Russian Governor caught in a scandal, wishing “to every family affected by the war” (video)

Российский губернатор попал в скандал, пожелав, "чтобы каждую семью затронула война" (видео)

In Russia, the Governor of the Orenburg region Denis Pasler at a gala concert for veterans of the Second world war wished to see in every Russian family came the war. for the conflict of local population with the Roma.

“We wanted every family affected by the war. And we wanted these events and today’s concert was memorable for you,” said the Pasler.

Video of his speech published by the radio “Echo of Moscow” (this excerpt starts at 4:15).

Characteristically, after these words, the officer did not apologize and as if nothing had happened continued performance.

In addition, in the course of his speech the audience was shown a presentation which incorrectly stated the date 40 Aug 1941, and contains a grammatical mistake in the word “penicillin”.

According to the newspaper, the concert was attended by over 3.5 thousand people, among which — veterans, home front workers, children of war, government officials, clergy, public figures, residents and journalists.

The errors in the regional government explained that “the video was prepared by a press-services without additional allocations from the budget.” As the press service of the Governor and refused to comment.

Users of the social network said that to make such gifts it is a shame and could give something else, such as trips to the resort. The result Huzhina and her assistant Larissa Sherbola resigned.

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