Russian rockers with the scandalous “I stay” campaign admitted that Putin threw them back to the 90s


    Russian rockers with the scandalous agitation

    “Immediately after the premiere of the Russian manifesto song “I'm staying” in Ukraine and Russia, a scandal began and a heated discussion of the remake in social networks. At the same time, neither opponents nor supporters of the 1993 song about the crisis noted the main thing: it turns out that Putin threw the Russian Federation back into the early 1990s with this war. If not in 1937″ . Opinion.

    Garik Sukachev brought together many Russian rockers for the project-manifesto “I'm staying” – this is a rehash of a 1993 composition by Anatoly Krupnov, leader of the Black Obelisk rock band. Formally, the cover was released on the 30th anniversary of the premiere of the hit, but nominally all Russian media today interpret it as a kind of response to Alla Pugacheva, Andrey Makarevich, Boris Grebenshchikov, Zemfira, “Noga Svelo” and other artists who criticize the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and left Russia.

    In Ukraine, they immediately read the context and called the clip “go*norok”, and in Russia they even figured out the missing rockers there – those who ignored the recording. At the same time, neither opponents nor supporters of the 1993 song about the crisis noted the main thing: it turns out that Putin pushed the Russian Federation back into the early 1990s with this war. If not in 1937.

    The scandal over the “I stay” project has not subsided for several days – both in Ukraine and in the Russian Federation. Garik Sukachev gathered some Russian rockers and recorded a remake of the 1993 hit by Black Obelisk leader Anatoly Krupnov.

    What is Anatoly Krupnov's song “I'm staying” about? About the collapse, collapse and crisis of the early 1990s, when there were many emigrants from the post-Soviet republics.

    Russian media write that Garik revived the song after 30 years. It's a lie. Black Obelisk is a heavy rock band. Sukachev in the late 1990s revived this song in the “Untouchables” (where Anatoly Krupnov was also) in a jazz-rock arrangement – with a lead saxophone. And for many years he sang it at concerts. It is this variant that Sukachev has now not “resurrected”, but “reproduced”.

    Garik Sukachev told the story of creation in the comments: he called various rockers, including Evgeny Margulis, so that he would attract the audience of his television program “Kvartirnik” to shoot the video

    Here are those who took part in the recording of the cliah “I'm staying” in addition to Garik Sukachev: Sergey Shnurov (“Leningrad”), Vladimir Shakhrin (“Chayf”), Alexander F. Sklyar (“Va-Bank”), Oleg Garkusha (“Auktyon “), Sergey Galanin (“Earring”), Sergey 'Chizh' Chigrakov (“Chizh & Co”), Alexei Romanov (“Resurrection”, “Time Machine”), Nikolai Devlet-Kildeev (“Code of Morality”), Evgeny Margulis (“Resurrection”, “Time Machine”), Andrey Bledny and Anton Zavyalov (“25/17”), Andrey Knyazev (“Prince”, “The King and the Jester”), Nastya Poleva (“Nastya”), Svetlana Surganova (” Surganova and Orchestra”), Aya (“City 312”), Anton 'Pukh' Pavlov (“F.P.G”), Masha Makarova (“Masha and the Bears”), Vladimir and Sergey Kristovsky (“Uma2rmaH”), Maxim Kucherenko (“Underwood “).

    Reaction to Garik Sukachev's project “I stay” in Ukraine

    Ivanna Slaboshpitskaya, editor-in-chief of the Ukrainian magazine Viva, wrote on Facebook: “Russian rock wool appeared in the clip-manifesto “I remain” in the fifth month of the war. Some of them were in my playlist 20 years ago, listened to the holes … An hour ago in Kyiv again air raid — Russian rockets flew out to kill Ukrainians, that is, all these musicians know that their soldiers are bombing the cities of Ukraine, killing civilians, raping women, trampling Ukraine… On the 134th day of the war, they reanimate the old song-manifesto, understanding the context perfectly They shouldn't be in Ukraine! Never!”.

    “Fans of Russian go * norok today had an epiphany. Their idols recorded the video manifesto “I stay” … What a blessing that I never listened to this lapter and for me this whole list was not a list of authorities either in music or outside of it. And you , my dear, sincere condolences, but I'm sure you will survive, “producer Alena Mozgovaya said. I must say, she was also dissatisfied with the magnificent song “Ukraine is my second half” by the Russian group “Nogu Svelo” recently: “What is the second half?! We should not and cannot have anything in common! And you, dear Ukrainians, those who post this and write “thank you”, “wow” and all that, I ask you to kill your younger brother and inferiority complex!”.

    Reaction in Russia

    Big and small Russian the media immediately dashed off that the project “I'm staying” is the answer to Chulpan Khamatova, Makarevich, Pugacheva, etc. — to all those who “left”.

    Let's omit the jingoistic enthusiasm – there are dozens of them. Here is a sober analysis by the famous Russian music journalist Mikhail Kozyrev: “What is my problem with this clip? It's in an inappropriate context. To release such a track today is blasphemous. My country is destroying Ukraine. The footage of the destruction and atrocities that take place there will not leave us until the end Everyone will have to answer the childish question: “What did you do? Where have you been?”. And I honestly don't know how the participants of the new peppy jam session called “I'm staying” will live with this. Maybe they don't know what they're doing? Alas, they do. They just look at it differently Today, in order not to know the truth, you need to want to not know it. You need to consciously fence yourself off and not let it in. Because if you let it in, you will be horrified … And it's your fault. And it will become much harder to live on. And all these excuses like “What are they yourself? And what – they can, but we can not? Not everything is so simple!” will dissolve in the human grief that we have brought on absolutely innocent people.”

    This, of course, is the opinion of a friend of Ukraine. But – the enemy, which is especially valuable – the writer Zakhar Prilepin – the ideologist of rashism. He let us Ukrainians understand how divided Russian society is. And this is excellent: Prilepin “saw” and “counted” those who were not there in the video.

    “In the sensational video“ I remain ”not only those who are, but also those who are not, are interesting,” the writer argues. “There, of course, there is no Shevchuk. There is Garkusha, but there is no Leni Fedorov from Auktyon. And It cannot be. As well as Khavtana from Bravo. There is no Armen Grigoryan from Crematorium … But there is Margulis, and many are surprised at this, although Margulis already took a position opposite to Makarevich in 2014. There is only one rap- group – “25/17” … There is no Nikolsky and no Butusov. The reasons can be very different. We don’t know very much about the views of Nikolsky and Butusov. I know something, but I won’t say. There is no Vasiliev from Splin, and he could not go meaningfully. Vasilyev writes letters to Harry Potter that Russia is in the dark. In general, the clip really showed one thing. The section does not go along the line “for a special operation” or “against” (it's hard for musicians to be for the war, they are musicians) , but along the line: I'm ashamed to live in Russia or – I'm not ashamed.”

    And many, as we see, fortunately, are ashamed.

    Tragic times

    Of course, these former punks are the most surprising – Shnur, Oleg Garkusha and Sklyar. Not everyone is so far right – from the far left. But personally, something else in this “project”, which has not yet been said, clings to me. I quote the ideological inspirer of the song-manifesto Garik Sukachev about this thing: “We are now living in a very difficult time. Although I don’t remember at all when people lived in Russia in simple times. Nevertheless, now these times are tragic for everyone.”

    Guys, what's wrong with your logic? In 1993 – I agree – the times were tragic: the collapse of the Union, poverty, crime. And why have you now become tragic? You don't have rockets flying over your head yet. Yes, the Russian economy is beginning to burst at the seams, a default has been declared. However, this is not the result of a long process, as it used to be, but of Putin's February order to start a war against Ukraine.

    But, given Sukachev's words and the original idea of ​​Krupnov's song, a simple conclusion follows from the clip: Putin, by his order, threw away RF at least 30 years ago. In the 1990s. And some Russian opposition journalists say that further – by 1937.

    And there is one more bitterly ironic shade in this little thing: the “remaining” Krupnov himself died in 1997, four years later after writing a hit at the age of 31.

    Which way you approach this song, you can't be optimistic.


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