Russia-Ukraine war today: Last minute of Putin's invasion, live

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  • MULTIMEDIA REPORT | 250 days of the war in Ukraine

Russia's invasion of Ukraine exceeds eight months and Ukraine is preparing for a harsh winter. We tell you the last hour of the war in Ukraine live.


Ago < strong>45 minutes

Putin will meet in the city. this Tuesday in the Kremlin with Díaz-Canel

Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet next week. He will be in the Kremlin tomorrow Tuesday with his Cuban counterpart, Miguel Díaz-Canel, who has been in Russia on a working visit since Saturday. The leaders plan to address the “current state and development prospects of the Russian-Cuban strategic association in the political, economic-commercial, cultural and humanitarian spheres, as well as exchange opinions on key issues on the international agenda,” said Mr. the Kremlin in a statement. Tomorrow, Putin and Díaz-Canel will attend the inauguration of a statue of Fidel Castro in a Muscovite square, an act that will have a full audience. It took place three days before the six years since the death of the leader of the Cuban Revolution. Today the Cuban president met with the He met the veteran communist leader of Russia, Gennady Zyuganov, to whom he conveyed his message. I sent a greeting message from former Cuban President Raúl Castro.

51 minutes ago

The Kremlin will look for a solution. Those responsible for the alleged execution of Russian soldiers in Ukraine

The Kremlin assured Today what will you look for? He will target those responsible for the alleged execution of more than ten Russian soldiers in Ukraine and will everything possible to bring them to justice. “It goes without saying that Russia will search on its own for those who committed this crime. They must be found and punished,” said the president. spokesman for the Russian Presidency, Dmitri Peskov, in his daily telephone press conference. The Kremlin spokesman stressed He stated that “Russia will do everything possible within the framework of international mechanisms to draw attention to this crime and bring to justice those who may be involved in it.”

1 hour ago

Russia assures that it will look for a solution. those responsible for the alleged executions of prisoners

The Russian authorities have assured this Monday that they will actively seek those responsible for the alleged executions of Russian prisoners of war in Ukraine, released last Friday. “Russia will do everything possible within the framework of international mechanisms to draw attention to this crime and bring order and law to those who may be involved,” Kremlin spokesman Dimitri Peskov said. In this sense, he has recognized that Mosc & uacute; will come to international organizations only if there is evidence of “effectiveness” by these organizations. “Otherwise, it won't make sense,” Peskov said, according to TASS.

1 hour ago

Ukraine says it found out four “torture sites” used by the Russians in Kherson

The Ukrainian prosecutor's office stated that on Monday discovered four “torture sites” used by the Russians while they occupied Kherson, a city in southern Ukraine that kyiv forces retook on November 11. “In Kherson, prosecutors continue to ascertain Russia's crimes,” he said. the Ukrainian prosecutor's office on Telegram, stating that officials found “torture sites” in “four buildings.” Among those four buildings visited by the researchers are “provisional detention centers” from before the war, “where, during the takeover of the city, the occupants illegally detained people and brutally tortured them.”

1 hour ago

Norway will allocate 1 hour ago. 190 million euros to finance the purchase of gas from Ukraine

The Norwegian government announced This Monday that he will allocate 2,000 million crowns (190 million euros) to finance the purchase of gas for Ukraine this winter. Norwegian financial support will be available. This was channeled through the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), whose president, Jürgen Rigterink, was in Oslo today to sign the agreement with the Minister of Finance of this Nordic country, Trygve Slagsvold. The item is part of an aid package of 10,000 million (940 million euros) presented last July by the Norwegian center-left Executive to help kyiv in 2022 and 2023. “The Russians have made energy a weapon and “They use attacks on critical infrastructure as a means to bring Ukraine to its knees. It is a serious violation of international law and a challenge to Ukrainians. Our support for energy supply is of great importance,” said the President of the U.S.A. Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt said in a statement.

2 hours ago

The Kremlin rules out for the moment a second military mobilization

The Kremlin spokesman, Dimitri Peskov, has assured this Monday that the Russian authorities rule out for the moment initiating a second military mobilization after the one announced by the president, Vladimir Putin, at the end of September. Although Peskov did not want to speak on behalf of the representatives of the Ministry of Defense, he remarked that in the Kremlin “this is not discussed”, alluding to a possible second mobilization of troops in the framework of the war in Ukraine. .  The Russian authorities announced on September 21 the start of a “partial mobilization” of the population after the successive setbacks that the Russian forces in Ukraine had suffered at that time.

2 hours ago

NATO acknowledges that support for Ukraine “has a price” but calls for unity

The NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, acknowledged this Monday in Madrid that support for Ukraine in the face of the Russian invasion “has a price” for everyone, but he has urged to maintain unity against the aggressor to avoid “paying a much higher price.” “I know that this help comes at a price. In our countries, many people are facing a cost-of-living crisis. Energy and food bills are rising,” Stoltenberg said during his speech. ;n in the last session of the 68th Parliamentary Assembly of the Alliance that during this weekend has debated in Madrid on the war in Ukraine.

Ago 2 hours

Qatar announces agreement to supply gas to China for almost three decades

Qatar announced The US signed a 27-year liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply agreement with China on Monday, assuring that it is the “longest-lasting” agreement ever seen in this industry, in the midst of the energy crisis. global ethics caused by the war in Ukraine. This announcement takes place in a context in which several European countries are seeking alternatives to Russian hydrocarbons, but have not reached such an agreement with the gas-rich Gulf emirate. The public company Qatar Energy will export the It will supply four million tons of LNG each year from its new North Field project to Sinopec (China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation), the company said. Saad Sherida Al Kaabi, Minister of Energy of Qatar, at a press conference.

2 hours ago

Russia extends until December 6 the terrorist alert in the Belgorod region, bordering Ukraine

The Russian authorities have announced on Monday a new two-week extension, until December 6, of the level of terrorist alert in the Belgorod region, located in the west of the country, on the border with Ukraine. . like this Therefore, the governor of the region, Viacheslav Gladkov, has given the 'green light' to the extension of the yellow alert due to the high risk of “terrorist acts” in Belgorod and as a measure to guarantee decision-making aimed at “counter” possible attacks. The regional authorities have recommended that residents avoid as much as possible going to crowded places, not accept packages or other suspicious items, as well as Learn how to immediately report any type of anomaly to security agencies.

ago2 hours

The Kremlin accuses kyiv of attacks on the Zaporizhia atomic power plant

The Kremlin accused This Monday, the Ukrainian forces to attack the Zaporizhia atomic power station, in southern Ukraine, over the weekend, and asked for a response. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was asked to take action on the matter. “That must cause the IAEA great concern and we see that they are concerned. We call on them and the countries of the world to use their influence to get the Ukrainian armed forces to stop doing it,” the spokesman said. of the Russian Presidency, Dmitri Peskov, at his daily press conference.

2 hours ago

Risk in Zaporizhia

Russia warns that there is a risk of a nuclear accident at the Zaporizhia power plant.

2 hours ago p>

The EU asks Russia to end the “psychological torture” of Navalni for isolating him

The European Union (EU) denounced the this Monday the “psychological torture” of the Russian authorities against the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalni, very critical of the current Russian military campaign in Ukraine, having transferred him to an isolation cell, and asked for to Moscow to reverse those “unjustified” measures. “The EU is deeply disturbed by the information according to which Navalni was permanently transferred to solitary confinement, deprived of the visits of his relatives,” said Navalni. via Twitter Peter Stano, spokesman for the high community representative for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell. Stano assured him. that “harassment” by the Russian authorities of Navalni “becomes psychological torture”.

3 hours ago

< p>Sánchez urges NATO to send a resounding message to Putin: “Leave Ukraine alone”

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has ratified this Monday that Spain will continue to do so. He supported the Ukrainian people in all ways and has appealed to NATO to maintain the unity it has shown up to now and send a “resounding” message to Russian President Vladimir Putin: “Leave Ukraine alone.” Sánchez called for that unity in his speech before the 68th NATO Parliamentary Assembly, which was attended by the Alliance's Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, as well as by the NATO Parliamentary Assembly. and the presidents of Congress and the Senate, Meritxell Batet and Ander Gil, respectively.

3 hours ago

Congress and Senate call for solidarity with Ukraine and unity against Putin

The president of the Congress, Meritxell Batet, and the president of the Senate, Ander Gil, have urged this Monday solidarity with Ukraine in the face of a war that continues at the beginning of winter, and unity and multilateralism to defend democracies against totalitarianism from Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the plenary session of the 68th NATO Parliamentary Assembly, hosted by the Spanish Parliament, the President of Congress stressed that “only united can we defend democracy against totalitarianism, the most relevant battle today than ever before and that it has a global scale”. Minutes before the speech by the President of Ukraine, Volodímir Zelenski, Batet highlighted the solidarity that must prevail in the Alliance countries in response to Putin's war, especially with Ukraine and with the “countries You are closest geographically to the conflict.”

3 hours ago

Lithuania calls for I urged NATO to pay more attention to Belarus in the Ukraine war

The President of Lithuania, Gitanas Nauseda, made it known on Monday that he has demanded that NATO pay more attention to Belarus in the current war between Ukraine and Russia, since “it is clear” that it is participating in the war placing himself “at the complete disposal” of Moscow; and their interests. “There are Russian soldiers on the territory of Belarus, ready to go to the war zones in Ukraine,” President Nauseda said in an interview for the Current Time TV channel, owned by the US channel Radio Free Europe. “We have to think about it,” said Nauseda, who confirmed that Lithuania has contacted NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg to request that the Alliance pay more attention “to the factor ” Belarus.

3 hours ago

The Kremlin accuses kyiv of attacks on the Zaporizhia atomic power plant

The Kremlin accused This Monday, the Ukrainian forces to attack the Zaporizhia atomic power station, in southern Ukraine, over the weekend, and asked for a response. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was asked to take action on the matter. “That must cause the IAEA great concern and we see that they are concerned. We call on them and the countries of the world to use their influence to get the Ukrainian armed forces to stop doing it,” the spokesman said. of the Russian Presidency, Dmitri Peskov, in his daily press conference. The UN nuclear agency denounced the This Sunday, bombardments with impacts very close to the Zaporizhia atomic power station, which he considered to be a disaster. “Unacceptable”, even though they have not caused safety-critical damage to the facility so far.

3 hours ago

< p>Warsaw welcomes the deployment of the Patriot system and proposes to relocate it to the border with Ukraine

Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak confirmed this. This Monday the deployment by Germany of the Patriot anti-missile system within Polish territory and advanced the What will you propose? which relocates to the border with Ukraine. Blaszczak has explained through Twitter that he has accepted the proposal of his German counterpart, Christine Lambrecht, to increase the deployment of this military defense system on the Polish borders.  “I have accepted with satisfaction the proposal of the German Defense Minister to redeploy Patriot missile launchers in our country. In today's telephone conversation with the German side, I am going to propose that the “There's no system parked on the Ukrainian border,” he said.

4 hours ago

The Kremlin says it will “bring to justice” those responsible for the alleged execution of Russian soldiers

The Kremlin said on Monday that it will “bring to justice” those responsible for the alleged execution of Russian soldiers in Ukraine, and that it will do so. He went to great lengths to draw attention to what he has called a war crime. Russia said last week that Ukrainian soldiers had executed more than 10 Russian prisoners of war, accusing kyiv of committing war crimes and the West of ignoring them. There was no immediate response from kyiv, which has previously said it would investigate any alleged abuse by its armed forces

4 hours ago

About 85,000 soldiers killed

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Army has indicated this Monday that 390 Russian soldiers have died in combat during the last day, which brings the total number since the start of the invasion to “around 84,600 “. Thus, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have pointed out that 2,892 battle tanks, 1,870 artillery systems, 209 anti-aircraft systems and 5,822 self-propelled and armored multiple rocket launchers have also been destroyed. In addition, they have stated that 278 planes, 261 helicopters, 1,537 drones, 480 cruise missiles, 16 boats, 4,378 vehicles and fuel tanks, and 161 pieces of special equipment have also been destroyed. “The data is being updated. Hit the occupier. Let's win together. Our strength is in the truth,” the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army concluded in a message posted on its account on the Facebook social network. /p>

4 hours ago

 Zelensky says Ukraine will “survive” until celebrating “Victory Day” in a “peaceful” kyiv

The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky, stressed this Monday that the country “will overcome everything” and “survive” until being able to celebrate “Victory Day” in kyiv and Ukraine “at peace”, in the midst of the military offensive unleashed by Russia on February 24.  Zelenski has given a speech on the occasion of the Day of Dignity and Freedom in which he has stressed that the Russian invasion has changed “many things”, both in Ukraine and “in Europe and the rest of the world “. “Something unchanged, which is the answer to the question about what are Ukrainians and what is important to us.” “Those things are dignity and freedom”, he has manifested himself. “We have always valued them and are not afraid to stand up for them. We have always known what we wanted and this year the whole world has realized what we are capable of. Friends and enemies have seen it. Allies and the partners. We have seen it ourselves”, he extolled.

4 hours ago

Austria reduces its dependence on Russian gas by 73% since the invasion of Ukraine

Austria has cut its gas imports from Russia by 73% since Russia invaded Austria. Ukraine at the end of last February, increasing purchases from Norway and countries in Central Asia and North Africa, according to a report from Ukraine. the government today. Last February, before the beginning of the attack, shipments from Russia accounted for 79% of imports, according to data from E-Control, the public sector monitoring body. That percentage was already only 21% last September, the last month for which calculations are already available, while the rest of the sources represent 79%. That import share comes mainly from Norwegian gas and from North Africa and Central Asia, which mainly reaches Austria via gas pipelines via Germany or Italy.

ago 7 hours

Ukraine accuses Russia of even stealing bicycles from the population

The Ukrainian authorities have assured this Sunday that the Russian forces are engaging in all kinds of robberies against the civilian population of the areas they control of Ukraine, such as in Kajovka, where they would even be stealing bicycles. “They are stealing the private cars of the population, their motorcycles and even bicycles,” the Ukrainian General Staff has assured in a new statement. This type of behavior is usually an indication of an imminent withdrawal of Russian troops, kyiv has assured.  When the Russians withdrew from Izium, in the Kharkiv region, a few weeks ago, they already took the bicycles of the civilians because they had run out of fuel for their vehicles.  On the other hand, the Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelenski, has denounced in a new message published on social networks that Russia has launched some 4,700 missiles against Ukrainian targets.

Ago 7 hours

Food safety

 Zelensky took advantage of He gave the speech to celebrate the Day of Agricultural Workers, which is celebrated in Ukraine on the third Sunday of November.  “Was there ever an international context to this day (to celebrate Farmworker's Day)? This year it definitely was. Many people are seeing how much How important is the contribution of Ukrainians to the country's food security,” the president said. Thus, he remarked that “the lives of millions of people in different countries depend directly” on the Ukrainian agricultural sector. “I thank all our people working on the ground, providing Ukraine and the world with essentials,” he added.

7 hours ago

 Zelensky highlights Ukraine's peace proposal in the face of “empty Russian rhetoric”

 Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky remarked yesterday Sunday the Ukrainian peace proposal, while confronting Russia for its “empty rhetoric”.  “I will say right away that the Ukrainian peace formula is perceived extremely positively in the world. It is quite constructive and realistic, in contrast to the empty and mendacious Russian rhetoric about its readiness for some kind of peace.” n types of negotiations,” said the Ukrainian president. & nbsp;Zelenski has assured that his Executive will do his job. He will do “everything possible so that the world accepts Ukraine's peace formula”, as he has declared in the evening video that he records daily to address the nation since Russia began the war. the invasion on February 24.  In this vein, the Ukrainian leader has reported that “there will be several important international directions” during this week.

7 hours ago< /p>

Sánchez, Stoltenberg and Zelenski participate today in the NATO Assembly

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg and the President of Ukraine, Volodímir Zelenski -by electronic means-, will participate tomorrow, Monday, in the last session ;n of the 68th Parliamentary Assembly of NATO that during this weekend has debated in Madrid on the war in Ukraine. During the weekend, almost 300 representatives of the 30 countries of the Atlantic Alliance and 20 associates met in the capital, who have participated in the different commissions and meetings held in which the ministers of Foreign Affairs, Presidency, Economy, Defense and Science. The plenary session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly will have It will take place this Monday and the person in charge of opening the session will be its president, Gerald E. Connolly. Next, the president of the Senate, Ander Gil; the president of the Congress of Deputies, Meritxell Batet; the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez; NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenski will do so. electronically.

8 hours ago

The southern front

Regarding the situation on the southern front, the Ukrainian president has reported that they maintain positions “consistently and very calculatedly destroying the potential of the occupiers.” Zelenski once again referred to the energy situation, which is suffering numerous problems due to the constant Russian attacks on infrastructures. Although the Ukrainian authorities and operators have managed to alleviate the situation in some regions, this Sunday night the stabilization power closures continued in kyiv and 15 other regions. According to the president, “everything possible and impossible” is being done to return normal life to Odesa, Kharkiv and the other affected cities.

8 hours ago

Deteriorating weather reduces Russian attacks on Donetsk, according to Ukraine

The deteriorating weather as winter approaches has reduced the number of Russian attacks on the Donetsk region front, although shelling is still heavy, Ukrainian President Volodymyr said Sunday. Zelensky. “The fiercest battles, as before, are in the Donetsk region. Although there are fewer attacks today due to deteriorating weather, the number of Russian shelling is unfortunately still extremely high,” he said. said in the usual late-day speech. As for the Lugansk region, Zelensky has assured that “little by little” the Ukrainians are advancing “with the battles.” “So far there have been almost 400 shelling strikes in the east since the beginning of the day. Thank you to each and every one of those who hold office and help our defense forces,” he said.

8 hours ago

Kherson in front

On the front lines, the southern city of Kherson, recently liberated by Ukraine, was now facing artillery attacks that forced some residents to flee. “After yesterday's bombing, my wife said: 'Let's not take any more risks and let's go,'” explained Mr. Yuri Mosolov, whose house is located next to an industrial area hit by shells. The Ukrainian counteroffensive pushed the He pushed the Russians to the other bank of the Dnieper River that borders the city, but the battle is not over. “Artillery duels continue… Kherson is now the front line,” said Dmytro Pletenchuk, Ukraine's military spokesman in the area. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also reported the attack. He mentioned in his daily speech almost 400 Russian attacks in the east of the country on Sunday, with battles especially intense in the Donetsk region.

8 ago strong> hours

Summary executions?

On the other hand, the Ukrainian Parliament responded to recent accusations from Moscow on alleged executions of Russian prisoners of war based on videos posted on social media. The recording, which could not be independently verified by AFP, appeared to show surrendering Russian soldiers being forced to lie down and then gunshots being heard. Other images also circulated with dozens of bodies and a large bloodstain.

8 hours ago

Exchange of accusations

The IAEA did not attribute responsibility to neither of the two parties who accused each other of bombing the nuclear power plant. The Russian Ministry of Defense denounced the He stated that “the kyiv regime does not cease its provocations for the sake of creating the threat of a catastrophe at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant.” According to his statement, the Ukrainian army fired at Between Saturday and Sunday, more than twenty “high-calibre howitzers” hit the plant. Despite the bombardments, “radiation levels in the area of ​​the plant are in accordance with the norm,” indicated the company. the Russian Defense Ministry. Instead, the Ukrainian nuclear agency accused He accused Russia of having bombed the area of ​​the plant and of “organizing nuclear blackmail once again.” “This morning of November 20, 2022, after numerous Russian bombardments, at least 12 shots were detected in the area of ​​the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant,” the statement said. the nuclear agency Energoatom.

8 hours ago

The head of the IAEA denounces “deliberate” attacks on a nuclear power plant in Ukraine

The director of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) denounced the attack. Yesterday, Sunday, “deliberate and targeted” attacks against the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant and called for a response. “stop this madness” of which Russia and Ukraine accuse each other. “The news from our team yesterday and this morning is extremely disturbing,” Argentine Rafael Grossi, head of this UN regulatory body, said in a statement on Sunday. “Explosions occurred on the premises of this large nuclear power plant, which is completely unacceptable,” he insisted. “Whoever is behind this must stop immediately.” The largest nuclear power plant in Europe, controlled for months by Russia, suffered an attack. There were a dozen explosions overnight from Saturday to Sunday, some of them seen by IAEA experts on the scene.

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