Russian university shooting kills 6

Russian university shooting kills 6

Credits: Franceinfo, L'Indépendant, Le Monde.

 Russia: Shooting kills 6 in a university

The attacker was a student at this university …

This morning, in the Urals region of western Russia, an ” unknown entered the campus around 11 am “ (8 hours French time). Dressed entirely in black, the man opened fire with a shotgun on students at Perm University . “A student in one of the buildings (…) opened fire on people around” , said the investigators. As a result of this crime, according to updated data, six people died “ , said the Russian investigative committee in a statement. For their part, the investigators explained that “several wounded” were to be deplored. We give you the first info …

The suspect arrested

The suspect, who was arrested, was ” injured during his arrest as he offered resistance “. On several videos posted on social networks, many students can be seen jumping from the first floor of the university in order to flee the shootings while others barricaded themselves in the classrooms according to the service. communications department. For the moment, investigators have not specified the reasons for this attack, but the Kremlin has cited “psychic” problems. An event that sadly recalls the many shootings that take place regularly in the United States, especially in universities and other schools …


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