Russian officials run away en masse from “partial mobilization” abroad

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  • Russian officials are running away en masse from

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  • Russian officials are fleeing en masse from


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Russian officials are fleeing en masse from

And this applies to employees of almost all state structures.

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Officers of the Russian government and the Moscow mayor's office flee from mobilization by fleeing abroad. Moreover, they choose all directions, and leave for any country that is ready to accept them. This is reported by the publication “Current Time”

The editor-in-chief of Nestka, Lola Tagaeva, spoke about the fugitives in an interview. According to her, it is known about the flight of employees of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Digital Development, the Central Bank. In some departments of the Moscow City Hall, 20-30% of the staff are missing. Officials go on vacation and simply do not return to their jobs.

They also use work trips to avoid “partial mobilization”. Thus, about ten employees of the apparatus of the Russian Football Union did not return from the competitions in Kyrgyzstan.

Tagaeva notes that it is not high-ranking officials who are leaving, but civil servants, people working in city halls and institutions that are connected with the state.

They often do not coordinate their departure with their superiors, they simply go on vacation, or pretend who work remotely. But they don’t return to the workplace.

“The most noticeable consequence is that work within these organizations stops. Important documents were lost, work focused on a specific person was suspended. There were certain collapses,” says Tagaeva.

According to her, men leave first of all, related to the IT sector, who are sure that they will find another job, those who have money for tickets and housing abroad leave first of all.

Interestingly, in some institutions, the authorities cover up their employees who left the Russian Federation, and in some places threats are trying to return them to work.

Russian officials explain their flight simply: they do not want to fight, they do not want to kill and be killed.

“Unlike residents of the Russian hinterland, departmental employees have access to a wide variety of information – not only to TV. They understand what is happening,” the editor-in-chief notes. According to her, employees of Russian state structures have the wrong impression that they are not being mobilized, since they work in the civil service, but they are being mobilized as well. They also mobilize employees of the propaganda media.

“We saw who left Russia for Kazakhstan, Israel, Georgia, Armenia. Mass exodus. Educated people left earlier. Mobilization also added to this,” said Kazantsev.

Russian officials run away en masse from

Russian officials are fleeing en masse from

Georgia and Central Asia remain the most popular destination.

And the new ambassador Ukraine in Germany Aleksey Makeev urged the German authorities not to let Russians fleeing the mobilization. In his opinion, these Russians pose a security threat not only to Germany, but to all young Ukrainian women with children who were forced to leave their country after Russia attacked it.