Russia will again conduct nuclear deterrence exercises

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RF will again hold nuclear deterrence exercises

This is the second such exercise in Russia in this year. The first took place just before the start of the attack on Ukraine.

Before the end of the year, Russia will conduct exercises on nuclear deterrence Grom-2022. According to Defense Express, this is the second such exercise in 2022, the first took place five days before the invasion of Ukraine.

The timing of the exercise is not yet known, but it is expected to take place after the conclusion of NATO nuclear deterrence exercise Steadfast Noon , which started on October 17 and will last until October 30. The Russian Federation is obliged to warn about such exercises.

The exercises will focus on testing intercontinental ballistic missiles. Probably, the north of Russia will become a key testing area.

On the eve of the Russian Defense Ministry, they said that “the forces and means were alerted in case of a “dirty bomb” by Ukraine, a fake about which the Russians themselves launched.


Ukraine has invited IAEA experts to verify Russia's accusations of creating a “dirty bomb”.

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