Russia warns: 'enormous' risk of nuclear war

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Russia warns: 'huge' risk of nuclear war

Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, raised his tone several decibels this Thursday when speaking He openly stated that today “the risk of escalating to nuclear war is enormous“. At a press conference in Moscow, the head of government diplomacy of Vladimir PutinHe has stressed that Europe's security must be rebuilt from top to bottom and has blamed the West for institutions such as the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)< /strong> are not working as they should.

Lavrov recalled that Putin and the US president, Joe Biden, signed a declaration in June 2021 stressing that there can be no victors in a nuclear war, a document that five nuclear powers later signed. And he has ensured that Moscow The US notes with concern the rhetoric of the West, when it accuses Russia of preparing provocations with the use of weapons of mass destruction. “But the West itself, the US, Great Britain or France are doing everything to increase their practically direct participation in the war they are waging against Russia through the Ukrainians. It is a dangerous trend“, he emphasized, before assuring that it is not possible to discuss strategic stability and nuclear weapons with Washington without taking into account the situation in Ukraine . Russia has postponed the negotiation sine die He talked about the new START Treaty on nuclear disarmament that was due to start at the end of November in Egypt.

“The West is ready for it.” doing exactly what it was created against. the OSCE : is there. digging dividing lines“, the Foreign Minister assured. “The decision (to reestablish relations) corresponds to the West, which has been systematically destroying everything that was established in the West.

In addition, the veteran Russian diplomat has once again distanced himself. “The old relations between Russia and the West will not be the same again,” he assured, pointing to the United States and the European Union as guilty of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict by not having willpower to prevent it. “We were ready to go further and say that not only should no nuclear war be waged, but any war between nuclear powers is also unacceptable. Even if someone decides to start it by conventional means, the risk of escalating to nuclear war is huge,” he said of the current conflict with Ukraine.

The Russian offensive

He has also blamed NATO He decided to reject the proposals for security guarantees that Moscow put forward. he transferred to him in December 2021 and that would have led to the deployment of Russian troops in Ukraine. They demanded that the Atlantic Alliance not accept any more ex-Soviet countries into its organization, that there be no US bases in post-Soviet territory. ethical and mutually limit the deployment of weapons. In the same press conference, Lavrov also defended the actions of his Army before a journalist who asked him about the bombing in Ukraine, including the territory So Russia annexed it. –without recognition from the international community– in September and therefore considers own.

“In Stalingrad we also bombarded Nazis “, he has sentenced. And he justified The attacks against energy infrastructures because, he has assured, “provides combat potential to the Ukrainian armed forces, to the nationalist battalions, and the delivery of a large quantity of weapons that the West cedes to Ukraine to kill Russians depends on them. “.