Russia unleashed a new type of world hybrid war – Macron


Russia unleashed a global hybrid war of a new type, — Macron

The French president called Russia the last colonial power that defends its interests through military aggression against a neighboring country.

French President Emmanuel Macron during a press conference in Benin said that Russia, through its actions in Ukraine, unleashed a new type of global hybrid war. According to him, Moscow uses information, energy resources and food as weapons. This is reported by the Al Arabiya news channel.

“Russia, in fact, has launched a new type of global hybrid war. This is absolutely clear for us Europeans. I say this for the African continent,” the French leader said.< /p>

According to him, the Russian Federation is one of the last imperial colonial powers that protects its interests by military intervention in a neighboring country.

A day earlier, Macron met with representatives of the French community in Cameroon, during which he noted that many African countries depend on Russian energy and grain. He expressed the hope that African countries will eventually increase their own production.

“Food, like energy, has become a Russian weapon of war … We must help the African continent produce more for itself,” Macron said, while rejecting accusations that the food crisis in the region is caused by Western anti-Russian sanctions.

In this context, Macron said that the Russian blockade of ports and attacks on Ukrainian grain storage facilities have disrupted global food supplies and caused shortages in Africa.


After the missile attack of the Russian Armed Forces on Odessa on July 23, wheat prices rose sharply on world markets. Experts note that such dynamics of grain prices is due to the distrust of traders regarding the safety of the grain corridor in the Black Sea.


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