Russia wants to recognize Ukraine as a terrorist state


Russia wants to recognize Ukraine /></p>
<p>Deputies of the State Duma propose to recognize NATO countries as sponsors of terrorism and confiscate all assets of their citizens, as well as Ukrainians.</p>
<p>Deputies of the party “Fair Russia – Patriots – For Truth” submitted to the State Duma a bill on recognizing Ukraine as a terrorist state. This was announced by the leader of the faction “Fair Russia – For the Truth” Sergei Mironov.</p>
<p>“We believe that the property belonging to its citizens should be confiscated and turned into the income of the Russian Federation to compensate for the damage suffered by the terrorist state, — Mironov said: “Similar measures must be taken against countries that are accomplices of terrorism.”</p>
<p>The party leader justified the need to adopt the bill by the fact that now in Russian legislation there is no concept of “terrorist state.” Only an organization can be recognized as terrorist, while some countries “deliberately organize terrorist attacks, explosions, and arson directed against the civilian population.” In particular, Mironov accused Ukraine of the fact that the number of civilian casualties is growing daily due to the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.</p>
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“Our party proposes to introduce the concepts of 'terrorist state' and 'state sponsoring terrorism' into Russian legislation,” Sergei Mironov noted.

What criteria are proposed to be approved by the State Duma?

The deputy proposed such criteria for assigning terrorist status to a country:

  • it is responsible for organizing explosions, arson or other acts that intimidate the population and create a danger of human death;
  • causes significant damage to property, organizes illegal armed formations and criminal communities;
  • calls for the alienation of part of the territory or advocates the violation of the territorial integrity of Russia.

The State Duma deputy is sure that with such states must break off diplomatic relations, and the property of their citizens should be confiscated. Mironov proposes to apply the same measures against NATO countries that provide assistance to Ukraine.

The bill reflects the actions of the Russian army

In early July, it became known that the Russian private military company (PMC) “Wagner” began to recruit “volunteers” in the colonies of St. Petersburg to send them to fight in the Donbass. On July 26, the media reported that at least three Russian prisoners who had been recruited by the Wagner private military company had died in Ukraine.

In early July, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal estimated the amount of damage caused by the Russians to Ukraine at $750 billion.

Ukrainian officials and the military have repeatedly stated that the Russian invaders are seizing settlements, resorting to the tactics of “scorched earth”: they simply raze them to the ground, regardless of civilian casualties.

< p> When the occupiers are accused of deliberately attacking civilian infrastructure, the Russians invariably claim that they hit military facilities. This was the case, for example, in Vinnitsa, where dozens of civilians were killed during a missile attack.

In April, Estonia was the first in the EU to recognize the actions of the RF Armed Forces as the genocide of Ukrainians.


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