“Sacred cows”: a number of EU countries are not ready to include diamonds and uranium from the Russian Federation in sanctions, – NYT

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According to journalists, some states- EU members are lobbying to protect their key sectors from anti-Russian restrictions. Intense behind-the-scenes negotiations are underway.

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The European Union purposefully goes to break economic ties with Russia, but a number of European countries are trying to protect their key industries from anti-Russian sanctions. This is reported by The New York Times.

After a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the EU imposed sanctions on 1,236 people and 155 companies, freezing their assets and blocking access to the bloc.

Nevertheless, until now, Belgium has been trying to keep the trade in diamonds from the Russian Federation, and the Greeks supply Russian oil with almost no problems. At the same time, France and some other countries continue to import uranium from Russia for the production of nuclear energy.

As the newspaper writes, the EU member states use intensive behind-the-scenes negotiations to lobby their interests. As a result, certain spheres appeared in the bloc, which the publication calls “sacred cows” – they do not want to sacrifice them even for the sake of supporting Ukraine and as part of pressure on the aggressor country.

Journalists specify that the export of rough diamonds is extremely beneficial for the Russian Federation. They continue to be delivered to the Belgian port of Antwerp, which is considered the main diamond hub. We are talking about trade worth about €1.8 billion, and so far it is protected from anti-Russian sanctions. At least in September, the Russian company Alrosa was not included in the sanctions list so that the export of diamonds to Europe would not stop.

At the same time, the Greeks obtained relief for their shipping companies –– they were released from the oil embargo .

France Hungary, Slovakia and Finland turned out to be extremely interested in the supply of uranium from Russia.

As a result, such indulgences for some countries cause hostility among other EU members. After all, most states have agreed to serious challenges for their economy and the well-being of citizens in general in order to support Ukraine. As a result, now they are forced to watch how the allies continue to lobby their interests, creating more favorable conditions for themselves.

The EU also warned Iran about possible sanctions for participating in the war against Ukraine.