman.

5 hours ago

Russia says it has not threatened to use nuclear weapons< /p>

The Russian ambassador to the United States, Anatoli Antonov, has assured this Thursday that no authority in the country has threatened to use nuclear weapons. “Frankly, we have long ceased to be surprised by the empty and irresponsible accusations that our country is allegedly threatening to use nuclear weapons. No one in the Russian military and political leadership has ever spoken in this way,” he said. Antonov. According to the Russian diplomat, Washington has unleashed an all-out hybrid war against Moscow, arguing that “they are taking advantage of NATO partners” by “forcing” the countries He will invest money in military financing.

Ago 5 hours

Finland will send a new army. heavy artillery to Ukraine

Finland announced the A military aid package to Ukraine worth 400 million euros ($432 million) was released on Friday, which will include Heavy artillery and ammunition, but no Leopard tanks. “Ukraine still needs support to defend its territory,” Finnish Defense Minister Mikko Savola said in a statement. The ministry did not give more details about the content of this aid but, as indicated by Special adviser Miikka Pynnonen told AFP, the package did not include the Leopard armored vehicles. Helsinki has already donated military aid packages to Ukraine 11 other times, but the one announced this Friday is the largest.

6 hours ago p>

Belarus and Russia continue joint tactical air exercises

The Russian and Belarusian air forces continue their joint tactical air exercises from Belarusian territory, amid ongoing speculation about a possible new Russian attack from Belarusian territory against northern Ukraine and its capital, kyiv. The Belarusian Ministry of Defense released the news. A video was released this Friday from the Baránavichi airfield, in the Brest province, bordering Poland and Ukraine, where joint aviation crews are training in “combat air coverage for important facilities state and military. In addition, Russian and Belarusian units carried out tasks from other airfields and at the Ruzhany range, in the same Belarusian region, to train under air cover in attacks against anti-aircraft defense and missiles. command posts, and concentrations of enemy equipment and soldiers.

6 hours ago

Zelenski thanks the US for its “powerful” $2.5bn military aid to Ukraine

The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky, thanked the The new $2.5 billion military aid package for Ukraine, which includes hundreds of armored vehicles, was delivered to the United States this Friday. “Thank you to the President of the United States (Joe Biden) for supplying Ukraine with another powerful defense support package,” Zelensky said on Twitter. The weapons in this program, which does not include the heavy tanks requested by kyiv, “are an important help in our fight against the aggressor,” he stressed.

7< ago /strong> hours

The US announces a new military aid package for Ukraine that does not include the delivery of tanks

The United States Government has announced this Thursday a new military aid package for Ukraine valued at 2,500 million dollars (2,300 million euros), which highlights the absence of M1 Abrams tanks, as requested the Ukrainian Executive. However, this new package includes military equipment for Ukraine such as 90 Stryker armored personnel carriers, 59 Bradley fighting vehicles and a series of other equipment, according to The Bloomberg agency reported. The package includes millions of ammunition cartridges, tens of thousands of artillery cartridges or night vision equipment, as detailed by the Pentagon, which has sent weapons 30 times. I have been to Ukraine since the beginning of the The war. They also highlight 125 million dollars (115 million euros) in funds to support the energy infrastructure of Ukraine and the promise of the Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelensky, to retake the Crimean peninsula .

8 hours ago

Ukraine accuses Russia of killing four civilians in the Donetsk region< /strong>

The Ukrainian authorities have accused Russian forces this Friday of killing four civilians and injuring another three in the Donetsk region, in the east of the country, during the last day.  “Russia kills civilians. On January 19, the Russians killed four civilians in the Donetsk region (…) Three more civilians were injured,” he detailed in a statement on Telegram on military governor of the Donetsk region Pavlo Kyrylenko.  Specifically, two of the dead would have lost their lives in the city of Drobysheve, another in Maksimilianivka and a last one in Bakhmut.

9 ago strong> hours

The UN prepares two large meetings for the anniversary of the Russian invasion

UN countries are preparing two major gatherings to mark the first anniversary of the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, including a special appointment at the General Assembly that Ukrainian President Volodya could attend. ;mir Zelenski, as confirmed today by diplomatic sources. The next February 24th will be the anniversary of the anniversary. It will be a year since the Russian troops entered the neighboring country and the Ukrainian government seeks to use the date to encourage a new show of support from the international community. Thus, kyiv wants to gather on the 23rd, the eve of the anniversary, the General Assembly of the United Nations, the body in which the 193 member states of the organization sit and is ready to participate. He is considering the possibility of Zelenski traveling to New York to participate in the meeting, which is not yet official.

9 hours ago

 CIA director meets with Zelensky

The director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States, William Burns, has met with the president of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski, on a secret trip to kyiv, to discuss the future of the war. Burns would have traveled to the Ukrainian capital at the end of last week to inform Zelensky about Russia's military plans in the coming weeks and months, according to what The Washington Post has learned. '.  “Director Burns traveled to kyiv, where he met with his counterparts in the Ukrainian intelligence services, as well as with President Zelensky, and reinforced our continued support for Ukraine in its defense against US aggression.” n Russian,” a US official has declared. He has met the urgency of the moment on the battlefield and has recognized that, at some point, help will be available. It is more difficult to obtain, as indicated by the sources consulted by the aforementioned newspaper.

9 hours ago

US announces new military aid package to Ukraine without tanks

The US Government has announced this Thursday a new military aid package for Ukraine valued at 2,500 million dollars (2,300 million euros), which highlights the absence of M1 Abrams tanks, as requested by the Ukrainian executive. However, this new package includes military material for Ukraine such as 90 Stryker armored personnel carriers, 59 Bradley fighting vehicles and a series of other equipment, according to the Bloomberg agency. /p>

9 hours ago

Borrell criticizes Lavrov for disrespecting the victims of the Holocaust

The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, criticized the minister this Thursday Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov for his recent remarks that Washington has formed a Western “coalition” to “resolve the Russian question” in a manner similar to Adolf's “final solution.” Hitler to exterminate the Jews.

9 hours ago

Russia says it has not threatened to use nuclear weapons

The Russian ambassador to the United States, Anatoli Antonov, has assured this Thursday that no authority in the country has threatened to use nuclear weapons. “Frankly, we have long ceased to be surprised by the empty and irresponsible accusations that our country is allegedly threatening to use nuclear weapons. No one in the Russian military and political leadership has ever spoken in this way,” he said. Antonov.

17 hours ago

Zelensky questions Germany for not approving shipment of 'Leopard' tanks to Ukraine '

The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky, has questioned Germany for keeping the delivery of 'Leopard' tanks to Ukraine on hold after several Western countries were in favor of sending battle tanks as part of from an international coalition.                   “You are adults. s that both Poland and Finland announced their readiness for this joint action, which has to be approved by Berlin.

19 hours ago

Poroshenko appeals to NATO unity to agree on the supply of 'Leopard' tanks to Ukraine

The former president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has appealed this Thursday to the unity between the member states of the Atlantic Alliance to agree on the supply of German-made 'Leopard' tanks to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. In statements to CNN , Poroshenko has emphasized that, if Ukraine cannot count on these tanks, it is “impossible” to draw up a strong defense operation to face the attacks of Russian troops. “The entire Western world, the entire NATO, must learn unity (…) At the end of the day, we could be in a situation where Poland and other NATO members supply us with tanks without Germany's permission,” he stressed.

19 hours ago

Zelensky urges Germany to supply “Leopard” ahead of Ramstein meeting

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky urged He returned to Berlin to allow supplies to his country of the “Leopard” tanks, before the meeting this Friday at the US base in Ramstein (Germany) of the allied members of the Contact Group for Ukraine. “You can go on talking about it for six months, but in my country people die every day,” said Mr. the Ukrainian leader, in an interview on ARD public television. “If you have any 'Leopards', give them to us,” insisted Mr. Zelensky, to reject the German government's argument that, on the German side, the decision will not be adopted. The decision was made alone, but rather in consensus with its allies: “The 'Leopards' will not circulate in the Russian Federation. They are to defend us,” he stated.

19 hours ago

Ukraine calls for more weapons ahead of a key meeting of its allies

Ukraine claimed this Thursday more weapons to resist the Russian invasion and urged the He told his allies to “stop shaking” at Russian President Vladimir Putin on the eve of a meeting of Western countries on aid to kyiv. Ukrainian Defense and Foreign Ministers Oleksii Reznikov and Dmytro Kuleba urged “significantly stepping up” arms deliveries, including German-made Leopard tanks. Russia warned on its side of the risk of a “dangerous” escalation if Ukraine receives long-range weapons capable of attacking its territory.

21 hours ago

Zelensky urges Germany to authorize delivery of tanks to Ukraine

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, urged this. He again this Thursday to Germany to allow the supply to Ukraine of modern Western battle tanks, such as the “Leopard 2”, whose German manufacture and whose supply has to be authorized by Berlin. “Many countries are prepared to deliver tanks to us, they are motivated and support us but they are waiting for the relevant documents from the countries that have the right to authorize it (…) We are all waiting for the consent of the country. It has the rights to the relevant licences,” he told a news conference in kyiv accompanied by the President of the European Council, Charles Michel.

21ago > hours

Denmark joins sending international military aid to Ukraine and announces delivery of artillery

The Danish authorities have announced this Thursday that they will send another 19 'Caesar' self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine due to the rebound in the shipment of international military aid to the country in the midst of the Russian invasion. ; What will proceed? The French-made artillery systems were sent, following the request of the Ukrainian government itself, which has stressed the need to receive more weapons to face the Russian Armed Forces.

22 hours ago

Ukraine makes last-ditch push for Leopard tanks ahead of key meeting< /p>

Ukraine made a last-ditch diplomatic push today to win the largest number of modern tanks in the West on Friday at a major meeting in Germany, asking a dozen countries for Leopard 2 main battle tanks. Germans and criticize Berlin's hesitant stance on their re-export and supply. “There are times when we shouldn't hesitate and say: I'll give you tanks if someone else shares their tanks,” he said. The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, via videoconference this Thursday at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

22 hours ago

Michel defends in kyiv the “determination” of the EU to help Ukraine militarily: “You need tanks”

The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, this Thursday, during a visit to Ukraine, defended the European Union's military support for the country in the midst of Russian military aggression, pointing out that at this moment what it needs the Ukrainian Army are battle tanks. In a speech before the Ukrainian Rada, Michel has assured that the Twenty-seven are “determined” to help Ukraine win the war on the battlefield. “Three days after the invasion, we formally decided to provide, for the first time in the history of the EU, lethal equipment to a third country,” he recalled. They have begun to arrive in Ukraine and so far, we have mobilized a total of 11,000 million euros in military support,” he stressed to the Ukrainian parliamentarians.

22 ago strong> hours

Austria does not invite Russia to the inauguration of the country's president

The Russian ambassador to Austria, Dmitrij Ljubinskij, has not been invited to next week's inauguration ceremony for Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen, authorities confirmed today, as part of This is the official position on the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. In addition, the Kleine Zeitung newspaper assures that the invitation has not been extended to the representative of Belarus, a country that collaborates and supports Russia in its military aggression.

22 hours ago

Lavrov warns that the possible expansion of NATO towards the Russian borders will have consequences. response from Moscow

The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, has warned this Thursday that the possible expansion of the Atlantic Alliance towards the borders of Russia and Belarus will have consequences. A consistent response from Moscow was forthcoming. The alliance's military infrastructure was brought to our borders,” he said.

1 day ago

South Africa announces that it will perform in February joint military maneuvers with Russia and China

The South African Army has announced this Thursday that during the month of February it will carry conducted joint military exercises with Russia and China with the aim of “strengthening the already flourishing relations” between the three countries.

“As a means of strengthening the already flourishing relations between South Africa, Russia and China, a multinational maritime exercise between these three countries, called 'MOSI', will take place in the Durban and Richards Bay areas of Kwa-Zulu Natal province between the 17 and 27 February 2023”, the Army said.

Thus, he stated in a statement published on his account on the social network Twitter that “it will be the second time that maneuvers of this type have taken place involving the three naval forces, after the first, carried out in November 2019. in Cape Town, South Africa”.

1 day ago

Estonia will deliver the 2019-2020 conference. its largest military aid package to Ukraine since the start of the war

The Government of Estonia has informed this Thursday that it will deliver the A package of 113 million euros in aid was delivered, the largest delivery of military assistance to Ukraine since the start of the war. The Russian invasion of the territory almost a year ago.

Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur said in a statement that the military aid proposal for Ukraine includes weapons and ammunition valued at said amount, therefore the assistance provided to the country increases to 370 million euros.

Despite the fact that these supplies are in warehouses used by the Estonian Armed Forces, the Government has ensured that this will not detract from the Estonian Armed Forces. It will improve the country's ability to defend itself as these weapons will be replaced in the future.

1 day ago

< p>MEPs call for court for Russia's “crime of aggression” against Ukraine

The European Parliament approved the A non-binding resolution was released this Thursday calling for the creation and implementation of a special international tribunal to try Russia's “crime of aggression” against Ukraine. The document was approved by a large majority of 472 votes in favor, with 19 against and 33 abstentions, during a plenary session in Strasbourg, France. The document mentions the “urgent need” for the European Union (EU) to press for the establishment of such an international court. This instance would be responsible for “prosecuting the crime of aggression against Ukraine committed by the political and military leaders of the Russian Federation and its allies,” according to the document.

< p class="hour">1 day ago

Charles Michel is confident in kyiv that 2023 will be the perfect year. “the year of victory and peace”

The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, affirmed This Thursday when he arrived in kyiv on a surprise visit to meet with the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, who is confident that 2023 will be “the year of victory and peace.” “Back in kyiv to discuss all aspects of cooperation. May 2023 be the year of victory and peace,” said Mr. Michel through the social network Twitter. Later, in a message on the same channel, he said he was “impressed by the courage of the Ukrainian veterans” during a visit to an EU-funded rehabilitation center in kyiv.

1 day ago

Stoltenberg expects more heavy and modern weapons for Ukraine< /p>

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has indicated that the meeting at the military base in Ramstein, Germany, of the Contact Group for Ukraine led by the United States will be a very important event. This was the occasion to confirm more military support for kyiv, with “heavy and modern weapons” in the midst of the escalation of fighting with the Russian Army in the east of the country. As a mico from Davos, in Switzerland, the political chief of NATO has assured that the main message that will come out is of the meeting in Ramstein will be He said “there will be more support and more advanced support, heavier weapons and more modern weapons” to Ukraine.

1 ago > day

Ukraine asks Spain and other countries to send 'Leopard' tanks

The Ukrainian authorities have asked Spain and other countries of the international community this Thursday to send 'Leopard' tanks to the country as soon as possible to face the Russian forces not only to safeguard the future and well-being of the Ukrainians but also also “for the good of its own citizens.” Foreign Minister Dimitro Kuleba and Defense Minister Oleski Reznikov applauded the UK's decision to “transfer its first 'Challenger 2' tank squadron to Ukraine in a joint statement.” However, they have regretted that “they are not enough to achieve the objectives at the operational level” of the Ukrainian forces. That is why they have asked countries that have 'Leopard 2' tanks, such as Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Poland, Norway and Spain, among others, to hand over the tanks, which “will be used responsibly and exclusively to protect the territorial integrity of Ukraine in within the framework of internationally recognized borders”.

1 day ago

The Russian patriarch warns that trying to beat Russia would be “the end of the world”

The West's attempts to beat Russia on the battlefield are very dangerous and could lead to the end of the world, warned Russia. Today the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, Kirill, before the possibility that several NATO countries send tanks to Ukraine. “Today there are great threats to the world, to our country and to the entire human race. The desire to defeat Russia has taken on very dangerous forms. We pray to God to enlighten these madmen and help them understand that any desire to destroying Russia will mean the end of the world,” he said. during a liturgy. Kiril remembered. He said that Russia has powerful weapons and is ready to help. It was populated by “very strong people, who always had great motivation for victory.”

1 day ago

Two Swedish citizens sentenced to prison for spying for Russia

The Swedish Justice has sentenced two Swedish citizens, aged 42 and 35, to prison sentences this Thursday after being found guilty of spying for Russia during the invasion of Ukraine. According to the court ruling , the two men, who are brothers, obtained access to confidential information since one of them worked in the Armed Forces and had access to security data, as reported by the Swedish Radio station. , the eldest of them has been sentenced to life imprisonment, while the other will have a prison sentence. He will have to spend nine years and ten months behind bars. The crimes they are accused of were committed between March 2011 and September 2021, according to court documents.

1 day ago

Lukashenko says he has given all the help he promised to help him. to Russia for Ukraine

The President of Belarus, Alexandr Lukashenko, affirmed today that he has given all the help he promised & oacute; to Moscow in the context of Russia's military campaign in Ukraine, for which Minsk offers its territory to Russian troops and logistics. “Everything that I promised, everything that Russia needs in this complex period, not only for Russia, but for us, for Russia and Belarus, we do,” the president told Russian Foreign Minister Sergei. Lavrov, in a meeting held in Minsk, according to the official Belarusian agency BELTA. He underlined He said that his biggest concern is the security of Belarus, first of all, and Russia.

1 day ago

Poland says German permit for Leopard tanks is secondary

The Polish Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, assured the I will say this Thursday that, although Berlin does not give up. Poland will “do the right thing” for permission to deliver Leopard tanks to Ukraine, because such permission “is a secondary issue.” These statements, made to the Polish media on the plane in which he was traveling back to Poland from the Davos (Switzerland) summit, refer to Warsaw's decision to send a company of its Leopard tanks 2, of German manufacture, to the Ukrainian Army, which in principle requires express permission from Germany. The Polish Prime Minister underlined the He said that, given Berlin's delay in authorizing this shipment, “either we get the permission or we will do the right thing”, and he emphasized that it was not the right thing to do. that “consent is secondary and what is important is that the Germans, Danes, Finns, French and other nations deliver modern tanks and heavy weapons as soon as possible” to Ukraine.

1 day

The Wagner Group claims to have taken control of the town of Klischivka, south of Bakhmut

The Russian businessman and founder of the Wagner Group, Yevgueni Prigozhin, has assured this Thursday that the members of the group have taken control of the Ukrainian town of Klischivka, of vital importance for the advance of Russian troops towards Bakhmut, in the region ;n of Donetsk. Prigozhin has indicated in his Telegram account that “he can safely say that members of the Wagner Group have taken over the town, one of the most important Bakhmut suburbs.” “It has been completely taken,” he said before warning, however, that “the enemy clings to every meter of land.”  “Contrary to the comments that speak of the withdrawal of Bakhmut's Army from Ukraine, we deny that this is happening,” he pointed out as the Russian forces continue to try to take over this town, which has since become December as a symbol of the country's “indomitability” for Ukrainian forces.

1 day ago

Sweden will deliver Archer guns and light armor to Ukraine

Sweden announced the on Thursday that he will deliver the It provided the Ukrainian army with Archer long-range guns, a modern mobile howitzer that kyiv has been demanding for months, and light armored vehicles to deal with the Russian forces. Following a government meeting, Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson announced the He stated at a press conference “the first decision to start delivering Archer artillery systems to Ukraine.” Likewise, it will send 50 CV-90 armored infantry combatants and NLAW man-portable anti-tank missiles. With the conflict in the Ukraine, Sweden broke with the with his doctrine of not supplying arms to a country at war. Several Western countries have announced new arms aid to kyiv in recent days.

1 day ago

The Kremlin warns of a new war escalation if Ukraine receives tanks

The Kremlin has warned that the shipment of new weapons to Ukraine by Western governments would raise the conflict to “a new qualitative level”, in full debate on the possibility of delivering tanks to Ukrainian forces. The spokesman for the Russian Presidency, Dimitri Peskov, has assured that the mere discussion about the possibility of sending new equipment is “extremely dangerous”, noting that it would give rise to attacks in territories that Russia already considers its own.  At the same time, he pointed out that this military aid could harm European and even global security, in statements to the media reported by the Interfax news agency.

1 ago day

Wagner's boss says there are “things to learn” from the Ukrainian military

The head of the Wagner paramilitary group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, said his men have “things to learn” from the Ukrainian army, in the midst of a bitter battle for Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine. “The Ukrainian army works efficiently and coherently. There are things to learn from them. But, in any case, Wagner's units are advancing meter by meter,” he declared. Prigozhin in a message published on Thursday by his press service. He assured that “the town of Artiomovsk (the name that the Russian authorities use to refer to Bakhmut) will be conquered.” Wagner's troops and the Russian army have been trying since last summer to take this city in the Donetsk region (east), which, although strategically not of great interest, has acquired great symbolic importance after several setbacks for Russian troops.

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Russia bans 31 from entering the country New Zealand citizens

Russia sanctioned Today 31 New Zealanders, most of them journalists and media outlets, a former senior government official and a Maori representative, due to the West's “Russophobic campaign”. Those people are indefinitely banned from entering Russia, which it considers to be involved in “promoting the anti-Russian agenda and supporting the kyiv regime” in the Russian military campaign in Ukraine, the official said. the Russian Foreign Ministry in a statement. Those sanctioned include media CEOs, editors and individual journalists, such as Clark Gayford, television presenter, radio host and partner of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who today announced the sanctions. what will leave He took office in February.

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Russia investigates American for “espionage” strong>

The Russian security services (FSB) announced on Thursday the opening of an investigation for “espionage” against an American citizen, in the midst of a diplomatic crisis between Moscow and Russia. and Washington for the conflict in Ukraine. The FSB did not specify He did not know the identity of the American, nor whether he had been detained or whether he was in Russia or abroad. “The American is suspected of gathering information on biological issues that threaten the security of the Russian Federation,” the FSB said in a brief statement. Several US citizens are currently detained in Russia, which has heightened tensions between Moscow and Russia. and Washington.

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The President of the European Council travels to kyiv to meet with Zelensky< /strong>

The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, announced the this Thursday that he is traveling to kyiv to meet with the Ukrainian president, Volodímir Zelensky, and discuss together the support of the European Union (EU) to Ukraine to defend itself from the invasion From Russia. “On the way to kyiv. Ukrainians are fighting for their land, for the future of their children. But they are also fighting for our common European values ​​of peace and prosperity,” the statement said. Michel in a message on his Twitter profile, in which he added & oacute; that Ukrainians “need and deserve our support.” In a video that accompanies the message, Michel explains that he will meet, in addition to Zelensky, with the Ukrainian Prime Minister, Denys Shmyhal, as well as deputies.

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Medvedev warns of nuclear war if Ukraine defeats Russia

The vice president of the Russian Security Council, former president Dmitry Medvedev, warned against Today I speak to the West against sending heavy weapons and attack systems to Ukraine, because the defeat of a nuclear power like Russia in a conventional war can lead to the outbreak of a nuclear conflict.

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Zelensky criticizes Germany's doubts about supplying tanks to Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky criticized the move. He criticized Germany on Thursday for hesitating to deliver tanks to his country and assured that they would not deliver tanks to his country. that this is not a “good strategy”. “There are times when you shouldn't doubt or compare yourself. Someone said 'I'll give tanks if someone else does too,'” he said. Zelenski, in a speech by videoconference on the sidelines of the Davos Forum. The Ukrainian president was referring to press reports according to which Berlin would hand over tanks if the United States gave up Abrams vehicles. But for the moment, Washington is not on board. The US is willing to supply these more advanced tanks, a senior Pentagon official said Wednesday.

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Zelenski says there are “several theories” about the helicopter crash

Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky said “various theories” are being considered in the investigation into the helicopter crash near kyiv that killed the Ukrainian Interior Minister and 13 other people. “The investigation is ongoing. Various theories are being considered and I am not authorized to speak of the different hypotheses until the investigations are complete,” declared the director. Zelenski, who spoke by videoconference at the Davos Forum.

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Canada summons the Russian ambassador to protest the attacks in Ukraine and Lavrov's statements

The Canadian Foreign Minister, Mélanie Joly, reported this Wednesday that she has summoned the Russian ambassador in Ottawa, Oleg Stepanov, to protest the recent Russian attacks in Dnipro that left nearly fifty dead. , so as well as recent statements by his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov. Joly has indicated that the meeting is to “make it clear that we do not accept the sheer brutality of Russia's recent attacks on civilians in Dnipro and to condemn face to face the anti-Semitic comments made by Lavrov”, according to what he has said. reported 'Ottawa Citizen'. Lavrov has stated hours before that the United States has organized a “coalition” with Western countries to “resolve the Russian question” in a similar way to the “final solution” of Adolf Hitler to exterminate the Jews.

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Zelenski thanks those involved in the rescue operation after a helicopter crash in kyiv

The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky, thanked the On Wednesday night, he addressed the people involved in the rescue and emergency work after a helicopter crash in the Ukrainian city of Brovary, in the kyiv region, which has left about twenty dead , including the Minister of the Interior, Denis Monarstirski.  “The rescue operation in Brovary has lasted almost nine hours (…) Hundreds of people have intervened in extinguishing the fire, searching for and rescuing the injured, carrying out the first actions”, he said. ;winged.  “I thank everyone involved in this rescue operation today”, he declared in reference to police officers, National Guard soldiers, employees of the Security Service or health authorities.

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The United States sees no evidence that Belarus plans to enter the war in Ukraine

The strategic communication coordinator of the National Security Council of the United States, John Kirby, has assured that the Intelligence of the country has no confirmation that Belarus plans to physically enter the territory of Ukraine to help “I will tell you that we have not yet seen any sign that Belarus intends, plans or organizes to enter, physically penetrate the territory of Ukraine to help Russian forces in Ukraine,” the White House representative said in statements collected by Ukrinform. ” that Belarus has provided “significant geographic support” to Russia.

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Russia accuses the US of inciting the authorities is Ukrainians to terrorism

The Russian ambassador to the United States, Anatoli Antonov, this Wednesday accused the US State Department of pushing the Ukrainian authorities to commit terrorist acts in Russia. Asked about the statements of the State Department spokesman, Ned Price, about the possibility of Ukraine using US weapons in Crimea, Antonov has assured that Washington has an “increasingly militant” rhetoric, the TASS agency reported. .

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They assure that Soledar was defended by foreign battalions

The pro-Russian authorities of the self-proclaimed People's Republic of Lugansk have assured this Wednesday that the Ukrainian city of Soledar would have been defended by foreign battalions allied with Ukraine. According to the Donetsk Armed Forces, the Ukrainian Army would be organizing units fully manned by foreigners, instead of mixed units, due to the loss of troops.

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The US regrets the death of Monastirski and affirms that he defended the death of Monastirski. the will of the Ukrainian people

The United States has ensured that Ukraine's Interior Minister Denis Monastirski, who died in a helicopter crash on Wednesday, defended the move. the will of the Ukrainian people in the framework of the war in the country. “Monastirski and his team were deeply involved in the preservation of Ukraine's democracy, both in defending it against Russian aggression and in vital reform work to strengthen Ukraine's institutions during this war and beyond.” US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden highlighted in a statement issued by the White House.

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Zelenski asks for speed in the international responses against Russia, since Moscow is in danger. takes advantage of “doubts”

The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski, spoke electronically this Wednesday at the World Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland), where he articulated a speech based on the need for the international community to act more aggressively. s quickly against Russia, because Moscow was takes advantage of the “doubts” of the West. “It took Russia less than a second to start a war. It took days for the world to impose the first sanctions on it. The time the free world spends thinking, the The terrorist state spends it killing”, denounced the Ukrainian president during a speech that was preceded by a minute of silence for the death of the Minister of the Interior, Denis Monastirski.

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Putin says Russia's win over Ukraine is “inevitable”

The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has assured that his country's victory over Ukraine is “inevitable”, since Russian companies now produce as many missiles “as all the countries of the world combined”. “I have no doubts about it,” President Putin was confident during a visit to the state arms company Almaz-Antey, from where he highlighted The importance for Russia of the production of missiles in a context of war like the current one, in which the Russian arms and ammunition factories have been working non-stop for months since the start of the invasion of Ukraine.

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Children injured and in panic after helicopter crash in a Ukrainian kindergarten

Four men carry a body on a stretcher, wrapped in a bag, a stone's throw from a children's playground in Brovary, where the Home Secretary's helicopter crashed. against a kindergarten on Wednesday. The tragedy, which caused At least fourteen deaths -among them Minister Denis Monastirski- occurred shortly after eight in the morning. The device impacted in the building, killing one child and injuring at least 11 others in this city of about 100,000 east of kyiv. “The children had injuries. Their faces were lacerated and covered in blood. We pulled out an injured girl. I wrapped her in a jacket,” testified Dmytro Serbine, who lives right next to the accident site. “She probably didn't understand what was happening. She wasn't shaking, she wasn't crying. I held her in my arms,” ​​she continues to AFP.

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NATO countries to supply Ukraine with “heavier” weapons

NATO member countries will provide Ukraine with “heavier and more modern” weapons so that it can more effectively deal with Russian forces, the US government announced. this Wednesday the secretary general of the Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg. “We will meet (on Friday) in Ramstein (Germany) in the contact group for Ukraine, led by the United States, and the main message will be more support with heavier and more modern weapons,” the statement said. Stoltenberg during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Talks will focus on the delivery of heavy tanks and modern air defense systems.

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Stoltenberg calls for more heavy weapons ahead of rally in support of Ukraine

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called for This Wednesday from the Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland) more “heavy” and “modern” weapons for Ukraine, ahead of the meeting that the contact group for the defense of that country is going to will be held at the Ramstein air base (Germany) on Friday. “We will meet in Ramstein with the NATO allies in the contact group for Ukraine led by the United States (…) The main message will be more support and more advanced support, heavier weapons and weapons “Because this is a fight for our values, for democracy, and we just have to show that democracy defeats tyranny and oppression,” Stoltenberg said during a panel on security and peace.

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The death toll rises to 18, including the Interior Minister, after a helicopter crashed ;ptero near kyiv

The balance of deaths due to the fall of a helicopter near a nursery in the Ukrainian city of Brovary, located in the kyiv region, has risen to 18, as confirmed this Wednesday. Wednesday the authorities, who have pointed out that among the victims is the Interior Minister, Denis Monastirski. The governor of the kyiv region, Oleksiy Kuleba, has affirmed that among the 18 deceased in what he has described as “a tragedy” three children are listed. “There are also 29 injured, including 15 children,” he said in a message on his Telegram account.

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Scholz promises Ukraine more military support but leaves the shipment of Leopard tanks hanging in the balance

Germany has reiterated this Wednesday its commitment to provide Ukraine more military support for as long as it takes, but has left in the air the possibility of sending Leopard 2 tanks, as demanded in pún. The Government of kyiv and some of the allied countries such as the United Kingdom or Poland published. “We will continue to support Ukraine with large arms shipments, in coordination with our partners,” German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said during his speech at the World Economic Forum of Davos. Among these shipments, he highlighted, are “defensive systems such as IRIS-T or the Patriot”.

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Zelenski asks in Davos for a faster decision on the transfer of arms

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, has asked political leaders for faster decisions on the transfer of arms to his country during his speech at the Economic Forum. Davos World Cup. “The world must be quicker to supply us with air defense missiles and tanks,” Zelensky said. “We must speed up military support, the supply of air defense systems and tanks to Ukraine,” he continued. However, it was declared He is convinced that “the civilized world” will come out of it. I will be victorious in the face of the threat from Russia and that this will be achieved without delay. with unity.

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Spain requests permission to transfer anti-aircraft guns Swiss to Ukraine

The Spanish authorities officially asked Switzerland for permission to transfer two 35mm anti-aircraft guns to Ukraine previously acquired by Spain from the Central European country, although the Swiss government considers it “unlikely” that grant this authorization given its policy of neutrality. In a statement sent to Efe, the Swiss Ministry of Economy confirmed the He received the request from the Spanish authorities on Monday, January 16, and affirmed that he had received the petition. What's up? Examining the request but sees “consent to transfer of Swiss war materiel from Spain to Ukraine unlikely”.

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Scholz promises Ukraine more military support, includes Patriots as an option

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz ratified the agreement. today the commitment of his country to provide Ukraine with all its support and for as long as necessary and included the option of the Patriot defense systems that kyiv has been demanding. “We will continue to support Ukraine with extensive arms shipments, in coordination with our partners,” the statement said. The German leader, in his speech before the World Economic Forum in Davos, added that this includes “defensive systems such as IRIS-T or Patriot”. His will is to support Ukraine “as far as necessary”, insisted the president. Already in the round of questions, questioned about the indeterminacy that is attributed -both from Ukraine and from some allies- to Germany regarding new supplies of heavy weapons, specifically the Leopard.

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The president of the Red Cross will negotiate a new contract. in Moscow access to prisoners of war

The president of the Committee International Red Cross (ICRC), Mirjana Spoljaric, will travel to Moscow From January 19 to 20 to meet with officials of the Russian government, with the priority objective of achieving greater access for the organization to prisoners of war in Ukraine. The ICRC also recalled What's up? It was prepared to “play a neutral intermediary role in the exchange of prisoners” in the course of the conflict, during which the Red Cross has been able to visit some of these prisoners, although only a small part of the total, as well. He learned how to participate in evacuation efforts of civilians in cities besieged by Russia.

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Germany offers to investigate the death of the Ukrainian interior minister

The German Interior Minister, Nancy Faeser, has expressed her condolences for the death of her Ukrainian counterpart, Denis Monastirski, and has offered to collaborate with the investigations into the causes of the helicopter crash that claimed the The life of both the Ukrainian minister and another fifteen people. Faeser has lamented the death of Monastirski, with whom he has acknowledged having maintained “good and close contact” in recent months, especially since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin at the end of February 2022, according to the German media network RND.

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Ukraine reduces the number of victims found after the helicopter accident to 14

The number of fatalities found after the tragedy by the helicopter that crashed today in the kyiv region stands at 14, including a child, as well as a child. as the Minister of the Interior, Denis Monastyrsky, according to the updated balance of the Ukrainian State Emergency Service. Previously, the Ukrainian authority had given the figure of 17 deaths, of which four were children, although clarifying that the rescue work was continuing at the place where the plane crashed. the apparatus, a residential building with a kindergarten in the town of Brovary. In addition to the aforementioned fatalities, the tragedy caused several deaths. 25 injured, including 11 children, who according to reports source are hospitalized.

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Poland announces “international coalition” to deliver tanks to Ukraine

Poland's presidency announced a new agreement. What will you do today? An “international coalition” was formed to facilitate the delivery of the tanks to Ukraine and that the agreement would be formalized. He will attend the NATO ministerial meeting next Friday at the US base in Ramstein (Germany).

According to the foreign spokesman of the Polish presidential office, Marcin Przydacz, the goal of the coalition will be The transfer of tanks to Ukraine will involve the United Kingdom and several countries of the European Union (EU).

The initiative will materialize, according to Warsaw, at the meeting of the United Kingdom. n of defense ministers that will have It took place at that base, the largest of the United States in Europe and where NATO maintains a military contingent stationed.

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Putin Says He Has “No Doubts” About Russia's Victory In Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin has assured that Russia will win. He said this Wednesday that he has “no doubt” about his country's victory in the offensive in Ukraine, almost a year after it began and despite the military setbacks suffered by Moscow.

Victory “is guaranteed, I have no doubt,” declared the former. Putin on a visit to an arms factory in Saint Petersburg. According to him, what will help to Russia is “the unity of the Russian people, the courage and heroism of our soldiers (…) and obviously the work of our military and industrial sector.”

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A Russian soldier killed after defecting from a military base

Russian authorities announced Wednesday that they had shot dead a soldier who defected from the Russian Federation. He left a military base, and various media outlets reported that he had abandoned his unit deployed in the framework of the offensive in Ukraine. “Dmitry Perov, wanted for voluntarily leaving a military unit without authorization, has been found and eliminated,” the government of Russia's western Lipetsk region said in a statement on Telegram. The source did not indicate I did not know where he had been killed or in what way. circumstances. The local bureau of the state media VGTRK reported the incident. The 31-year-old soldier was said to have deserted from the “zone of the special military operation in Ukraine” and was wanted in both the Voronezh and Lipetsk regions.

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NATO warns that Putin's objectives in Ukraine have not changed

NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoana warned of He said this Wednesday that the objectives of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, with the invasion of Ukraine “have not changed”, and alerted the Russians. that it is necessary to be prepared for a lasting war. Geoana, during a speech at the meeting of the Committee on NATO military who began today in Brussels, he recalled that the secretary general of the Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, has warned that “underestimating Russia is dangerous”. “Putin is preparing for a long war. He has already mobilized more than 200,000 soldiers, many of whom are in training. He is ramping up Russian military production and acquiring more weapons from other authoritarian regimes, including Iran,” Geoana told the defense chiefs of the allies.

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Spain has treated 43 wounded Ukrainian combatants, 25 already in their country

Since the start of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Spain has treated 43 wounded Ukrainian fighters, 25 of whom have already returned to their country. Some information offered this Wednesday by the Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, after visiting four war wounded admitted since last Saturday at the Gómez Ulla Central Defense Hospital, in Madrid. The four injured suffered various amputations and traumatic injuries from firearms or blast waves.

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Italy conveys its condolences to Ukraine on the death of the interior minister

The Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, and the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, conveyed their condolences to the Ukrainian people for the death this Wednesday of their Interior Minister, Denys Monastyrsky, in a helicopter accident. ptero in which at least 16 other people died. “I would like to express my most sincere condolences to you, Mr. President, to the Government and to the friendly Ukrainian people, already tested in recent months by the immense mourning and serious suffering as a result of the brutal Russian aggression " Mattarella in a message addressed to his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodimir Zelensky. The President of the Italian Republic wished The speedy recovery of those injured in the accident, among them several minors, since the helicopter crashed. I was told about an area with day care centers in the kyiv region.

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Russia compares actions of the West against Moscow. with those of Hitler against Jews

The head of Russian diplomacy, Sergei Lavrov, compared the On Wednesday, the actions of Western countries against his country to the “final solution” of the Nazi regime to exterminate the Jews, some statements that reflect theses that circulate in Moscow. “Just as Napoleon mobilized almost all of Europe against the Russian Empire, as Hitler mobilized and conquered most of the European countries to lead them against the Soviet Union, today the United States has created a coalition” against Moscow, declared the Lavrov, at his press conference at the beginning of the year. Their goal is “the same: the 'final solution' to the Russian question. Just as Hitler wanted to resolve the Jewish question, now Western leaders (…) say bluntly that Russia has to suffer a strategic defeat,” he added.

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Putin says Russia wanted a deal on Donbas but was “pulled around”

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, pointed out that This Wednesday that Russia was looking for a peaceful solution to the conflict in eastern Ukraine, but they “took the piss”. “We held out for a long time, we tried to come to an agreement,” but “they were just kidding us, they were fooling us,” the Kremlin chief said in St. Petersburg, where he traveled. to participate in events commemorating the 80th anniversary of the breaking of the siege of Leningrad. Putin assured He stated that Russia “did its best” to resolve the situation through peaceful means. “Now it became clear that that, by definition, was impossible,” he added.

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Ukraine appreciates the international support from a modest space in Fitur

From its modest space at the Fitur international tourism fair in Madrid, Ukraine is grateful for the support it receives from many countries in the face of the Russian invasion, while also collecting messages of encouragement in the face of a war that is on its way to end. one year. “Our main objective is to say thank you” through Fitur, said the company. The president of the State Agency for the Development of Tourism of Ukraine, Mariana Oleskiv, told Efe at the opening of the fair this Wednesday. The space, provided by the organization, something exceptional reserved for countries in critical situations such as Ukraine, contains a panel with the word thank you in several languages, under the motto “Be brave, support Ukraine” , with the blue and yellow colors of the country's flag. Visitors can write messages alongside, including words like “courage” and “strength” are repeated alongside the expression “we are with you”.

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Ukrainian Police ask for citizen collaboration to clarify incident

The Ukrainian National Police asked for This Wednesday the collaboration of the citizens and called the request. He asked possible witnesses to the helicopter tragedy that caused the crash. Today at least 16 dead, including the Minister of the Interior, Denis Monastyrsky, to provide information. At a press conference near the scene, the head of the kyiv region police, Andriy Nebytov, indicated that apparently the damaged plane “was flying at low altitude for a long period of time,” reported “Ukrainska Pravda.” “Please contact the National Police through 102 or the local police officers. We will safely go to where you are and record everything you saw. This is very important for a thorough and objective investigation,” he declared when addressing all the people who may have observed the helicopter's flight. He added that “it is too early to draw conclusions” and noted that criminal proceedings have already started and investigators from the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), the National Police and the State Bureau of Investigation are working.

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Robles will not attend the meeting of ministers on arms shipments to Ukraine

< p>Defense Minister Margarita Robles will not participate in the meeting. He will attend the international meeting that is being held this week in Germany to analyze the shipments of military material to Ukraine and will delegate the responsibility. In two senior military positions in his Department. According to sources from the Ministry have confirmed to Europa Press, the representatives of Spain in this meeting of member countries of NATO and the European Union will be the Director General of Defense Policy, Lieutenant General Fernando López del Pozo, and the Chief of the Joint Defense Staff (JEMACON), Lieutenant General Fernando García González-Valerio. Robles , for his part, will participate in the on Thursday at the Spanish-French Summit held in Barcelona and on Friday he will visit the Spanish-French Summit. In Toledo, the second group of Ukrainians who are visiting He was receiving military training in Spain.

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Putin stresses the importance of recognizing the Soviet genocide

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, highlighted the today the importance of recognizing the genocide of the Soviet population during the Nazi invasion, at a meeting on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the breaking of the siege of Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg), which was charged more than a million deaths. “The recognition of the genocide committed against the civilian population of the Soviet Union is extraordinarily important,” the head of the Kremlin said in St. Petersburg before war veterans and representatives of patriotic organizations, quoted by the official news agency. TASS. He remembered than the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg, which tried to Nazi war criminals, he tackled the He raised this matter “in general,” but then “it was not even possible to present or examine evidence of that genocide.”

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Georgia and Moldova offer their condolences for the helicopter incident in Ukraine

The presidents of Georgia and Moldova, Salomé Zourabichvili and Maia Sandu, respectively, today expressed their condolences for the accident of a helicopter in Ukraine in which the leadership of the Ministry of Interior was traveling and in which at least 15 people died. “I am deeply saddened by the tragic helicopter crash in Brovary,” in the kyiv region, tweeted the official. the head of state of Georgia. “I express my deepest condolences to the families of the victims, to the people of Ukraine and to the President, Volodymyr Zelensky,” he stressed.

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Pedro Sánchez sends his condolences to the families and to Zelenski

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has said he is “dismayed” by the accident that occurred in Ukraine that has cost the life of the Minister of the Interior of that country and 17 other people, including three children and senior officials. of the aforementioned ministerial department. Sánchez has sent his condolences to the families and to the Ukrainian president. The accident was caused by the fall of a helicopter near a kindergarten in the Ukrainian city of Brovary, located in the kyiv region, causing 18 fatalities, including the Interior Minister. , Denis Monastirski. According to the governor of the kyiv region, Oleksiy Kuleba, “there are also 29 injured, including 15 children.” & nbsp; The head of the Spanish Executive has written a note on his Twitter account in which he affirms that he is in trouble. “appalled by the accident in Ukraine which has caused numerous casualties, including Interior Minister Denys Monastyrsky, members of his team and several children.”

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Russia accuses the West of trying to distance Moscow from Russia. and Beijing

The West seeks to distance Russia and China, but despite this, relations between the two countries are going through their best moment, declared the minister. today Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. “They ask us if we have evidence that the West is trying in some way to create discord in our relations. It is not necessary to even look for this evidence because it is freely available,” the statement said. the head of Russian diplomacy at his annual press conference. Lavrov pointed to him. that the West's aspirations to defeat Russia in the Ukraine and, after that, “allow” Moscow to take over are doomed to failure. be an ally in their fight against China. “Our relations with the People's Republic of China are at the best moment in their history,” he said.

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London laments Ukraine losing “a guiding light” in its resistance to Russia

The British Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, regretted this. This Wednesday Ukraine has lost “a guiding light” in its resistance against the Russian invasion after the death of its Interior Minister, Denys Monastyrsky, in a helicopter. The head of the Home Office reacted immediately. today in a message posted on her Twitter account before the accident suffered by the Ukrainian politician when the helicopter in which she was traveling crashed this morning in the kyiv region. “This is really heartbreaking. Interior Minister Denys Monastyrsky was a guiding light in his support for the Ukrainians during (Russian President Vladimir) Putin's illegal invasion and when we spoke on October 1st I was amazed at his determination, optimism and patriotism,” Braverman said.

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The Russian Ministry of Defense announces the seizure of the town of Sil, near Soledar

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced the This Wednesday the Russian forces took over the town of Sil, located next to the town of Soledar. “Volunteers of assault detachments, supported by fire from aviation and missile troops of the Southern Military District, liberated the town of Sil in the Donetsk People's Republic,” said military spokesman Ígor Konashé . nkov, in the daily war report. According to Konashenkov, 90 enemy soldiers were killed in the fighting in that direction. The Wagner mercenary group announced the This week control over the Sil railway station, in the vicinity of Soledar.

2 days ago

Lavrov accuses the EU of submitting to NATO

The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, has accused the European Union of submitting to NATO with the cooperation agreement signed last week, with the ultimate goal of serving the interests of the United States against other powers such as Russia or China could be. “The EU has lost its independence”, lamented the head of Russian diplomacy, who has assured that the agreement signed on February 10, which shows a common front In order to provide military support to Ukraine, it “explicitly” states that the European bloc is willing to do so. “in a position of subordination” to the Atlantic Alliance.

2 days ago

A former Bulgarian minister says the country sent a police force. fuel to Ukrainian Army

Former Bulgarian Finance Minister Asen Vasilev assured this Wednesday that the country was supplying fuel to the Ukrainian Armed Forces shortly after the start of the Russian invasion of the territory. It stated that Bulgaria would have become “one of the largest exporters of diesel to Ukraine, which made it possible to periodically cover up to 40 percent of the country's needs for said fuel.”  Vasilev has explained in statements to the German newspaper 'Die Welt' that the product came from the refineries of the Lukoil Neftochim Burgas company and has clarified that a request was made for the product. He told the company “to obtain a larger surplus of the fuel with the intention of supplying the needs of the Ukrainian Army after a government official complained in April that kyiv was running out of crude.”

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Zelenski describes the ministerial helicopter incident as a “terrible tragedy”

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, called the Today the accident suffered by the helicopter in which his Minister of the Interior, Denis Monastyrsky, was traveling, called the “terrible tragedy” of the incident, and he died in the accident. along with at least fourteen other people when they fell on an area where there are childcare centers. “So far we know that 15 people have died. The exact number has yet to be established,” he said. the Ukrainian leader in a message sent to his Telegram account, where he points out that three of those fatalities were children. The helicopter in which Monastyrsky was traveling was headed at that moment to a “hot spot” of fighting, according to what was reported by the police. formerly the Office of the Ukrainian President. According to Zelenski's message, at least 25 people were injured in the accident, including 10 children.

2 days ago< /p>

Dead Ukrainian minister was on his way to a fighting 'hot spot'

The Ukrainian Interior Minister, Denis Monastyrsky, died today when the helicopter he was traveling in crashed in the kyiv region, heading to a “hot spot” of fighting, reported the Ukrainian government. the Office of the Ukrainian President. “The purpose of the flight was work. To one of the hot spots that we have in our country, where fighting takes place. Kyrylo Tymoshenko, Deputy Head of the President's Office, during a briefing in Brovary, the site of the incident. added He said that there would be more information later, according to “Ukrainska Pravda”.

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The president of the European Council, in favor of sending tanks to Ukraine

The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, has declared himself to be a member of the European Union. I said this Wednesday “personally in favor” of sending tanks to Ukraine after pressure has increased in recent days, especially from kyiv's closest allies, So that partners in the EU, and especially Germany, send this material. “We will continue to support Ukraine for as long as it takes. The time is now, they urgently need equipment and I am personally in favor of sending tanks to Ukraine,” Michel said in a debate at the European Parliament. The President of the European Council recalled The European Union has already sent aid to kyiv under the European Peace Aid Fund, with more than 3,000 million euros of support, a macro-financial aid of about 11.6 million euros in 2022 (which includes 7,200 million euros in emergency and exceptional macro-financial aid) and 80,000 tons of material such as generators or transformers “to help them get through the winter”.

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Ukraine says “all options are considered for now” after helicopter crash

The chief prosecutor of Ukraine, Andrei Kostin, stated this Wednesday that “for now all options are being considered” in the incident of a helicopter in the kyiv region, an event that has left at least 18 dead, including Interior Minister Denis Monastirski.  “Investigators and experts are currently working at the scene of the tragedy. Urgent investigative actions are being taken. For now, we are considering all possible options for the helicopter crash,” he said. said Kostin through a message on the Telegram account of the Ukrainian Prosecutor's Office. Thus, he stressed that “the preliminary investigation will be in the hands of investigators from the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and has confirmed that the device has fallen” in an urban area, near a nursery school. a and a residential building.” “The matter is closed. under my personal control”, has settled the General Prosecutor of Ukraine.

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Justice of Russia fines the newspaper 'Novaya Gazeta' 6,700 euros for “discrediting the Army”

A Taganski district court on Wednesday imposed a fine of 500,000 rubles (about 6,700 euros) on the newspaper 'Novaya Gazeta' for “discrediting the Russian Armed Forces” in the middle of the invasion of Ukraine. The Russian Justice has indicated that a fine has been imposed for “actions whose objective was to discredit the use of the Army” by the State, which is a violation of the Code of Administrative Crimes of the country.&nbsp ;On March 28, 2022, just one month after the war in Ukraine began, 'Novaya Gazeta' announced the war. He was suspended from his job after receiving two alerts from the Federal Telecommunications Supervision Service (Roskomnadzor) for mentioning “organizations considered foreign agents without indicating their true status.”

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More reactions to the death of the Interior Minister

The death of Ukraine's Interior Minister Denis Monastirski and two other top officials in a helicopter crash is a “great loss” for the country, the statement said. Prime Minister Denis Chmigal said on Wednesday. “I have given instructions to immediately create a special group to investigate in detail the circumstances of the tragedy,” Chmigal said on Telegram. According to the Ukrainian presidency, the helicopter in which Monastirski was traveling, which crashed near the capital kyiv, leaving 18 dead, was heading to the front. “The objective of the flight (was to go) to one of the hot spots in our country where fighting is taking place,” said the president. Ukrainian presidential adviser Kirilo Tymoshenko.

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Russia says it's ready. willing to study “serious” proposals from the West

Russia said today that it has no need to discuss peace negotiations with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, but said it would be willing to consider “serious proposals” from the West. At his annual press conference, the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, argued that one cannot “not even talk about negotiations with Zelensky, simply because it was legislatively prohibited from negotiating with the Russian government.” Qualified the ten-point peace plan presented by Zelensky at the G20 last November is “absurd”. The Ukrainian president's decalogue for peace is based on radiological and nuclear safety, food and energy security, the release of prisoners and deportees, the implementation of the UN Charter, the restoration ;n the territorial integrity of Ukraine and the restoration of world order.

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Lavrov says US emulates Hitler's tactic

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov compared the This Wednesday the policy of the United States in relation to Russia with the actions of Adolf Hitler against the USSR. “Just like Hitler, who wanted to definitively solve the “Jewish question”, now Western politicians (…) talk about the need for a strategic defeat of Russia,” said the head of the Russian diplomacy at its first press conference of the year to take stock of 2022 and set the objectives for this year. According to Lavrov, Washington is currently trying to mobilize Europe to resolve the “Russian issue.” “The Americans have created a coalition of practically all the European countries, which are part of NATO and the European Union, and through Ukraine they are waging a war against our country with the same goal, the definitive solution of the Russian question,” he said.

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EU condolences to Ukraine on death of Interior Minister

The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, transferred the today condolences to Ukraine for the helicopter “crash” in the city of Brovary, in the kyiv region, which killed Ukrainian Interior Minister Denis Monastyrsky, his deputy and 14 other people. “We join Ukraine in grief after the tragic helicopter crash in Brovary. Minister Denys Monastyrsky was a great friend of the EU. We share our deepest condolences with the families of the victims. "" Michel on his Twitter account. As reported by According to the Ukrainian Police, a helicopter of the Emergency Service crashed in the Ukraine. in that town leaving a balance of 16 deaths, including two children. In addition, 22 people are hospitalized, including 10 children.

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Putin lays flowers where he fought for the war. his father during the siege of Leningrad

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, deposited A bouquet of flowers was placed at the war memorial in the so-called “Neva square”, on the banks of the homonymous river, where the Neva fought. his father during the blockade of Leningrad, the 80th anniversary of whose breaking is commemorated today. The head of the Kremlin placed a bouquet of red flowers with a black mourning ribbon, remained Silently, he leaned forward. He stood before the monument, after which he made his way. You will get into your limousine to continue your journey to St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad) where you will attend the to other commemorative events. As Putin himself has recounted on numerous occasions, his father, also named Vlad ímir, fought against his father. He was left in the “square on the Neva”, where he was badly wounded and saved by a comrade.

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Ukrainian Interior Minister dies in helicopter crash

The accident, which occurred near a kindergarten in eastern kyiv, has left 16 dead.

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Ukraine denounces the death of about 460 children since the beginning of the Russian invasion

The Ukrainian authorities have raised this Wednesday to about 460 the number of children killed since the start of the Russian invasion, unleashed on February 24, 2022 by order of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Ukrainian Prosecutor's Office has indicated in a message on its Telegram account that it has so far been able to verify the death of 459 children, before adding that more than 900 have been injured “as a result of the assault on the children.” n large-scale armada by Russia.”  “These figures are not final, since the work to establish them continues in the places of active hostilities, in the temporarily occupied territories and in the liberated territories”, he pointed out, after confirming the death of six minors due to the shell attack on apartment building in Dnipro.

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Ukraine: a helicopter ;pter crashes near school in kyiv region

A helicopter crashed. Wednesday morning near a kindergarten in the kyiv region, the company announced. the Ukrainian presidency, citing “victims” in this accident. “In the city of Brovary, a helicopter crashed near a kindergarten and an apartment building (…) There are victims,” ​​said Mr. the head of the Deputy Presidential Administration Kyrylo Tymoshenko on Telegram. “Ambulances, police and firefighters are working at the accident site,” he added.

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Scholz and Biden discuss support for Ukraine ahead of Ramstein meeting

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz addressed the yesterday with the president of the United States, Joe Biden, the support for Ukraine against Russia, in a conversation that precedes the ministerial meeting on the 20th at the US base, on German territory. , from Ramstein. Sources from the German Chancellery reported the conversation, in which both leaders agreed on the need to support kyiv “continuously and in close collaboration.” Support for Ukraine will be the focus of The upcoming Ramstein meeting between the defense chiefs of the US, Germany and Ukraine's other Western allies, as well as as NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. will attend On the German side, the new Defense Minister, Boris Pistorius, appointed today by Scholz after the resignation on Monday of his predecessor, Christine Lambrecht, strongly questioned in his management.

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Ukraine accuses Moscow of being accused of smuggling. from trying to cover up their alleged war crimes before the Security Council

Ukraine has accused Moscow on Tuesday of He tried to cover up his alleged war crimes before the United Nations Security Council, after the Russian representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia, assured that the Ukrainian government was preparing initiatives to “completely eliminate” Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Ukrainian representative to the United Nations, Sergei Kislitsia, has stated that it is “regrettable” that his Russian counterpart, Vasily Nebenzia, “is capable of abusing his permanent seat to make the Council listen to his disinformation narratives”.  “Moscow is still trying to divert the Council's attention from the real security threats stemming from its aggression,” he said.

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Rutte announces plans to send Patriot anti-missile systems to Ukraine

The Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, announced the He said today that his country plans to send Patriot anti-missile systems to Ukraine, thus adding to its commitment. to the United States and Germany. “We intend to join what (the United States) is doing with Germany on the Patriot project, which is the air defense system. I think it's important that we come together and that's something we I also spoke this morning with (German Chancellor) Olaf Scholz,” he said at the start of his meeting with US President Joe Biden. When he met him at the White House, Rutte added his name. So Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin cannot be allowed to go unaccountable for the invasion of Ukraine. “Taking it to court (…) is crucial. Let's stick together and hope that things will progress in a way that is acceptable to Ukraine,” added Mr. the Dutch leader said.

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EC promises support to kyiv to guarantee justice for crime of aggression

The European Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders, said today that the prosecution of Russia's crime of aggression against Ukraine is “a concern of the entire international community” and vowed to continue. So Brussels will continue to work. supporting kyiv to bring those responsible to justice, including setting up a special court. “We will continue to support Ukraine on a military, financial, humanitarian level, but also on the way to ensure that those responsible for so many war crimes, crimes against humanity and aggression can be brought to justice,” he added, in a debate in the European Parliament on the establishment of a court for the crime of aggression in Ukraine. The EU already “actively” supports accountability efforts through its assistance to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the investigations of ICC prosecutor Karim Khan, as well as the investigations. as supporting the Ukrainian Prosecutor General's Office and European Member States in their search for and preservation of evidence for crimes committed during the war in Ukraine.

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 Nebenzia tells the UN Security Council that kyiv seeks to “eliminate” the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

The Russian ambassador to the UN, Vasili Nebenzia, assured the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday that the government of Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelenski is ready to go to war. is preparing new initiatives to “completely eliminate” the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. and believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, strip it of its historical and legal name, and even eliminate it completely,” Nebenzia said, as reported by the TASS news agency. & nbsp;In this sense, he has explained that Ukraine is “on the verge of a large-scale interfaith conflict that the history of modern Europe has not yet seen.” Nebenzia specified that kyiv, with Western support, has established a plan to “undermine” the Church.

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UK tells Russia it will back US government to Ukraine “until victory”

The head of British diplomacy, James Cleverly, said This Tuesday that his country sent a letter. It sent tanks into the Ukraine to “push back” the Russians in the east and south of the country in a move that angered many. to Moscow. “The message we send to (Russian President Vladimir) Putin (…) is that we are committed to supporting the Ukrainians until they are victorious,” Cleverly said during a visit to Washington where he spoke ; of a “moral imperative”. “What Putin must understand is that we will have the strategic resistance to stick with him until the task is complete, and that the best thing he can do to preserve the lives of his own soldiers is to acknowledge that,” Putin added. during an event at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. “The cost will be much higher in human lives and money if we let this war drag on,” he also said.

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Only 13% of the Ukrainian refugees who arrived in Spain have a job

Of the 109,388 Ukrainian citizens of working age with authorization to reside and work in Spain due to protection of their rights. n temporary, only 13,695 people, that is, 13%, were registered for employment in the General Treasury of Social Security at the end of 2022. These are the figures on the professional integration of Ukrainian refugees arrived in Spain in recent months after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, collected in an analysis by the Permanent Immigration Observatory (OPI), which coincides with the estimates of the Spanish Commission on Immigration. wave of Refugee Aid (CEAR). The difficulty in learning the language is the main obstacle in the labor insertion of these people, according to what the state coordinator of Inclusion of CEAR, Raquel Santos, explains to EFE.

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