Russians who may be dissidents should not be refused visas, says Joly | War in Ukraine

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Do not refuse visas to Russians who might be dissidents, says Joly | War in Ukraine

Mélanie Joly Minister of Foreign Affairs

Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly does not agree with the decision of European countries not to issue visas to Russian nationals, who may now want to flee their country.

Joly says President Vladimir Putin's decision to recruit more military personnel to fight his war in Ukraine shows the regime's disarray, which she says is putting Russian citizens at risk.

The Minister also indicated Thursday that Canada was working with other allied countries to determine whether international courts could prosecute Russia for its illegal invasion of Ukraine.

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Ms Joly says she is mostly concerned at the moment about Moscow's plan to hold referenda in the regions of the ;Ukraine which it occupied, presumably with the aim of annexing them to Russia.

She believes that these are bogus referendums that Moscow can then wave to affirm that it is Ukraine that is the aggressor in this war.

The Minister also indicated that Canada will soon intensify its sanctions against Moscow and that she will deliver a national address on Monday on Canada's support for Ukraine.

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