Russian rapper Timati bought all Starbucks assets in Russia


Russian rapper Timati bought all the assets of Starbucks in the Russian Federation

The musician, who is an active supporter of Vladimir Putin, became the new owner of about 200 coffee houses in the aggressor country. The amount of the deal was not disclosed. In the near future, the networks should give a new name.

Russian rapper Timati (Timur Yunusov) and restaurateur Anton Pinsky bought all Starbucks assets in Russia. Prior to this, the company announced that it was leaving the market in the aggressor country. The musician, who has repeatedly declared his support for the current president of Russia, spoke about this on his Instagram.

“Now officially, all the assets of the SB network have been acquired and are under our reverent leadership with Anton Pinsky,” he said.

As the pro-Putin hip-hop executive said, a new name for the coffee houses has not yet been invented, but “monstrous rebranding” of the network is not expected. In addition, Timothy invited subscribers to help come up with a logo instead of the world-famous mermaid on the emblem.

The Russian stressed that he intends to “make it better from the start than what has been built overseas for decades.”

The network is expected to open in August.

Starbucks leaves the Russian market

In March, an American company that owns the world's largest chain of coffee shops announced a halt in deliveries to Russia. The fact that Starbucks is leaving Russia forever became known at the end of May. At the same time it was reported that all employees of the company, and this is 1084 people, will be reduced within 3 months. At the same time, the company was going to provide support to its employees in Russia, including payments for six months and assistance with employment.

On July 15, Forbes wrote that the new owners of the network in the Russian Federation will be the founder of Pinskiy&Co Anton Pinsky, rapper Timati (Timur Yunusov) and the Sindika company of Senator Arsen Kanokov. The business publication clarified that the deal will include lease rights to the area of ​​Starbucks coffee houses with renovation, but without the possibility of using the products and technologies of the American company, and premises in the Pushkino Park shopping center (owned). The new owner of the network, under the terms of the contract, is obliged to rebrand it.

Recently it became known that Philip Morris, the manufacturer of IQOS and Marlboro cigarettes, will leave the aggressor country by the end of 2022. The company has been trying to sell its business since March


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