Russian woman with disabilities was locked in his flooded apartment

Россиянка с инвалидностью оказалась заперта в собственной затопленной квартире

In the Russian city of Zlatoust (Chelyabinsk oblast) group disability Alena Shunin was locked in his apartment on the ninth floor. Because of the broken Elevator woman had two months could not get out of the house, and its housing was badly damaged after two floods.

It is reported by news Agency

“We were waiting for this apartment 32, received six years ago. The fall happened two flood, Alena and her cerebral palsy literally crawled to the phone to call for help. The water was on the floor, had to throw out all the furniture,” — said sister Alena Svetlana. In addition, in the former residence is no longer working lift. She may only bring her on the balcony.

In organization “Civil patrol” reported that the community members made an appeal to the Prosecutor of the region. Activists have long been trying to achieve repair of the Elevator and eliminate all consequences of the accident. Residents of the house several times sent complaints to the management company and the mayor of Zlatoust Maxim Pekarsky, but to no avail. The head of the UK “Our house” didn’t come up to the apartment, instead, sent the roll of film, has transferred “Echo Moscow” words of the sisters of the victim.

The managing Director of the company Victor Roshchupkin said that after installing a new lift to teenagers on several floors broke down the door to the Elevator shafts, in connection with which Elevator had to shut down. In the city hall Chrysostom assured, referring to social security that flooding occurred in 2018 and then the victims the money was allocated from the budget for repair of the apartment. The adviser of the mayor Alexey Konovalov said that the leaking roof has been fixed.

At the end of 2019 apartment tenants of a block of flats in Barnaul have started flooding because of the lack of a roof. Problems in high-rise buildings began in 2013, when the building collapsed roof. Promising to rectify the situation, the management company has put temporary patches of thin sheets, which soon began to leak. Temporary roof did not change for more than six years, and at some point the inhabitants of the upper floors from the ceiling poured dirty water. During this time, the house had already had two management companies. Current said that will complete the repairs by March 2020.

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